Circumcision Care for Newborn Babies: 11 Tips for New Moms


As a new mum, you are bound to be fraught with worries and apprehensions when it comes to caring for your baby especially post circumcision. Listed below are a few tips on how to care for your body soon after circumcision.

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11 Tips for Your Baby Circumcision Care 

Circumcision is optional for your male child. If you decide to get the foreskin of the penis removed during the early days, you must know how to take care of the child. Circumcision is often done for religious and social purposes. However, it is not necessary for all male children to undergo the operation. Although circumcision eliminates the risk of certain diseases and health issues later in life, it is not obligatory for all male children to get circumcised. However, it is difficult to get circumcised later in life, so parents often choose to get the foreskin removed early. Here are eleven tips for new mothers to take care of their children after circumcision.

Change the diapers

The bleeding may continue for 24 hours after the operation. You need to change the diapers at regular intervals. Check out for bleeding when you change the diapers. If you find large drops of blood in the diaper, you should seek help from the doctors.

Ease the swelling

Swelling of the areas behind the glands is a common problem after circumcision. To ease up the swelling, the penis of the child should be pointed in an upward direction inside the diaper. This will help the child to get rid of the pain faster.

Prevent the skin from sticking

The edges of the skin of the penis should be gently pushed back from the glands, after a couple of weeks of the operation. This will prevent the glands to stick to the skin as the healing process continues.


Bathe the child frequently

After circumcision, the child should be bathed frequently. You will find that the tip of the penis is reddened or purple in color. The gauge comes off on its own. If it does not, you need to soak it during the bath. It is quite normal for the area to be discolored.

Circumcision care

Apply barrier ointment

A barrier ointment should be applied to the tip of the penis after bath. You should also apply the ointment, after diaper changes. It is like petroleum jelly and prevents the diaper from sticking to the operated area.

Pain relief

It is common for the child to suffer from pain after circumcision. You may seek the doctor’s advice in case the child suffers from excessive pain. Acetaminophen is commonly used to manage the pain. However, you should be aware of the quantity of acetaminophen that the baby has already received in the hospital.

Keep the area circulated

Do not put on the diaper immediately after you lubricate the tip of the penis with the ointment. Let the area be exposed to air for at least five minutes. It will help the wound to heal faster and enable the petroleum jelly to do its task.

Keep the area clean

When you bathe the baby, make sure to clean the area. You may use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the penis. Gently pat the area to clean it. However, do not use soap to clean the operated area.


Check out the cleanliness while changing the diapers

When you change the diapers, check out if any poop has got into the infected area. You should gently clean it to prevent any possibilities of infection or irritation.

Be gentle while cleaning

When you clean the healing area, be careful not to apply pressure. You may gently pat the area with a clean cloth soaked in warm water, or simply wipe it off. Take care of the motion and do not rub the healing area with pressure, as it may cause bleeding.

Loose diapers

The diapers of the child should be loose. Tight diapers make the baby uncomfortable, as they stick to the healing area. Loose diapers also ensure breathability and helps the operated area to heal quickly. It will not exert much pressure on the penis and keep the child comfortable. Friction with the diapers may delay the pain to subside.

These guidelines will help you to take care of your child after he undergoes circumcision. If you find that the bleeding is not stopping even after a day of the operation, you should consult with the physicians. Hopefully, you will be able to take care of your child after he undergoes circumcision.