Week 19 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week by Week


At 19 weeks pregnant, your baby is as big as a ripe mango! The fetus now weighs about 8.5 ounces and is about 6 inches long. At this stage, you keep gaining weight on a regular basis. You might as well let go of that measuring tape! Your 19 weeks fetus is now more developed to be identified as either a girl or a boy. If your baby is a girl, the reproductive system is almost developed, with the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes in place. The ovaries have more than 6 million primitive egg cells, which will reduce to about 1 million at the time of birth. If your baby is a boy, the testicles are already in place. They also secrete testosterone at this stage. The external genitals, however, are still growing.

19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Round ligament pain: This happens when your lower belly muscles stretch to accommodate the growing 19 weeks foetus. You are likely to face an acute sense of pain in your abdomen. This pain grows subsides on its own. If it becomes excruciating, immediately consult your gynaecologist for medical remedies.

Hip pain: At 19 weeks pregnant you might experience hip pains, especially at night, because now you are always sleeping on your sides. This, along with the weight gain in the abdominal area, causes pain that can be resolved by inserting a pillow between your legs. Never miss out on your regular exercising schedule. Pelvic moves and walking help reduce these pains.

Patches on your face: At 19 weeks pregnant you are likely to experience “chloasma”, commonly called “mask of pregnancy”. The hormonal changes in your body leave dark patches all over your face and sometimes your arms. These patches will disappear after giving birth.

Heartburn: When you are 19 weeks pregnant, you face constant heartburn and indigestion. You also grow intolerant towards some of your favourite foods! Make sure that you stick to less spicy and light food. Drink ample water and keep taking your medicines regularly.


Restlessness: The gush of hormones in your body, along with the rapid development of the 19 weeks foetus, makes you restless. At times this restlessness may result in difficulty in sleeping at night. However, this is just a phase and will fade away soon!

Braxton Hicks Contractions: At 19 weeks pregnant, the muscles of your uterus harden and tighten at regular intervals. This is a contraction in the muscles, which acts like a natural method that your body uses to toe the uterine muscles. Initially, you may panic and think of it as a labour contraction, but with time you will get used to this occurrence.

Pregnant Belly:

Your 19 weeks pregnant belly is invariably noticeable as it keeps growing in size with each passing day! At this stage, you get to feel the baby moving inside the uterus. The movements mainly feel like little taps side your uterus. If you have an average BMI, you have gained about 8 to 14 pounds by this time. In fact, if you are carrying twins, you might have even gained 20 to 30 pounds!

Pregnancy Ultrasound:

At this stage, you have to get ready for a mid-pregnancy ultrasound. At 19 weeks pregnant, your baby is developing the five major senses. In the 19 weeks ultrasound, your gynaecologist will examine almost the whole of the foetus’ body, to make sure that the organs are developing well. During this test, you can see the 19 weeks foetus moving inside you! You can even get print outs of the scan. A blood test may be performed by your doctor, to keep your health under check too.

Dos and Don’ts During Week 19 of Pregnancy:

Dos –

Exercise in moderation: It is vital to keep moving around as much as possible. Stick to the basic activities like walking and mild pelvic exercises. Exercising will strengthen your pelvic muscles. However, remember to keep these movements under control as you are gaining weight rapidly.

Rest frequently: At 19 weeks pregnant, you are likely to experience round ligament pains and uterine cramps. Limit your working schedule and take rest at frequent intervals throughout the day.


Consume more apples: Apples are a great source of minerals that are essential during pregnancy. Each apple contains about 4 grams of fibre and just 95 calories! Another plus point of this fruit is that it is loaded with ‘pectin’, a soluble fibre that aids digestion and reduces heartburn during pregnancy.

Load up on iron-rich foods: While 19 weeks pregnant, you must select your food wisely. Your 19 weeks foetus requires more iron to develop its finer features. Iron aids extra blood flow to the uterus. Nuts, eggs, whole wheat, fruits, and green vegetables, are the best foods for this period.

Don’ts –

Stay under the sun for long hours: The ultraviolet rays of the sun might negatively affect the foetus, if left exposed for too long.

Eat too much dried fruits: Eating a small helping of dried fruits is okay, but try not to exceed 150 grams of it. Dry fruits are rich in preservatives and heat your body’s interiors. For some women, this might cause untimely contractions, just at 19 weeks pregnant.

Drink more than maximum 2 cups of tea: Tea is good for health, but it contains caffeine. While we keep focussing on the avoidance of coffee at 19 weeks pregnant, we tend to overlook the effects of excess tea. Drink tea, but stick to 2 cups a day because extra caffeine will interfere with the growth process of your baby and cause unnatural contractions.

Forget to visit your doctor: At 19 weeks pregnant, it is vital to keep a tab of your baby’s growth. To avoid suffering the ill results of “pregnancy fog”, make a chart in which you mark the days of your visit to the clinic. Keep in touch with your doctor and openly ask for help or advice.


19 weeks into pregnancy seems like you’ve been pregnant for ages, but this is not even half way through the whole journey! There’s more for you to enjoy, although there may be occasional pangs of pain and emotional breakdowns! However, all of these can be controlled. Spend time with your partner and chalk out important plans for handling parenthood. Now that the baby can hear you speak, converse with them and tell them how eager you are to see them! If you keep yourself nourished and happy, the rest will automatically fall in place.