5 Must Have Heavy Cream Substitutes in Your Kitchen


Milk and butter, soy milk and olive oil, milk and cornstarch, half-half and butter and silken tofu and soy milk are some of the heavy cream substitutes in your kitchen.

Cooking in the kitchen is not everyone’s thing. Especially if you are someone who has no idea what to do in there. Cooking any kind of dish requires some form of ingredients that makes it really easy for the dish to come together and the right consistency about the dish is required to get the dish to be called by its name. not only this but then some of the ingredients might not be available readily during making something and might have to use a substitute in your kitchen with the pre-existing products to replicate that missing ingredient.

Hence heavy cream is one of the many things that many people just forget to get whenever they are making any kind of dessert or main course such that they might have to replicate the ingredient in the best way possible to help the dish come to life. Hence there are more than 5 ways to actually duplicate heavy cream in your kitchen.

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5 Best Substitutes for Heavy Cream

heavy cream substitute

Milk and butter

This has been in use for a really long time when there isn’t any kind of heavy cream around to be used. It acts like a foolproof way of using this mixture when compared to anything else. Simply take 50 grams of butter and ¾ cup of milk and mix it well till you get a fine consistency. Then add some amount of flour in the mixture to get the heavy cream consistency. Makes sure that you do all of this on a slow movement such that air bubbles don’t get trapped and turns out to be something else in the end. This mixture can be used in baking and in the preparation of any kind of dish. But then the only flaw is that it won’t give the end product the right kind of consistency but will taste the same for sure.

Soy milk and olive oil

For all my vegan readers out there, this acts like a perfect substitute that you were looking for heavy cream.  It’s a mixture that can be replicated as heavy cream but not all the way through. There are so many flaws with this mixture but then, in the end, it does the job of giving you the same constancy and taste of what whip cream provides. Simply take 2/3 cup of soy milk and mix it with 1/3 cup of olive oil. Mix it well with the help of a spatula or anything or item to get the right kind of consistency of heavy cream. This mixture makes about 237 ml of heavy cream (in comparison). So try this method out as it can be used for baking and any other purpose. But not recommended for whipping purpose.

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Milk and cornstarch

If you are choosing this method, then it is a low fat, low calories based mixture that will give you the best in the class taste of having heavy cream in a food item. Not only this but then you can use this mixture in any manner you would please as there are so many ways that you can replicate heavy cream. Just take around 30 grams of cornstarch and then mix it with 237 ml of milk that approximates up to I cup in such a manner that the calorie value goes down and you get a thicker consistency as you go on mixing.

Not only this but then it helps in keeping the overall fat content that is required in the dish that you are preparing. Also other than this you cannot use this mixture for any kind of whipping purposes but only can be used to make any kind any kind of baking products. but the taste might differ a little.

Half-half and butter

The mixture being discussed over here happens to be the perfect substitute that you could use to replace heavy cream. Needless to say that a pinch of half-half and butter goes a long way by proving the taste and the same consistency of heavy cream. But then the only downfall of this substitute is that the overall fat percentage of the dish goes down. Some might find this useful while many might not. Also, half-half has the third of the fat content that you might get in heavy cream. And the best part about this mixture is that you can be whipped and in any other form that you would like. In one bowl mix, 232 grams of half-half with 30 grams of butter to get the right kind of consistency and this can be used however you would want. This mixture substitutes around 273 grams of heavy cream.

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Silken tofu and soy milk

Once again, the options for vegans are of plenty. Silken tofu is nothing but condensed soy milk that has been turned into blocks which then can be used as tofu or in the preparation of heavy cream. Or a substitute for that. But then mixing these both ingredients together creates something entirely unique and different as it would taste the same as heavy cream but then the consistency looks almost similar. Other than this to make the mixture, take an equal amount of silken tofu and say milk. Mix them well in a blender to get the right consistency. They usually add thickness to the product and are a perfect example that can be used in soups and other dishes. Not only this but then you can add some bits of vanilla extract to the mixture and whip it nicely to make your very own vegan vanilla topping.

Hence with so many options, do try to explore your options into seeing what suits you the best and what is useful for you on the long run. All the best and do the needful.





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