21 Activities to Keep Kids Entertained During The Lockdown


Coronavirus has become a serious reason of global fear and concern. As we all know, India’s government and citizens continue to fight the raising numbers of Covid-19 cases with a nationwide lockdown. The lockdown was first imposed since 15th March, the lockdown plan was among many other measures taken by the government to stop the spread of the pandemic. And after a detailed review of the current situation, the government has decided to extend the lockdown further.

However, staying at home is the best possible precaution that we can take to prevent COVID-19 from making you and your family its victim. But most of us are comfortable with a busy life, that’s why many of us are finding it difficult to spend our time at home, especially kids. It is really difficult to engage kids in something during the lockdown so that they can make their time productive rather than boring. As a parent, you will be stress-free also if your kid will be busy with some fun activity throughout the day.

You must be worried about your kids, if you’re a parent, as the schools will be closed for a long time because of the lockdown. It is important for you to keep the kids busy during the daytime so that they can’t plonk in front of a screen too much. It seems a very big task for you. But don’t worry! Here is your solution. In this article, we will share some amazing ideas of 21 fun activities that can keep your kids entertained during the lockdown period.


Before that, firstly plan the day of your kids. Divide the day with the help of a timetable, stick it on furniture, so that your kids can see it. You can plan educational tasks and breaks them up with fun activities. It will keep your kids happy and engaged. Don’t be so serious about this, it will not harm if they watch television a bit or play video games. It is a tough time for all of us, and everything is about balance. So without wasting any time, let’s get started with the activity ideas.


  1. Fun with art and craft: You can involve your kids in art and craft activities. This will not only help them to pass their time but also give wings to their creativity. You can also help them in making easy and simple craft projects, these activities will help your children to hone their artistic talents and to share their minds.

Paper Crafts

  1. Plan a treasure hunt game: Planning a treasure hunt game in your house will be a great idea. Hide a treasure in the house and layout some clues to the hidden treasure. You should choose something like a treasure that your kid will enjoy. This small treasure hunt will not only help you and your kids to pass your period of quarantine but also give you the opportunity to spend some quality time together. The whole process of searching for clues and the treasure will sharpen the mental faculties of your kids. It will help them to grow as well.
  1. Cooking with kids: Involve your kids in cooking. Ask them to help you in chopping or baking, but of course by keeping their safety in mind. This quarantine can be the most appreciate time to teach your little chefs some simple recipes that they can make for themselves. Help your kids to recognize different fruits and vegetables. If you’re planning to bake a cake, teach them how to mix the batter. Ask them to garnish the dishes that you make. Your kids will surely enjoy the fun cooking time with you. 
  1. Teach your children to write letters: Maybe this sounds a little outdated idea, as nowadays online chat rooms and messengers are the popular modes of communication. But hand-written letters have their own charm. It serves amazing memory archives and has great sentimental value. So letter writing can be a great art for teaching your kids. The lesson will help them in developing clear thinking skills and improving their thought process.
  1. Organize little yoga sessions every day: Make your kids practice yoga daily. This is one of the easiest and healthiest activities that you can do with your kids. We are well aware of the numerous health benefits of yoga. It will keep the energy level of your kids high throughout the day and improve the overall health as well. You can use this opportunity to teach kids about the importance of good health.
  1. Help them to learn a new language: You can organize small learning sessions of a new language with your kids. It will be really beneficial to them. It will open up new opportunities for your children. There are many apps available online that can help your kids to learn a new language very easily, as they are designed in the form of a game. So your children will have fun also while learning.
  1. Build a den: All of us surely built a den as a kid in our childhood, with the help of a table, some cushions, and bedsheets. Ask your kids also to build a den in your home. Let them imagine that they’re going for a camping trip or they have to keep themselves warm inside their own tent. You can also pretend to be the scary animal outside the den. You can create an animal’s shadows with a torch.
  1. Grow your own veg: Gardening can be a great activity for your little ones during this lockdown. If you have a little space beside your kitchen, you can help your kids to grow their own vegetables and herbs there. Planting different vegetables, taking care of them, watering them regularly will not only keep your kids busy for a while but also save some of your trips to the vegetable shop. You can buy some gardening kits for your kids from online retailers as well.
  1. Handprints: Give lots of papers or unused clothes for your kids. Ask them to collect colours and print their hand or feet on them. It may sound a little messy. But your kids will definitely have fun doing this activity. It is always beautiful to collect hand or footprints of your little ones to capture those lovely moments.
  1. McDonald’s happy meal for your happy kids: Who doesn’t love McDonald’s amazing creation, their happy meal? It is surely your kid’s favorite too. Arrange the ingredients for them and ask them to make their own homemade happy meal. Your kids will be more than happy while putting fries with dippers in small paper pockets, keeping fruit drink, ketchup pouches in their meal box, and not forgetting a toy too in order to complete their happy meal.
  1. Storybooks in your rescue: Nothing can be more beneficial than reading. It will not only improve your children’s new thoughts and ideas but also develop them academically. You can also read storybooks with your kids. Give them new books, which will encourage them to read more. Seek their feedback about the story after reading it together. If possible, provide a reading area for them, it will grow their reading habits.
  1. Ask their help in your house chores: It is the best way to teach your kids about the importance of responsibility. Involve them in your house chores. Try to give them small tasks that they will enjoy while doing. Appreciate them for their every little thing. Seek their help in arranging their wardrobe, cleaning the house, or doing dishes or even cooking.
  1. Fun with puzzles: Kids love puzzles. They will love to solve a challenging puzzle or play a good board game. This is the ideal way to pass free time with family. Let your kids solve the animal or their favorite cartoon character puzzle on their own. This will keep them engaged for a long time.
  1. Learn about new countries: You don’t need to travel all over the world to introduce new countries to your children. You just need one world map. Play small games with your kids, let them blindly point out any place on the map and then discuss that specific country’s cultures, foods, citizens, languages, etc.
  1. Lego kits: Your kids will definitely have fun while putting tiny lego kits together. The levels of creativity of them will be encouraged by the whole process. This specific activity will improve their motor and problem-solving skill and develop their brain. You can buy any lego kit or any cartoon themed lego online.
  1. Become a bird and fish watcher: Teach your kids to feed birds right in your backyard. Ask them to leave small food pieces out for the birds every day. Encourage your children to capture photos of the bird when they come to eat. Same like bird watching, fish watching can also be an interesting pass time for your kids. Ask them to feed the fishes of your aquarium every day. Your kids will enjoy the movement of the fishes as well.
  1. Introduce the underwater world to your kids: This quarantine period can be the appropriate time for introducing the magical and thrilling underwater world to your little ones. Teach your kids about coral reefs, different species of fishes, underwater animals, water pollution, and the likes. For this educational session, you don’t need to even leave your home, you can teach by using related pictures, videos, stories that are easily available on the internet.
  1. Origami will be fun: This specific craft is associated with Japanese culture. Your kids will definitely enjoy learning this papercraft as it will encourage their imagination.  Arrange some sheets of colourful paper for them. Ask them to make any of their favorite animal or bird by using those papers. This origami art will improve their brain skill and expose them to a world of colours.
  1. Calligraphy can be a good idea: Calligraphy is something related to writing, but your kids may not be familiar with it. Introduce them to this new writing form. You can teach them both cursive and calligraphy during this lockdown period. Your little ones will surely have fun while trying to form different letters. You can search for any online calligraphy course as well.
  1. Make your own playdough: If your children have no play dough in their stock right now, it can be a great opportunity to make their own. That way they can have fun also while making it with their own hand. Nothing to worry, you can help them out with just a few simple ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. Before that, watch the DIY videos of making homemade play playdough easily available on the internet. Trust me! You only need vegetable oil, food colour, water and plain flour.
  1. Write a diary daily: Give a cute little diary to your kiddo. Try to choose a colourful one to attract the attention of your little ones. Ask them to write whatever they wish. It will improve their writing skills as well. Writing down your imagination and thoughts is always a classic way to pass time. Ask your children to write how they spend their day, what is their plan for tomorrow, and whatever they want to write. There should be no boundaries in writing a diary.

Whatever will be the way, doesn’t really matter. You are currently locked indoor with your kids for longer than usual. Things will get back to normal in time. But then you will definitely miss your little munchkin’s company while they are at school. Fun activities can help you in keeping your kids involved and busy for a long time throughout the day and you will be succeeded also in making them learn a few little useful skills. So enjoy the extended time together while it lasts!