Top 10 Exercises and Tips For Healthy Weight Gain In Teens


Healthy weight gain in teenagers requires a mix of exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, and bench press along with proper habits such as eating healthy and sleeping well.

The journey of a teenager starts from having to face many changes at a time. Hitting puberty, having a lot of different voice modulation, and finally comes the height and weight issue. Some believe it all depends on genes but some people tend to set something different than their genetic influence.

Often we hear teenagers commenting on another teenager as too thin, too fat, too skinny, too dark and the list goes on. Having said that as being too fat is not good for health, in the same way, being too skinny or thin is also not good for health. Both look bad and bring too many diseases with them.

Let us get into the details of having a perfect body weight and height.

What Is A Healthy Weight For Teens?

According to doctors, a healthy weight is said to be that whose height and weight are almost complimenting each other as it maintains a balance among all. Suppose a teenager of 14 years old has a height of 5 ft then accordingly his weight must be between 35 to 45kg. Only then can we consider that child to have a fit body or a healthy weight. A teenager having a height of 5 ft and weight of 25kg is underweight and if the weight is 55kg above then obviously over-weight.

Often we come across articles with explanations or exercises of how to reduce weight but we never come across articles that will suggest some valid exercises to gain weight.


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Problems Caused By Being Underweight


This is one of the most common reasons in children nowadays. Children study too much on online devices which strain their body and mind. They aren’t having any physical exercise and neither are they taking proper vitamins and minerals from the food they are eating. Thus they feel clumsy, tired, irritated, and also skin issues.

Decreased immune system

Looking around the world today we are facing a major virus because of the deficiency in our immune system. Children with low weight have a high risk of getting affected by any virus or bacteria because of the deficiency of immunity in them.

Increase risk during surgery

Not all teenagers might go through surgeries. However, there are possibilities of certain surgery whether through an accident or natural medical issue. An underweight body might have to deal with too much and have to bear too much pain for any surgery.

Growth and development issues

While growing up a body goes through many internal and external changes. Children with low weight issues may look mature very late or their internal growth will be slow compared to that of others of their age because of the underweight proficiency.

Fertility issues in women when starts reaching the age

The biggest change that happens to a girl when she hits puberty is the occurrence of the first period and menstrual cycle. A girl with an underweight issue might often face this issue of irregular menstruation. Moreover, in the later years, she might have issues regarding pregnancy as well if the weight stays the same.


Top 10 Exercises And Tips For Healthy Weight Gain For Teens


Pushups are the best for getting a bulky arm. It also helps in increasing the strength of the core.


Pull-ups also help in building muscles of the shoulder. It also helps one get a grip of their body and strengthen the core.


Squats help in uplifting the back area below the waist, the butt area. This is a perfect exercise for your legs as it helps in strengthening them.


Lunges is a full-body exercise that pumps all the muscles and nerves in the body and boosts energy and lifting capacity.

Bench press

One needs to go to the gym for trying bench press. It is an exercise that helps in broadening the shoulder and chest area.

Overhead press

It is a full package exercise. It helps bulks in the muscles in the areas of abs, shoulder, back, legs.


Taking in more proteins

Just doing exercise won’t benefit at all along with it one needs to take a lot of proteins and vitamins to stay fit and have a healthy weight gain.

Sleep well

Food and exercise can help an individual to an extent. However, to be healthy one needs to have a proper sleeping schedule as well.


Weight is something that can be affected by both genetic issues and increased stress. Having too much stress changes our body and weakens it, thus hampering healthy weight gain. So, one needs to perform certain meditation procedures to stay fit and stress-free.

Eat healthily, eat slowly

Only eating will not help but eat while giving yourself enough time to swallow. Chew the food properly so that every mineral in the food can take its place in the body and can benefit it.


All the above-mentioned activities will help you gain weight eventually and thus, these activities need to be followed over time and not for short spans whenever needed.