11 Tips to Make Your Baby Skin Fair


To make your baby skin fair, work on the diet of the baby and make your baby drink abundant water. Mixture of turmeric and milk, mixture of tomato extract and curd, oil massage, glycerin and milk cream are helpful to make your baby’s skin fair.

Baby’s skin colour and complexion plays no role in his success and career. However, all mothers want that their kid should have fair complexion. It is obvious that for children’s skin fairness treatments cannot be implemented. Mentioned below are some amazing tips with which you can make the skin of your baby fairer:

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11 Must Know Tips to Make Your Baby Skin Fair

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1. Work on the diet of the kid

Kids are usually fussy with foods, particularly the healthy ones. Include cereals and fruits in the diet of the kid to make it nutritious. You can either give the kid raw fruits directly or make some kinds of interesting preparations with the same. Fruits are a rich source of antioxidants and hence they help in fighting free radical damage. Skin damage and discoloration are controlled, giving the baby skin fair.

2. Make the baby drink abundant water

Drinking water in abundance is recommended for anyone and also applicable for your kid. Water intake helps in keeping the body hydrated in the best manner. All the toxins are flushed out of the body with the water and the skin becomes clear and clean. A light skin tone is achieved.


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3. Mixture of turmeric and milk

The mixture of turmeric and milk plays an important role in making the baby skin fair. Milk is rich in vitamin A and enhances skin lightening significantly. Take turmeric and add some milk to the same to form a smooth paste and apply it on the skin of the baby. Let the paste dry and then remove the same with moist cloth. Bathe the child normally without applying soap for best results.

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4. Chickpea flour is effective

Chickpea flour and green gram flour are excellent exfoliants and they can help in removing dead skin cells from the skin surface. It also reduces unwanted hair from the body. Mix chickpea flour with milk and apply the paste on the skin of the baby. Very slowly scrub the same off after some time. Do this once or twice a week for glowing and bright skin in your baby.


5. Mixture of tomato extract and curd

Tomato has natural bleaching qualities. Take tomato extract and curd and mix well. Add oatmeal in the same as well and mix well. Apply this paste on the skin of the child. Great results are seen within short span of time.

6. Oil massage is helpful

Coconut oil is one of the best natural ingredients for massaging the skin of the kids. Massage with coconut oil helps in strengthening muscles in kids along with improving skin tone. Indulge in regular hot oil massage to get fair and even skin tone in kids.

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7. Grape juice

This natural remedy is effective for kids who are more than 3 months old. Extract grape juice and let your child drink this juice for improving skin tone significantly. Along with grapes, juices of apples and oranges will also offer similar benefits for skin tone.

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8. Mint leaves are helpful

Mint leaves not only help in improving the skin tone of the kid, but also provide an overall cooling effect. Make a thick paste by grinding a handful of mint leaves and apply it on the face of the kid. Try doing this at regular intervals to see the fairness and the glow on the child’s skin.


9. Combination of dried orange and curd

Dried orange peel is used extensively in various kinds of beauty care treatments. Make a mixture by adding dried orange peels to curd. Apply this mixture on the skin of the child. You will notice improvement in skin complexion within a few days.

10. Mild body pack

Make a homemade body pack for your little one by using sandalwood paste, turmeric, saffron and a little bit raw milk. Mix all the ingredients well to form a smooth paste. Apply the same on the bare body of the kid. Let it dry and wipe off with a moist cloth or moist cotton. It not only makes the skin of the kid fair, but also provides optimal protection from infection.

11. Glycerin and milk cream

Since the skin of babies is very soft and supple, the ingredients used for bettering skin tone should be natural and abrasion free. Make a mixture with milk cream and glycerin and apply the same on the body and face of the child. Glow and fairness can be seen in children in some time.

Try these naturally tested methods for making baby skin fair.