Baby’s First Christmas Outfit


Christmas is just a month away! It is a special, sweet time for parents along with babies. For this reason, parents would love to celebrate this gracious occasion with a festive and cute outfit for their babies. A baby’s first Christmas outfit could be a bodysuit, bib, pyjamas or a dress. The little one should be the cynosure of all eyes in a Christmas family album, during visits to Santa Claus and look fresh as daisy on Christmas morning.

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After all, it is the first Christmas of your baby and you would want them to wear something that will look great on them. You only get to celebrate the occasion of first Christmas only once, so why not dress for the occasion! A couple of options could be exercised in this regard.

  • Opt for a Christmas themed dress and it could be in the form of shirt with matching trousers or a dress.
  • You could personalize a non-Christmas outfit with a few festive items. In fact this option works to be more pocket friendly

Baby Christmas first Outfit Ideas

If your intention is not to purchase an outfit for a single day, then there are numerous ways to explore.  Trust me your baby is going to stand apart from the crowd. To start off a Christmas bib is pocket friendly and if your baby is a messy eater it is for sure going to prevent their favourite outfit from being spoiled. Christmas themed bibs would be great if you are planning a Christmas meal with your near or dear ones. If the bib has a subtle Christmas theme, then you can consider using them after Christmas as well.

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Still if you are open to a Christmas outfit, but want it to be used after December then think about some matching accessories. As a parent you will be literally spoiled in terms of choice of outfits as there are plenty to choose from. But here we have gone on to handpick some popular ones.


1} 2 Piece body suit (Christmas) along with pant set of Carter

This is an adorable outfit all the way with the face of Santa on the red sleeve body suit and bottom of the pants. With this outfit, the little ones can crawl around Christmas tree and swatting at the numerous gifts. All this at a moderate price of $ 12.

2 Piece body suit

2} My Christmas Footed Sleeper (Mud Pie)

On a footed sleeper a colourful Christmas tree is printed, and you will not stop smiling when you look at it. Now image a situation where a baby is snugged in this outfit and being ready to be swooned. This outfit is priced at $ 32.

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3} White bodysuit for first Christmas by Koala Baby

You can celebrate the first milestone of your baby with the sweet long sleeved Christmas outfit. In fact they can don this dress for any occasion. With a pair of khaki pants, the cardigan coupled with a tutu shirt and leggings, your baby is going to look great on Christmas morning.

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4} Tutu dress for the first Christmas

Every baby would need a tutu dress (frill) as part of their collection. This could be one, two or three!  They can flaunt this outfit during Christmas. In addition there is a white ruffled skirt that looks gleam. All this is rationally priced at $ 27.

Tutu dress for the first Christmas

5} Christmas Sleep down (Mud Pie)

Your little angle is going to look adorable in this gown. Being decorated with a Christmas tree it is really appealing coupled with wooden buttons. On Christmas Day it is a perfect dress to curdle with your baby. It is priced at $ 31.

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6} Christmas Sleep set with bibs

This outfit is a must have for your little ones during this Christmas. A rendering print coupled with a matching bib not forgetting to mention a charming Santa! Your baby is kept toasty and warm as you sit for a dinner during Christmas morning.

Christmas Sleep set with bibs


7} Moustache Red Body suit for babies

 The Moustache is an integral part of baby’s clothes, so why not on the first Christmas outfit of your baby. If the dad has a moustache then this outfit is a must have for the kids. It is priced at $ 22

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8} Santa all in one hat

You can add to the festive fun by dressing your little one in this adorable outfit. It is formulated from the softest fabrics where numerous fun features are incorporated which give a real feeling of Santa to your little one. In addition to this there is a matching hat coupled with zip fastening for easy changing. All this at a reasonable price of $ 17.

Santa all in one hat

9} Fluffy snowman

Formulated from well-crafted fleece and is a perfect outfit for showing your little one to near and dear ones. As a parent you are for sure going to appreciate zip fastening for the urgent nappy changeovers. It is being lined with soft cotton and an enclosed safe is incorporated so that any form of loose threads is prevented to be wrapped around tiny legs.

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10} Christmas themed cloth nappy

This is a Christmas outfit that you could consider if you live in a warm climate. The reason being the baby could be in a shirt and nappy through the entire day. This nappy could be used after Christmas especially when you cover it with pants or shorts. No one would be able to figure out that your baby is wearing a nappy during the month of May. In the cloth nappy community, Christmas nappy are common and since it is popular you can start wearing it from the early part of December. In hindsight you can make full use of it.

Christmas themed cloth nappy

To conclude, there are many outfits to choose the perfect outfit for your baby’s first Christmas. It could be a single accessory or two, or a whole costume as well. Finally whatever is your choice, your little one is going to be adorable on this great day and a memorable Christmas is round the corner.

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