11 Things You Might Miss After Getting Pregnant


Some of the things that you might be missing after getting pregnant can include peaceful sleep, sense of smell, hot baths, booze, food limits, limited sex, caffeine, emotional control, pre-pregnancy body, independence and freedom, being socially visible.

Nothing beautiful comes easy, right? Even when you are pregnant this matters as you will have to go through many pros and cons during pregnancy. Despite the hard 9-10 months that it is, there are some things that every woman miss when pregnant. For nine months, you may be deprived of daily pleasures that you never fully appreciated until they were gone.

Things That You'll Miss During Pregnancy
Things That You Can might Miss During Pregnancy

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11 Things You Might Miss After Getting Pregnant

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you’ll miss most after getting pregnant.

1. Peaceful sleep

Once you are pregnant, sleeping is one of the main things you will miss after 5 months of pregnancy. With the baby belly, it is difficult to sleep in one position alone, especially if you are used to sleeping on your stomach or rolling over in the night. When the uterus exerts pressure on the bladder, the tendency to pee increases. The trips to bathroom increases, which is yet another reason for sleepless nights.

2. Sense of Smell

When you are pregnant, your senses increase which gives you the ability to get strong smells. The super-sniffer has its not-so-good points, like being able to distinguish people’s horrible scents, even hours after they have gone. The normal sense of smell seems absolutely not possible to get, which is quite a difficult thing to handle, mostly during the first trimester of your pregnancy.


3. Hot baths

When you’re pregnant, it is suggested that you shouldn’t let your body temperature reach higher than normal one. So keep cool by drinking more water and taking cold water bath for the next 9 months. Unfortunately hot water baths are out.

4. Boozing

Alcohol being bad for the baby, is something that you have to give up once you get pregnant. If you are someone who enjoys a sip of wine or margaritas, this is something you are surely going to miss the next 9 months.

5. Food limits

Some foods like sushi, deli meats or feta cheese can be challenging to your immune system and risk infections. Also, eating papaya and pineapple are prohibited during the first trimester.  Junk food, certain types of fish, raw and unpasteurized cheese are some things you need to keep aside.

6. Sex life

Most times it’s the man who is more scared of hurting the baby during sexual intercourse. This is something you certainly have to give a miss to until the little one arrives and your health gets back to normal. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride during this time. So, take time out for that small chats, snuggles and cuddles to ensure intimacy and love.

7. Caffeine

Coffee and the smell of it are yet another wow feeling you have to give up when pregnant. Too much intake of caffeine can cause some major pregnancy issues like pre-mature baby and stillbirth. So, it is better to be safe than sorry.

8. Emotional control

With all those hormones playing around, it’s certainly a time your emotions are not in your own control. Everything will make you cry. The easy going, laid back attitude is something you will miss a lot this time. This can continue even after your delivery for few more months, so be prepared.


9. Pre-pregnancy body

Once you are pregnant, the most important thing you will miss is your old self. Pigmentations, sore feet and big baby belly, are the major changes your body will have to go through. Even after you have your baby, it takes a lot of hard work to get back into shape, which can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

10. Independence and freedom

Once you are pregnant, you seem to get all sorts of unexpected care and love which is good and makes you feel wanted. However, if you were an independent person, you will miss your freedom big time. There are many items on the to do and don’t do list that you will have to follow or else will be constantly reminded by your loved ones.

11. Being socially visible

If you were a party person or had a group of people to hang out with, pregnancy will certainly make you feel isolated. Suddenly nobody wants to disturb you, as they know how important it is for you to take proper rest.

With all these things you will miss after getting pregnant, don’t forget that it’s also one of the beautiful periods of your life. The 9 months shall pass soon and your beautiful baby will be there to add more meaning and joy to your life.