Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage – 11 Must Know Things


If you have had a miscarriage and are worried about how to get pregnant again, help is at hand. Today we have a few pointers that you must bear in mind while trying to conceive after a miscarriage.

Miscarriage is extremely hard for a woman – both physically as well as emotionally. If you are thinking of conceiving right after a miscarriage, it is recommended to take some time and let the body and the mind heal. Not only this, it is also important that proper care and precautions are taken so that there are no complications and hassles in the pregnancy.

Miscarriage leave indelible marks on the body and mind of pregnant woman and she has high chances of being in confusion, gets scared of another miscarriage and her overall confidence takes a toll. Mentioned below are 11 must know things if one is planning to get pregnant after miscarriage:

11 Must Know Things About Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

pregnancy after miscarriage

Limit intake of caffeine

Miscarriage does not take place if a woman consumes caffeine in moderation. However, if caffeine is taken in excessive quantities, chances of miscarriage are high. If you have had miscarriage earlier and looking to conceive again, limit intake of caffeine as much as possible.

Maternal weight is important

If the BMI (Body Mass Index) is lower than 18.5 or above 25 prior to pregnancy, there are high chances of infertility as well as miscarriage. If you are intending to preserve healthy pregnancy, it is recommended to maintain normal and right BMI.


Refrain from alcohol completely

Risks of miscarriage are enhanced greatly with moderate as well as high consumption of alcohol. This is all the more applicable during the first 3 months (first trimester). For reducing risks of miscarriage and other complications, it is recommended to refrain from alcohol completely during the pregnancy period.

Keep the level of folates healthy in the body

Risks of miscarriage are increased when there are low level of folates in the system. If there is deficiency of folates, it is recommended to take suitable folate supplementation so that neural tube defects can be prevented. When such defects are prevented, chances of miscarriage are also less.

Balanced diet is important

Miscarriage can be avoided by consuming balanced and nutritious diet. There should be abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet so that the body gets all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in proper amounts. The balanced diet is not only important for the mother’s health but for the health of the growing fetus as well.

Say no to smoking completely

Smoking is integrally linked to high chances of miscarriage. This not only includes the mother’s habit of smoking; but father’s smoking is also included. Complete smoking cessation is recommended for reducing risks of failed pregnancy or miscarriage.

Practice meditation and yoga

The mind is toned well and body balance is enhanced with regular practice of yoga and meditation. Start practicing these right from the time you plan to conceive after miscarriage. Negative thoughts can be combated with yoga and meditation. Breathing exercises in particular have shown to have great results for the mother as well as the baby.

Try staying fit as much as possible

Most women fear physical exertion during pregnancy, particularly when they have had a miscarriage previously. However, it is important that one remains physically active and fit during pregnancy. Consulting a doctor will help in choosing the right kinds of exercises for you. The exercises will make your body more flexible for childbirth.


Proper rest is also vital

Along with exercising, it is also important to take proper rest during the day in between the work and exercise schedule. Taking small breaks during the day helps greatly. For working women, it is recommended to take less stress at the workplace and relax as much as possible.

Try keeping yourself happy

Miscarriage is a mishap and you are not alone who has faced this crisis. When you are lucky in conceiving for a second time, be happy about it and try to keep yourself happy always. If you are too worried or it is becoming difficult to manage your emotions, consult a psychologist.

Join support groups

There are many support groups where there are women who have had experienced miscarriages and similar mishaps. Joining such a group will increase the optimism level in you and you will be able to handle your pregnancy better.

Staying aware and conscious will help you in having a healthy pregnancy even if you have had a miscarriage previously.