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Spermicidal for Preventing Pregnancy: Benefits and Side Effects


What do you mean by Spermicidal?

It is considered to be a chemical product that usually comes in the form of a jelly, cream or foam and is also considered to be a barrier method in order to control the birth.

How does it work?

There are different types of spermicidal are used and it eventually used in different ways. So, you need to read the instructions carefully that is given on the pack. The main use of spermicidal is that it is basically applied inside the vagina and you must wait for at least 10 minutes after applying it in order to avoid getting pregnant as these chemicals are basically designed in order to kill the sperm just before it reaches the uterus. However, spermicidal is considered to be the most known methods in order to control the birth and is better than the contraceptive pills.

Is Spermicidal chemical effective and for how long?

Spermicidal chemical is however alone cannot be considered one effective form of birth control. A typical use of spermicidal chemical is used by most of the people out there as it possesses a failure rate of around 28% and it should be initially used along with another barrier too in order to control the birth rate and those methods are condom, cervical cap or diaphragm. Therefore, you can also take a pregnancy test if you are either experiencing any kind of pregnancy symptoms. It is actually 85% effective when you actually use it perfectly and if you really don’t use it as per the given instructions then the effectiveness of the chemical will initially reduce to 60-70%. It will be more effective if you use diaphragm and also cervical cap because it will help you avoid getting pregnant. Spermicidal chemical is considered to be one of the best birth control procedures and is also better than other contraceptive pills.


For how long is this chemical effective?

  1. Your partner can help you in making the spermicidal chemical more effective by making the use of condom
  2. It generally gives protection for at least 1 hour and you need to reapply before each and every intercourse
  3. Spermicidal chemical is not effective if used alone so in order to make it more effective you need to use it with the female condom.

Benefits and Side Effects of Spermicidal

What are pros and cons of Spermicidal Chemical?

  • Pros of Spermicidal chemical: If you use spermicidal chemical it is easy to use and convenient at the same time. So, if you initially learn to inert the spermicidal chemical it will considered easy at the same time. Spermicidal chemical is considered to be one of the most known birth control process and is basically better than other contraceptive pills. It can be easily carried in your pocket or purse and generally it doesn’t have any kind of effect on the woman’s natural hormones at the same time. You can find this chemical in the supermarkets and also in the drugstore very easily. It doesn’t require any kind of prescription and it can also be used while breastfeeding. However, when it is actually combined with the other barrier methods such as cervical cap, condom or diaphragm then its failure rate is actually in between 3% to 10%.
  • Cons of Spermicidal Chemical: Spermicidal chemical should at least be inserted in less than 30 minutes before the intercourse and it should be ideally less than 20 minutes approx and also make sure that it should be inserted for each and every act of sexual intercourse as it initially requires the barrier methods in order to avoid high failure rates at the same time. Spermicidal chemical generally do not protect you against the sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure it must be applied 10 minutes before the intercourse and should be applied every time and if it is not applied correctly then the irritation might occur in the vagina.

 Side Effects of Spermicidal Chemical

Some of the allergic reactions such as burning or redness or itching take place in some individuals due to spermicidal chemicals. There is an ingredient called Nonoxynol-9 in spermicidal chemical that may cause irritation to the sensitive genital tissues and if you use it several times in a day and this irritation may initially increase the risk of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases as it give infections chance to spread in your body and there are people who are allergic to spermicidal chemical. If switching doesn’t helps then spermicidal chemical may not be considered to be the good method in order to control the birth for you. This chemical doesn’t provide any protection and if you use condoms along with spermicidal chemical only then it can help in protecting you from STDs as it gives extra strength to pregnancy prevention. Spermicidal chemical can be messy at times and can leak out of the vagina and it sometimes tastes funky.

Are spermicidal chemical reversible?

Yes they are reversible and this is because they do not have any effects on either female or male reproductive cycle. If it is no longer used then you can get pregnant immediately.


How much does a spermicidal chemical cost?

Jellies, foams and creams range for approximately $7 to $18 on an average it goes approximately 25c per use.

What about sexually transmitted diseases and spermicidal chemical?

As you know these chemicals do not prevent the contact of vagina to the partner’s skin or body fluids. So, these chemicals are not considered to be the means of protection from the sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Spermicidal chemical is considered to be a birth control method that eventually contains some of the chemicals that initially stop sperms and work as a barrier and is also considered better than oral contraceptive pills. There are different types of spermicidal chemicals and are also available in different forms and this initially includes gels, creams, foams, film etc. It can be used alone and also can be used with the contraception pill in order to control the birth rate. You need to be sure about this chemical before using it and if you’re not sure about the same all you can do is make use of other different types of birth control procedures that are way more easy and do provide better protection at the same time.
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