Health Benefits of Quail Eggs for Children

on February 3, 2017

Some of the health benefits of quail eggs for children include providing cough and asthma remedy, a natural dietary source for vitamins and minerals, helps in the formation of new blood cells, reduces chances of terminal illness and improves immunity and memory. Moreover, quail eggs are considered as a healthy alternative for children who are allergic to chicken eggs.

Quail egg is considered as a miracle food for growth and development of children of any age. Unlike regular chicken eggs, the quail eggs show lower risk pertaining to allergies and thus it is a much safer alternative.

Can I give Quail Egg to my Child?

As your child starts to consume solid food at around 9 months, you can start introducing him/her quail eggs by offering just the yolk. Now if your child is 1 to 3 years old then you can offer 1 entire quail egg per day with both the yolk and the whites. Children between 3 to 7 years old can have 2-3 quail eggs per day, depending on their individual digestive capacity. Children above 7 years can have around 3-5 quail eggs.

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs for Kids

Due to the essential nutrient contents, quail eggs offer plenty of health benefits to your child.

  • Improves Immunity & Memory

Quail eggs are known to help your child grow a strong defense system and immunity. These eggs help in increasing the level of hemoglobin and also help your child’s body to get rid of the toxins and any other metal compounds. Quail eggs also take care of your child’s kidney, liver and gallbladder.

If your child is suffering constantly from different forms of allergies and ailments then offering him/her with quail eggs will definitely help in the cause of preventing them.

Quail eggs are also known to increase brain activity and improve the sense of memory. Introducing quail eggs in your child’s regular diet might help him/her score higher in the class quizzes.

  • Rich in Vitamins & Minerals:

One of the main reasons why pediatricians around the globe suggest parents to offer quail eggs to their children is because they are rich in vitamins and healthy nutrients. The remarkably high protein content of quail eggs will boost your little one’s growth and development. Moreover, quail eggs also high in vitamin B1 which is very much essential for your child’s early development. In fact, the vitamin B1 content of quail eggs is even more than the amount of vitamin B1 available in chicken.

  • Cures Cough and Asthma:

Does your child suffer constantly from cough and asthma related problems? Then it is about time you consult your paediatrician and ask for his/her suggestion for introducing quail egg to your child. Quail eggs contain the vital nutrients which will help your child fight repetitive problems of cough and asthma. Also the high protein contents helps in boosting the overall immunity of your child.

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  • Boosts the formation of Red Blood Cells:

Iron rich food alternatives like quail eggs boost the formation of red blood cells in your child. Also at the same time, the presence of essential minerals like potassium in quail eggs essentially helps your child maintain a healthy growth rate of bones, teeth and nail.quail eggs for children

  • Reduces Chances of Terminal Illness:

Quail eggs are indeed super-food for your little ones as they often tend to curb any potential chance of causing terminal illness, in the form of heart diseases, arthritis and even cancer, in your child. You might not even know that your child is suffering from low level of potassium intake and that eventually leads to such terminal illnesses in the later stages of their lives.

However, daily or regular intake of quail eggs will boost that extra level of potassium in your child’s body and will eliminate any chances of terminal diseases from its very root.

  • A Good Alternative to Chicken Eggs:

More often than not, you will come across children who are allergic to chicken eggs and hence lack the all important vitamin B1 content in their body. If your child is one of them then no need to panic about the low intake of vitamin B1 because quail eggs offer the perfect alternative.

Due to the presence of a protein called ovomucoid, quail eggs not that only curb the possibility of allergy but also at the same time it will help your child to fight-off signs of any potential allergy formation in his/her body.

Precaution: Before Introducing Quail Egg to your Child

Though it is a fact that quail eggs are much less allergy prone when compared to chicken eggs but it is advisable that before introducing quail eggs (even the yolk to your 1 year old) you consult your paediatrician for any potential side-effects. Quail eggs are commercially available and once your baby starts digesting them properly, you can start offering them the same on a regular basis.


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