15 Tips to Increase Your IVF Success Rate


If for many months or years you have tried to get pregnant and you have not succeeded. It is likely that your doctor might have told you about the possibility of undergoing an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to achieve your dream of being a mother.When it comes to having a baby through IVF, it is natural that you want to do everything possible to successfully become pregnant.

15 Tips to Increase your IVF Success Rate

Assisted reproduction is not infallible and sometimes, it may not give the expected results. Listed below are all the keys that will help you increase the chances of IVF success rate.

1. Correct selection of sperm

One of the key factors to increase the chances of getting pregnant after IVF is, without a doubt, carry out a good selection of sperm according to the type of in vitro fertilization, to get them to fecundate the oocytes.

2. Detecting the best time to do IVF

When you put yourself in the hands of a professional fertility team, they will determine the best time to carry out IVF. To do this, they will analyze in detail the maturation process of the oocytes to know at what precise moment the IVF can be carried out.

IVF Success Rate

3. Use of PGD

Currently, almost all assisted reproduction clinics have PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), it is a very advanced technique that allows detecting embryos that are chromosomally normal to transfer to women.


4. Avoid toxic substances

When a woman undergoes an IVF, she must avoid, in general, all the toxic and harmful elements that could negatively interfere with the result of the same. In this sense, it is better to avoid contact with pesticides, fertilizers, detergents and many other toxic substances.

5. Carry a full diet

There are many nutrients that can help to thicken the wall of the uterus naturally, and in this way, it is more likely that pregnancy will also go ahead. Therefore, experts say that another way to increase the chances of getting pregnant after IVF is to eat a balanced diet.

Supplements rich in antioxidant vitamins such as C, E or selenium, are excellent protectors against the damage caused by free radicals. It is also advisable to take a vitamin B supplement and make sure that this vitamin is present in the daily diet.

6. Uses a pregnancy probability calculator

If you want to leave doubts and know what odds you have that IVF comes out successfully, do not hesitate to use the calculator of pregnancy probability after IVF. It is a very useful tool if you want to be a mom because it will help you to know the chances you have of achieving a pregnancy.

7. Take a walk

Take a morning walk or do some yoga. Practice deep breathing and meditation to relax. Talk about your worries with a friend or companion and stay positive.

8. Eliminate all high impact sports

If your sport of choice is high impact, it’s time to put it aside for a while. Severe falls, injuries or blows to the abdominal wall can seriously compromise your ability to conceive, especially if there is a freshly implanted baby in, or if you are prone to miscarriage.


9. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is often recommended for pregnant women or young mothers to prepare for childbirth, fight against the small pains of pregnancy, lose weight after birth, etc. Experts have already suggested that it may be as effective in boosting fertility, and several studies have shown that it increases the chances of successful in vitro fertilization.

10. Adopting a Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet (or Cretan) favors fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, limits the consumption of dairy products, eggs and meat by favoring fish in small quantities. All this helps to increase your IVF success rate.

11. Stay away from pollutants

Limit exposure to pollutants because, in addition to sperm alteration, it can also increase the risk of malformation of the reproductive system.

12. Stop intake of tobacco and alcohol

Do not smoke and do not be smoked by others. No excess alcohol and not a drop of alcohol for pregnant women.

13. Eat organic if possible

Increase your intake of omega-3 which will be useful to the development of the fetus at the beginning of pregnancy and beneficial to the future mother.

14. Folic acid

Fill up with folic acid (vitamin B9) by diet or via a supplement from the desire of pregnancy to prevent congenital malformations.


15. Properly ventilated rooms

Ventilate every room and office every day against toxic substances and volatile organic compounds released by certain paints and solvents.

Do’s after IVF

  • Lead a normal life:This is the number one rule. Just as a woman who seeks to be pregnant naturally does not change her life, the one who has undergone procreation treatment.
  • Exercise smoothly: The body needs to feel relaxed, and swimming or walking will help you get there. Avoid playing impact or high-intensity sports such as running or aerobics.
  • Keeping the mind busy: 15 days of waiting is necessary for the treatment to follow its course, nothing else can be done to make the pregnancy happen. Therefore, it is good to be distracted and to bear the uncertainty.
  • Eating Well: A healthy, balanced diet is best not only during these days but throughout pregnancy. Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and enjoying the food will also help you feel good.
  • Work: Unless the doctor advises against it or if you have to take sick leave, continue working. It’s a way of being busy and following the normal and routine course of your daily life.
  • Don’ts after IVF
  • Restrict the intake of salt from the diet to some extent
  • Avoid exposure to x-rays
  • You should not have sex, because the orgasm causes uterine contractions that do not favor implantation.
  • You cannot involve in any household chores because they are activities in which abdominal strength is involuntarily performed.

The chances of getting pregnant depend on many personal factors of yours and your partner, so the best advice is this: get in touch with a good assisted reproduction clinic and let the best professionals deal with your case.