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11 Health Benefits of Snow Peas in Your Baby’s Diet


Snow Peas are definitely one of the delicious legume plants. But do you know there are numerous health benefits too? It is a very rare to have a food which is tasty and healthy too, and Snow Peas are one of those rare legume with a blend of taste and nutrients. The nutrients present in Snow Peas nourishes our body and makes us healthy.

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Nutrients Present in Snow Peas

The vitamins present in Snow Peas are Vitamin A(1087 IU), Vitamin B1(0.15mg), Vitamin B2(0.08 mg), Vitamin B3(0.6mg), Vitamin B5(0.75mg), Vitamin B6(0.16mg), Vitamin B9(0.42mg), Vitamin C (60mg), Vitamin E (0.39mg), Dan Vitamin K (0.25mg).

Other nutrients present in Snow Peas are Carbohydrate (7.55g), Protien (2.8g), Fat (0.2g), Calcium (43mg), Magnesium (24mg), Phosphorus (53mg), Potassium (200mg), Zinc (0.27mg), Sodium (4mg), Manganese (0.244mg), Iron (2.08mg), Chlorine (17.4mg).

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Health Benefits of Snow Peas for Babies

The nutrient values present in Snow Peas makes it one of the healthiest legume. There are many benefits of Snow Peas. For babies it is the most nutritious food supplement. Here is a list of benefits attained by Snow Peas when it is given to babies.


1. Rich in Iron

Now-a-days Anemia is becoming common among the people. Anemia is a stage where red blood cells are decreased, resulting in fatigue.The Snow Peas are rich in iron and thus they help in fulfilling the red blood cells present in the body.Giving Snow Peas for children from small age will prevent them from having Anemia. Prevention is better than cure, right?

2. Strengthens the bones

As stated earlier, Snow Peas contain Vitamin K.Vitamin K helps in building strong bones, it strengthens the bones and make them healthy, avoiding bone breakage or any other problem.

3. Avoids Flu

Flu is a very common problem and it attacks adults as well as kids. Children suffer a lot because of this flu.Snow Peas consists of Vitamin C which helps in fighting the flu virus.

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4. Prevents Asthma

Asthma is a very problematic disease, people have lost their lives because of Asthma.By eating Snow Peas regularly, asthma can be prevented.

Snow Peas benefits


5. Increases Immunity

Snow Peas have Vitamin B and Vitamin C.These vitamins help in increasing the immunity.Giving Snow Peas to babies regularly will make them more immune

6. Better Eye Vision

Snow Peas like carrots are very important for Eye vision. Eating Snow Peas frequently show the same impact of carrots. The nutrient value of Vitamin A present in Snow Peas is very high and helps in nourishing your baby’s eyes.

7. Improves Energy

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy.Every gram of Snow Peas generates 4 calories of energy. Snow Peas are rich in carbohydrates and provides enough energy required for the body to do activities.

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8. Improves muscle mass and Healthy Brain Cells

It is very important for a child to grow healthily and for proper growth it is important to have good muscle mass.Consuming Snow Peas regularly will improve muscle mass in babies.The vitamins present in Snow Peas also helps in increasing healthy brain cells.

9. Cures diarrhea

Diarrhea is the problem that kids suffer from often.Having Snow Peas in their diet helps kids prevent diarrhea.


10. Acts as an anti-oxidants

The nutrients present in Snow Peas makes it a good source of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are good for heart and keeps babies healthy. They also prevent many diseases.

11. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder generally occurring in children due to high impulse. Having Snow Peas in regular diet helps children gain Omega-3 fatty acids, which cure this syndrome.Snow Peas also improves attention and decreases hyperactivity.

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End Note

It is very important to take care of Children’s diet from a small age. It gives babies a healthy life. Leading a healthy life eventually helps them a lot in future. Snow Peas help babies to be more immune, more active and healthy. It improves their vision, healthy brain cells, muscle mass and bone strength. snow peas cures diarrhea, avoids flu and prevents asthma. It is better to take care from childhood and habituating them to healthy foods. Besides being healthy Snow Peas are tasty also, which makes it more loving.

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