11 Best Baby Tracker Apps Every New Parent Should Know About


Taking care of the baby may become a huge worry for new parents. It is normal to feel nervous. You will always require extra help even though you have the full support of your partner. Rest assured that there are a number of apps that may help you and your partner to take care of your bundle of joy. These apps can also help you to keep track its day to day progress.

Let us look at some of these. They can help you out as new parents and make this fascinating journey of parenthood a sweeter one.

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11 Best Baby Tracker Apps

1} Baby Connect

You must be worrying about a lot of things regarding the baby.It may be about feeding, about its poops, about its throwing up food and many more things. Using this app you can store information about many relevant aspects like the feeding frequency of the baby, frequency of its naps, when it’s vaccines or medicines are due etc. You can also share this stored information with others such as other caregivers of the baby.

2} My Baby Today

This app offers a personalized guide to you in your baby’s first year. You get a number of checklists in it which you can use to see how the baby is progressing. There is a sleep guide in the app which offers advice to parents about sleeping patterns of your baby and also track it. There is also a feeding section which helps with breast-feeding.

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Baby Tracker Apps

3} White noise baby

This is a noise app, but not a noisy one. You can get various sounds from it. It may be the sound of a vacuum cleaner, a car ride or anything else, but whatever it is it can help the baby to relate to sounds in its environment. You can also get high contrast sounds from it. The baby will certainly get drawn to such sounds. Moreover, you can play it without interruption because of the loop system. If it is time for the infant to get a sleep then just put it in baby mode. This way it will not cause any disturbance to your baby’s nap.

4} Baby tracker nursing app

During the infancy stage of your baby, you need to keep a track on its breastfeeding schedule. The app can help you in this regard. It keeps a log of the infant’s breastfeeding schedule. There is also a nursing history log which you can use to record your baby’s feeding times.

5} Baby bundle app

With this app you can keep track of the baby’s day-to-day activities, like its naps, poops etc. It can also help you to keep a tab on the vaccination schedule.

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6} The Bump

This is designed mainly for newborns, but expecting mothers too can take it’s help. There are a number of real-time parenting advices and expert articles that can help you to know a lot about child rearing and caring. If you are stuck there is also an active community to help you out.


7} Cozi Family Organizer

This app may help you to organize your life as a new parent, which, by every stretch of imagination, must have gone somewhat out of track. You can keep track of appointments, buying groceries and all the other things that you need to keep the house running with a semblance of smoothness.

8} Total baby

This app helps keep track of the daily necessities like number of diapers changed, number of feeds and feeding times, nap times etc. Also keep a track of the baby’s immunization chart, bathing time, visits to the doctor etc with this app. You can get it on iTunes.

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9} WebMD baby

WebMD is a very useful website, not only for babies, but also for others. With this app you can access lots of valuable information from the WebMD website regarding nurturing and caring for the baby. There is a lot of information there which have been approved by doctors. You can get information about symptoms of various emergency conditions in babies. Also there are health news, caring tips and much more. You can get it on iOS and Android.

10} Milk maid

If you are not able to breastfeed the baby in the normal way and need to pump milk from your breast, you can use this app to calculate the amount of milk that your baby is having in a day, or week. You can get the app on iOS.

11} Eat Sleep

Track stuff like your baby’s sleeping, eating, diaper habitsetc with this app. You can also track how long your baby has been breastfed or how frequent diapershave been changed or how many naps your baby is taking.