21 Nerve-Wracking Halloween Games for Teens


Spider web maze, halloween feel box, guess who, murder mystery, candy treasure hunt, balloon pop, spooky halloween story, mummy wrap, costume dance contest, bob for apples, pumpkin relay, pass on story, dark room, ice breaker, vampire teeth doughnut, carve the pumpkin contest, halloween scramble, scary laugh and pumpkin bowling are some of the nerve wracking Halloween games for teens.

Looking for something unique this Halloween? Then you have come to the right place. Below is the list of 21 nerve wracking Halloween party games for teens. This October, make sure your guests have the most memorable Halloween party ever. Start with invitation that tell your friends weather to come in costumes or not, but costumes are fun. Make sure to have a theme and Halloween decoration. Play some fun Halloween music to lit up the party and yes, don’t forget the Halloween party food too!

These Halloween party games are easy and fun. You don’t need to spend money on these unique games. It will just use the things that you find easily laying around your house. These Halloween games for your friends will keep them entertained all night long. Just take a look at the list below to set your Halloween party on fire.

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21 Best Nerve-Wracking Halloween Games for Teens

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Spider Web Maze

This needs several balls of yarn in different colours. It will take time to set up but it’s a really fun game, you will have to set this up away from the main party area. To set up, make a starting point for a string of yarn and then loop around over all objects and places in the available area, create a loop of yarn that wraps around for each player and then thread the yarn all over the rest of the area leaving notes and hanging gifts at the end. Let the players find their string and untangle it till they reach their end.



Halloween feel box

Fill the boxes with things such as tiny animal toys and other objects and ask your guests to guess what the items are using their hands.


Guess who?

Stick a sheet of paper at the back of your guests with name of any character written on it when they arrive, and let them guess whose name is on their back by taking clues from the other guests.

Murder mystery

This game needs a lot of planning, but it is worth it! Create a story, list of the characters and solution to a murder mystery. Give a role play to each participating guest. Hide clues around the house, act out the story and let them figure out who’s the murderer.

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Candy treasure hunt

Hide candies and small gifts around your house and let the guest find them. You can also make confusing map using riddles.

Balloon pop

This is a hilarious game! Your guests will run around to pop balloons tied on each other. Here you have to protect your balloon while trying to pop balloons tied on your friend’s ankle.


Spooky Halloween story

Ask your guests to gather in a circle, now let the host start a story with one sentence and others keep on adding more sentences to complete the story.

Mummy Wrap

Give two rolls of toilet paper per team. Make pairs, select one person to wrap another like a toilet paper mummy. The pair which finishes it first wins.

Costume dance contest

This is a real quick and easy way to get everyone enjoying. Ask the guests to dance on any random song others chose for them and award funny prizes for guests’ costumes.


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Bob for apples

It is a classic Halloween game! And it is fun for all ages. Fill up big barrel of water and apples to challenge your teen guests to see if they can pick the apples without using any of their hands!

Pumpkin Relay

Build up an obstacle course with hay or old tyres, make teams and time them. The team which finishes in the least amount of time is the winner.

Pass on story

In this game, you’ll notice how your story changes as you pass it on, let the last one who hears it say it loud so everyone will listen what they passed on has turned out to be.

Dark room

This is a Halloween version of “hide and seek”, all you have to do is gather in a crowd and pack yourself densely.  Dim the lights of the room and let someone guess who is who in the bunch of people. Make sure the one who is guessing don’t find you out easily.

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Ice breaker

This is a perfect ice breaker game for Halloween.  Here each guest will draw a slip of paper and then they have to try to find someone else in that room who’s paper goes together to form a phrase.

Vampire Teeth Doughnut

Hang doughnuts through a rope, blind fold the guests and tie their hand, let the players catch and eat the doughnuts, the one who eats the most wins.

Watch scary movies

Dim the lights, hold your popcorn buckets sit together to watch a scary movie.

Carve the pumpkin contest

Let the guests show their creativity, conduct a pumpkin carving contest.

Halloween scramble

Make a Halloween word scramble, and let the players answer a range of puzzling questions.

Scary laugh

The one with the funniest and the loudest Halloween laugh wins!


Pumpkin bowling

Arrange cans with Halloween pictures in a pyramid. Use little plastic pumpkin balls to strike on the pyramid.

Guess the movie

Ask the guests to match the famous movie dialogues to the correct movie.

These games will surely make your Halloween party to be remembered as the best party. Celebrate the night in a colourful way. Wear customized costumes and go out trick-or-treating.

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