101 Strong and Powerful Baby Boy Names


Often times, the name of a person resembles their character and personality. Most of the parents look for strong and powerful names to name their children. If you are looking for strong and powerful names for your little boy, here are 101 best strong baby boy names.

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Top 101 Strong Names for Baby Boy

BrandonIrishA brave and vigilant person
BriacIrishHe who has force and strength
BrionIrishA strong man with many virtues
BrisanIrishMan of valor and strength, another variation is “Brison.”
BryIrishA man of strength power and strength
BryanIrishCourageous and virtuous. Alternatively, use “Bryon or Brye.”
CadalIrishThe boy with a warrior’s heart
CathalIrishMighty great warrior
CaylonIrishPowerful on the battlefield
CayseeIrishYoung, courageous boy
CaysonIrishA brave and vigilant boy
ConallIrishA hound-like, mighty warrior
ConleyIrishThe hero of the people
ConnachtIrishFearless and brave
ConnorsIrishA strong-willed man, you can call him “Conny” for short
CuchulainnIrishA warrior hero
DiarmuidIrishWarrior who does not envy. A variant of the name is “Diarmid.”
DillenIrishAs mighty as a lion
DonleyIrishRuler of the world
DonnerIrishA dark warrior whose strength is like a thunder
DonovanIrishStrong fighter
EamesIrishA rich protector
EamonIrishOne who saves
EeganIrishMighty and powerful
EibhearIrishAs strong as stone
EohricIrishA powerful ruler
FarolIrishSuperior and heroic
FarrelIrishBrave and victorious
FeargalIrishBrave and courageous. A similar variant is “Fergal.”
FearghusIrishA man of great strength
FergusonIrishThe son of rock. Other similar names are “Fergus, Fergie, and Feoras.”
HassonIrishStrong or Fortress
KeenanIrishDescendant of the brave one
KeoniIrishYoung warrior
LeeamIrishA willful warrior
LiamIrishStrong-willed warrior and protector
LiirIrishResolute protector
LorcanIrishLittle but fierce warrior
LyamIrishDetermined protector
MadysonIrishA warrior’s Son
MahonIrishA man with the strength of a bear. Also, a variant of “Mahoney.”
ManusIrishThe greatest
NigellusIrishOvercomer or conqueror
NjalIrishHe who wins contests
OsredIrishA red-haired warrior
PeadarIrishOne who is like rock or stone
ShashawIrishOne who defends
SloneIrishWarrior to be
SweeneyIrishA little hero
TierganIrishWillingly strong
TullisIrishMultitude of powerful people
TuuliIrishMighty, strong people
AlardGermanNoble strength
AlbericGermansupernaturally powerful
AlbernGermanOf Noble valor
AloisGermanFamous warrior
AloysisusGermanFamous warrior
AmellGermanPower of an eagle
BahrGermanA mighty and strong bear
BarrettGermanBear strength
BenegerGermanWarrior who fights with a spear
Bernard or BarryGermanBrave
BerowaltGermanMighty as a bear
BerthoudGermanBright strength
CharlesGermanStrong Man
ChlodwigGermanA famous warrior
ConradGermanBrave and able to fight in tough situations
DickGermanA brave and powerful person
DiedrichGermanA mighty ruler
EawartGermanBrave and courageous
EberhardtGermanStrong as a wild boar
EmersonGermanStrong and powerful leader
Herbert or HerbieGermanAn illustrious warrior
MaynardGermanBrave, hardy and strong
WilliamGermanStrong-willed warrior
AkinlawonAfricanBravery sustains them
AkinsegunAfricanValor conquers
AkinwoleAfricanValor enters the house
AkoniAfricanBrave warrior
AitanAfricanIt means strong
DulanaAfricanSuperior strength
MukandaAfricanStrong cord
ObikeAfricanStrong household
SimbaAfricanThe strength of a lion
YusufAfricanHe shall add to his powers


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