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25 Timeless Hindu Baby Boy Names That Will Never Go Out of Style!


Congratulations!! It’s a baby boy, time to select a unique and most popular Hindu name for your baby. A child is the best reward to all parents. The “Hindu Culture” from its immense custom has plenty of meaningful and popular names. These Hindu Baby Boy Names are suitable and timeless for your child and we present 25 most popular and unique names of baby boy with meaning and history/ facts/ popularity of name:

25 Timeless Hindu Baby Boy Names 

  1. Aarav means the musical note; wisdom; peaceful

More about Aarav:

  • This name is popular as Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar chose this name for their son.
  1. Aditya means The Sun

More about Aditya:

  • This is also a name of “Vishnu”;
  • Aditya Vikram Birla is one of the famous industrialist;
  • Aditya Mittal and Aditya Chopra are also popular personalities
  1. Arjun means Shinning; Bright

More about Arjun:

  • This name is popular because of legendary hero of Mahabharata;
  • Sachin Tendular’s son name is Arjun.
  1. Reyansh means Ray of Light; Part of Lord Vishnu

More about Reyansh:

  • It indicates the element of Lord Vishnu where God protects the complete universe and he preserved the world’s nature. He is the supreme god.
  1. Vivaan means Full of life; The First Rays of Sun; Lord Krishna

More about Vivaan:

  • Vivaan Shah is a famous actor;
  • This name is famous as it indicates the synonym of Lord Krishna
  1. Atharv means Priest; Another name of Lord Ganesha

More about Atharv:

  • Atharva veda is one of the four Vedas and mainly called as fourth Veda.
  1. Ishaan means The Sun, The 3rd eye of Lord Shiva

More about Ishaan:

  • Another name of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
  • It is a synonym of word “Ishwar”;
  • “Ish” means the unseen power that rules the world.
  • Ishaan Kapoor is son of Supriya Pathak and Pankaj Kapoor
  1. Dhruv means The Pole Star; Firm

More about Dhruv:

  • Dhruv is a visible star or mainly it is considered as prominent star and also called as North Star. Pole star is also used for the direction.
  1. Vihaan means The beginning of new Era; Dawn; Morning

More about Vihaan:

  • Names inspired by “Sun” are in fashion
  • This name is popular as dawn is explained by the “first ray of sunlight” and it represents the new prospects in a representative sense.

    10. Sai means Master; Saint; Lord

More about Sai:

  • Sai baba was a priest of unity and religious tolerance
  • It means difference, also one character in “Naruto Shippuden”

11. Aryan means Honorable; Warrior; Illustrious; Noble

More about Aryan:

  • Son of Gauri Khan and Shahrukh Khan
  • Aryan Vaid is also famous personality who won Mr. International (year 2000)

12.Arnav means Sea; Ocean

More about Arnav:

  • Son of Akshay Khanna
  • This name is also famous as it is inspired by nature, water.

13. Shourya means Brave; Valour

More about Shourya:

  • It is a bollywood movie directed in 2008 by Samar Khan
  • As name suggests brave so it is interesting and popular name nowadays

14. Rudra means One who roars; The remover of pain; Synonym of Lord Shiva

More about Rudra:

  • In Vedas, Rudra is the evil “god of wind and storm”, and was referred as “God of Death”. He is the representation of the unrefined nature. Rudra flames arrows of illness at animals, men and god. He became a beautiful and beneficent god, the god of animals, auspiciousness and the supporter of hunters. Then his name transformed into Lord Shiva.

15.Aarush means “First ray of Sun”; Dawn

More about Aarush:

  • This name is famous as it reflects the first ray of sun which represents the positivity: brightness & lightness; rebirth & renewal; nourishment and warmth.

16. Kabir means The Nobel; The Great

More about Kabir:

  • Kabir was a saint and mystic poet
  • Kabir Bedi, film actor and director

17. Ayaan means Peaceful temperament; Destiny; Good luck

More about Ayaan:

  • Ayaan Mukerji is a director of Indian film Industry
  • It’s a name of Tamil movie (2009) directed and written by K.V.

18. Kanha means Lord Krishna

More about Kanha:

  • It is a synonym of Lord Krishna. He is the principal and eighth avatar of Vishnu and appears as a advisor and charioteer of Arjun in Mahabharata.

19. Parth means Prince

More about Parth:

  • It means “son of Pritha” which is a synonym of Kunti.
  • This is also second name of Arjun (son of Pandu & Pritha) in Mahabharata

20. Veer means A Brave Warrior; Excellent; Heroic

More about Veer:

  • “Veer Mhaskoba” an avatar of lord Shiva
  • Veer is a Bollywood film (2010)

21. Shlok means Rhymed Poetic; Verses

More about Shlok:

  • This name is famous as it means a song from the root, fame.
  • It’s a modern name

22. Samar means Reward; Fruit

More about Samar:

  • Samar was a ruler of Kampilya
  • As per Bhagavata, Samar was a son of “King Prthusena”
  • Samar Banerjee (Badru) was a footballer
  • Samar Das (Bangladeshi) composer and musician

23. Pranav means Om or Aum ( most holy syllable)

More about Pranav:

  • In Sanskrit Om is from the root which means to praise, sound, verbal. It’s a humming sound in the Shrauta Sutras and Upanishad.

24. Yuvaan means Lord Shiva; Youthful

More about Yuvaan:

  • People like this name as it represents energy, youth
  • It is a synonym of Lord Shiva

25. Viraaj means Sun; Warrior; Ruler; Excellent

More about Viraaj:

  • Viraaj is a son of Celina Jaitly

       26. Aadir means origin or beginning.

More about Aadir:  point of space or time where anything begins, source.

        27. Varenya means someone who is the best

More about Varenya: one who strives for excellence.

           28. Ajantha means someone who is creative.

More about Ajantha: name of a famous Budhist cave.


            29. Arash means truthfulness and righteousness

More about Arash: Name of a famous archer of ancient Iran.

              30. Viksya is  used to describe someone who is astonishing

More about Viksya: Also means an actor or a dancer.

                31. Aahnik mans prayer, an object of God

More about Aahnik: Devote to God, act of praying to God.


               32. Aalekh means learned, gain knowledge

More about Aalekh: One of many names of Lord Shiva.

             33. Param means ultimate

More about Param: the best or supreme.

             34. Pushkar means Lotus

More about Pushkar: means sky, sun por the heavenly abode.


             35. Kunal means Lotus

More about Kunal: someone with beautiful eyes. The son of Emperor Ashoka was named Kunal.

             36. Yashpal means protector of fame

More about Yashpal: another name for Lord Krishna.

               37. Yogendra means someone who has mastered the art of performing Yoga.

                38. Aarth means creator


More about Aarth: the meaning, red glimpse, supreme being

             39. Bhavya means magnificent

More about Bhavya: Existing suitable, beautiful, handsome, pious, true, proper.

            40. Dhanvin means someone who has an association with Lord Shiva.

More about Dhanvin: it also means archer.

           41. Falak is used to signify the heavens above.


More about Falak: it also means a star.

       42. Iravar is us   ed to denote someone who is born of water

More about Iravar: Another name for the Love God Kaama.

       43. Kiaan means ancient

More about Kiaan: It also means King as per some sources.

       44. Laksh means aim or destination


More about Laksh: Lakshya, Laxman and Lakhbir are some other variants of this name.

       45. Mahit means esteemed or honoured

More about Mahit: used as n honorific

       46. Meghnand means someone who has conquered the sky.

More about Meghnand: Lord of the Sky

        47. Nikhil means completeness or entirety


More about Nikhil: of sanskrit origin and other variants are Nikshay, Niket and Nikash.

         48. Rathik means the rider of the chariot

More about Rathik: The capturer of the hearts of everyone who hears it.

         49. Rishab is used to denote someone of high moral compass

More about Rishab: used to denote the second note of the octave.

           50. Sahil means the beach or shore


More about Sahil: someone who is charming

Sayujya means an intimate union

More about Sayujya: Merging with the divine entity.


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All the Best Parents! 

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