21 Fun Indoor Games For 6 To 12 Year Olds


Kids love playing games of all types; Indoor games are an excellent source of recreation and pastime. You can play these games on rainy days and summer days without any interruption from the weather. Indoor games like table tennis and ping pong improve the player’s hand-eye coordination. 

indoor games for kids

In contrast, indoor games like chess and carom increase the concentration power and work as a great exercise for the brain. There are multiple indoor games that kids can play, which are fun and engaging for kids of all age groups. Below are 21 such games you can play with your friends & family and have a great time!

Top 21 Indoor Games for Kids

Hide and Seek

The classic hides and seek game is centuries old yet so much fun. You can play this game for hours inside your house. You can hide under the table or in the cupboard and ask your siblings to seek you out! Hide and seek is among f the most exciting indoor games.


In this game, two teams participate. One team draws a picture on a board while the other team members must guess the picture correctly. This is a good mind game that can be played with family.

Tic-Tac Toe

All you need to play tic-tac toe is a pencil and paper. This indoor game is played on a square grid which is 3×3. The first player marks an X on the grid, and the game begins. The first player to form a straight line across any direction wins.


Dumb Charades

This game is simply a guessing game, where one player acts out any word, TV programme or movie name given to them by the player of the opposite team. If the team of the performing player guesses correctly, they win.

Twenty Questions

Kids love asking questions that fascinate them, and literally, everything fascinates them. So this might be an excellent indoor game where anyone can ask questions, but one can only answer twenty times, and no one can repeat the same question twice.


In this delightful game, one player plays the music while facing the wall while all of the other members must dance to the music. Once the music stops, everyone dancing must freeze in their posture, no matter what. One who fails to do so must perform in the music.

Build A Fort

Kids can build a fort with blankets, pillows, old clothes and almost anything—the first player to finish wins.

The Floor Is Lava

In this game, one kid has to yell, ‘the floor is lava,’ and the rest of the players must climb to a couch or anything to get off the floor before the player counts to five.

 Arm wrestling

It takes two players on chairs, a hard surface and a pair of duelling arms. This is a one on one fun competition of strength and endurance against each other.


Crack The Whip 

A group of kids join hands and follow the leader, who runs zigzag and takes turns while the rest tries to keep up without breaking the chain.

Dance Hat

A group of kids can dance to music independently while passing around a hat, and when the music stops, whoever is wearing the hat wins.

Treasure Hunt 

Parents can hide goodies or coins at different places in the house and ask kids to find them by giving them hints and clues. Whoever wins gets treats and chocolates.


Also known as Chinese whisper, in this game, one person whispers something in the ear of another, while he has to do the same to the next person and the last person to hear the whisper must say it out loud. In most cases, the first sentence is not similar to the final statement, making this game fun and hilarious. 

Musical Chairs

All players must walk around the chair while the music starts, the player who doesn’t get a chair after the music stops is considered out.


This simple game can improve hand-eye coordination. You have to play catch with a ball or any soft object; the one who drops first is out.


Touch and Feel Box

Collect items with a unique texture and blindfold the kids. Ask them to identify the object by touching it. This game helps kids in learning to identify the object by touch alone.

Go Fish

This is a fun card game kids can play. They have to obtain cards of four of the same kind. The first player to do so wins.

Sock Toss

Roll up the socks into balls and toss them into a clothes basket. The one who tosses the most socks with the correct aim wins.

Dots and Boxes

This old school game is fun and easy. Only paper & pen is needed. Make small dots all over the page in a rectangular form. Join the dots and make boxes one by one. The player who marks the most boxes wins.

Word Whiz 

Word whiz is an excellent game to improve the kids’ vocabulary. All you need is a dictionary, pen/pencil and paper. One player will dictate any word from the dictionary while the others have to write down the spelling of the word dictated. The one who spells the word right most times wins the game.


The game can be played with any small object like a stone or a coin. Draw temporary squares on the floor with the help of chalk or any other object. The player has to take the object and toss it into the first square and make sure that the object lands within the square. After doing so, the player must hop through the squares and skip the square with the object.



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