11 Health Benefits of Echinacea in Your Child’s Diet


Did you know that Echinacea has a number of health benefits and can be easily incorporated in your child’s daily diet! Here are a few benefits of adding this herb to your child’s food.

Echinacea is a very popular herb, which has healing effects. Usually the herb is taken in the form of drops or tablets. The herb has been proven to boost the immune system, particularly in children if they take the same from quite an early age. Echinacea helps in dealing with problems like tonsillitis, cold, cough, flu, sinus and ear infections.

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Mentioned below are some excellent benefits which can be obtained on including Echinacea in the diet of your child:

11 Health Benefits of Echinacea in Your Child’s Diet

1. Helps in combating infections successfully

Various kinds of infections might attack the little one from time to time. Echinacea helps in fighting various kinds of infections successfully. Along with children, this herb is effective for adults too in fighting infections. Along with taking the herb, applying medicinal cream containing the herb can also help in treating various kinds of infections.

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2. Helps in boosting immunity

Innumerable universities and research organizations have carried out research and studies and proved that Echinacea has immune boosting capabilities. Chances of catching coughs and cold are minimized by almost 58% with the intake of this amazing ingredient. Not only this, the duration of the cold can also be cut off by quite a lot with this herb.

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3. Helps in bettering mental health in individuals

Many children as well as adults suffer from issues which are related to ADHD or ADD. In such cases Echinacea proves to be really useful. Such people often complain of disturbances like depression, social phobias, anxiety, etc. 20mg of Echinacea is just the right dose for combating these problems.

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4. Helps in treating upper respiratory infections

Echinacea has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting powers. This is the reason this herb has the power of combating upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold, flu, whooping cough, inflammation, tuberculosis, acute sinusitis, etc. If the problem is acute, it is recommended to take Echinacea supplements.


5. Relieves skin problems

Skin problems like eczema, rashes, irritations etc. can be dealt with successfully with Echinacea. Minor to moderate skin problems have their solution in this herb. The herb can also be used in healing wounds and also provide relief in case of insect bites and stings. It also helps in skin rejuvenation.

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6. Combats inflammation of all kinds

You might not know, but inflammation can be deadly and it is the main cause of diseases across the globe. Inflammation can be caused by everything and anything – from lack of nutrients in the diet to lack of sleep. Echinacea, when consumed daily in the right dosages can help in combating the problem of inflammation effectively.

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7. Cancer fighting properties

Studies and reports have proved that Echinacea contains essential phytochemicals in them, which help in combating tumors and cancerous growths in the body. Along with conventional therapy, treatment with Echinacea can be carried out simultaneously.

8. An excellent laxative

Echinacea ensures overall gut and stomach health in people of all age groups. This herb acts as a mild laxative and helps in treating the problem of constipation and calms the gut at the same time. Using the right dose of Echinacea is important as overdose can reverse the good effects and cause side effects.


9. Alleviates pains and aches

That Echinacea can alleviate pain and aches has been proved way back since this herb has been used since ancient and primitive times for relieving pain. Some pains in which this herb is highly effective include stomach aches, toothache, headaches, sore throat, tonsillitis, pain in bowel etc. Either Echinacea can be taken as herbal tea or the herb can be made into a paste and applied on the affected area.

10. Helps in fighting dandruff

If you are looking for natural anti-dandruff remedy for your little one, there is no better option than Echinacea for the same. This is because the herb abounds in anti-microbial properties and removes dandruff completely. The problem of itchy scalp can also be combated with this herb.

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11. Fights acne and pimples

Though acne and pimples don’t usually occur in children, but they are common in teenagers and young adults. Creams containing Echinacea have proved to be very effective for acne and pimples as the skin is soothed by the herb. The microbes causing the problems are also combated with the herb.