11 Natural Ways to Develop Gut Health in Your Children


You can develop your children’s gut health with a few tips. You may wonder why is it important to improve gut health? Good gut health helps improve immunity and boosts your child’s health greatly. So, what are you waiting for? Read on for 11 ways to improve gut health naturally.

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11 Tips to Develop Gut Health in Your Kid

Children are susceptible to harmful microbes like bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. It may result in various health complications in the early years. It is necessary to develop a good gut health in your children. Certain probiotics are present in the digestive system in the kids. These help them to maintain the gut health to a certain extent. Besides, you need to follow certain strategies to improve the gut health in your kids.

Here are eleven natural ways that will help you to develop the gut health in your child.

Breastfeed your child

Various researches have revealed that breastfeeding your child enhances their gut health. The antibodies present in this milk enhances the immunity of the body. You should start breastfeeding your child as soon as possible and continue with the process unless recommended by your doctor to stop.

Right nutrition

It is important to provide the right nutrition to the children. They need enough vegetables and fruits. These serve them with vitamins and minerals that helps them to build up a strong immune system. You should include vegetables in the meals of your child, both in uncooked and cooked forms. You should also provide the kids with salads, curries, peas and corn.


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Timely vaccination

On-time vaccination keeps the child away from serious diseases during the early years. As soon as the child attains the age of 2, make sure that he gets the boosters and vaccines. The vaccination schedule for your child should be up to date. Missing out a vaccine makes the child prone to diseases.

Disciplined meals

 You need to maintain discipline with the timings of the meals. The breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meals of the child should be at the right intervals. It helps to keep the body stronger and does not allow hunger to take a toll on him. However, do not give heavy snacks to your child too often, as it reduces the appetite for the main meals.

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Maintain sound hygiene

A hygienic lifestyle helps to maintain the health of the gut and keeps away a number of diseases. Teach them to wash the hands before meals and after using toilet. As soon as your child starts taking solid food, you should introduce these good habits. They should be aware of the dangers of consuming roadside foods.

Avoid giving them junk food

The first five to six years is a key phase in the life of the child, when their body grows immunity. Often, toddlers are tempted to consume junk food. You must cultivate the good food habits in your child at an early age, so that the harmful elements in junk food do not mess up with their immune system.


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Proper sleep schedule

 A healthy gut is associated with enough sleep and rest. Make sure that your child gets enough hours of sleep, and that too, at the right time. A healthy child needs at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep. They should go to bed at the right time and not remain awake late at night.

Get the right sleeping clothes

In order to get a sound sleep, your child needs comfortable clothing. The material should ensure breathability, allowing maximum air to flow into the cells of the child. You may buy cotton sleeping clothes for your child, ensuring that they get a sound sleep.

Exercising and outdoor games

Children need enough outdoor time and exercises to make the body stronger. They should be involved in at least one to two hours of physical activity every day. This strengthens their immunity system.

Limited time for TV

The child develops lethargic habits in case he is exposed to television for a long period during the day. Try to delay introducing the child to electronic gadgets and smartphones. Even if they watch television, make sure that the timing does not disturb the timings for sleeping or meals.

Incorporate natural immunity boosters in the meals

The child should get enough natural immunity boosters through the meals. You need to add garlic to the cooked dishes and give honey and ginger juice to the child twice a day. Tulsi leaves can also keep up the gut health of the child and boost up the immunity.


These measures will ensure a sound gut health in your child. Consult the doctors for further guidelines. Provide the right food and ensure enough physical activities in your child.

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