11 Natural Ways to Sooth Abdominal Pain in Children


Abdominal Pain is one of the most common and prevailing condition in young kids. Does your little one suffer from constipation more than usual? Beware, this may be a symptom of your child suffering from acute abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can be treated medically using drugs prescribed by doctors as well as by natural means. It is dependent on the severity of the condition incombination with pain. You can try the below mentioned natural methods to keep abdominal pain at bay.

Ways to Sooth Abdominal Pain in Children

1} Ginger

Is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties along with many health benefits. It eases stomach pain and supports digestion. Ginger (fresh) is potent andadd it to your normal tea. There are varied varieties of ginger tea available in the market. Do keep in mind that ginger is spicy and buying of ginger supplements might be an option.

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2} Peppermint

Pretty much like ginger, works best to settle your ailing stomach.  Just some sprigs (peppermint) with a warm glass of water and a peppermint tea is ready!  Munching a mint leaf also works as it is basically a weed that strives in most environments. In addition to this peppermint supplements are also a choice.

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3} Lemon

Belongs to a versatile class of fruits. If there is no ginger, peppermint or any herbs no need to press the panic button! Take a warm glass of water and squeeze half a lemon to it. Your lemon juice is ready to drink. If there is no lemon at home you can opt for lemon juice (fresh)


sooth abdominal pain

4} Aloe Vera Juice

Is one of the well-knownsupplements? Though there is still some scope of debate on the use of it, but many customers have benefitted from drinking the juice. It is an excellent remedy for constipation along with varied intestinal problems. It also supports with cramps, bloating and gas.

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5} Fennel or Licorice

Though they are different plants, it is better to group them together due to similar tastes. They are a vital ingredient of herbal tea which is an easy and common method of consuming them. Though you can use them as supplements.

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6} Chamomile

Not only an ailing stomach is soothed, it does tranquil the nerves. If you face problems with sleep and an upset stomach, then chamomile tea is what is required. The dried versions of it is sold in most of the health stores. You can add a tinge of lemon to give a savoury taste.


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7} Warm saltwater

I have heard usage of saltwater for a sore throat, but this is a success formula for a soothing stomach. In a cup of hot water you just need a single teaspoon of salt. For instant results, you should drink it as soon as possible. A word of caution, if you have high blood pressure then restrain from this remedial measure.

8} Cola syrup

Not tried on a personal level, but was recommended by a health expert. For a considerable time it has been used to treat an upset stomach and is a favourite among the kids. The only drawback is that it is trickier to find, but you can always opt for cola syrup online. There are a lot of online stores where it is available.

9} Apple cider vinegar

Is normally used as an antiseptic or a natural cleaner. It helps in the process of digestion, absorbs vital nutrients and treats stomach pain. In a glass of warm or cold water, put in a few teaspoons of this ingredient. Just drink it before your meal to absorb the nutrients and only resort to the use of apple cider vinegar for effective results.

10} Burnt toast

The usage of charcoal is a routine affair reduces the impact of toxins in our body and eradicates food poisoning. Toast is of utmost importance in treating kids having stomach problems or diarrhoea.

11} Compress of warm rice

Nothing stands in comparison to heat for treating stomach ache. If there is no heating pad, some rice and a pair of socks would do. The socks should not have holes and fill it up with uncooked rice. Do not pack it too tightly as it is to be flexible so that the grains could move. Do make it a point that it is not too hot before you put it on your stomach.


If your child is not feeling well, you would want to do everything in your power to make them feel better. There are no specific reasons for stomach ache, and most of the above remedies make sure instant gratification. But in case of emergencies it is always better to seek professional help in the form of a well-qualified doctor.

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