Did You Know Your Star Sign Reveals Your Parenting Style?


Believe it or not, your zodiac sign tells a lot about what kind of parent you are going to be. The astrological starts often dictate the kind and nature of your parenthood. So, if you are planning for a child or just going to be a first time parent, then check out what traits you will have.

Since a father and a mother are two different types of parents the zodiac predictions of parenthood will be different for each of them. For each zodiac sign we have segregated the mother and the father to show how different star signs impact the style of parenting for both the genders.

Star Signs: Your Sign Says About Your Parenting Style

Effect of Star Sign on Parenting



The Aquarius moms are known to be big hearted. They tend to be more open minded and progressive. They want their children to be open to new things. The natural trait of an Aquarius mom is that she will be very passionate towards her kids.

These are the kind of mothers who are always involved and will try to become their child’s best friend. The Aquarius mothers are pretty humanitarian by nature and they also want their children to be caring and respectful human beings. This kind of mothers wants their children to be themselves and do not push them towards a rigid pattern of success.


The Aquarius fathers are more of a free-spirit. They tend to be frivolous and playful. They are those eager fathers who are always curious to know about what is going on with their children. Silence is their biggest enemy and they would just do anything to keep the ball rolling.

If the child is grumpy or sad for some reason, an Aquarius dad will try to do something funny or silly to make the child laugh. They are also good communicators with their children.



Pisces mothers are the kind of intuitive mothers who tend to know what their children need even before they say it. They are by nature very loving and caring and they are more like guardian angels to their child.

These mothers keep on behaving like a caring figure even when their children have become adults. Pisces moms are also big dreamers who make their child also believe in bigger things. They are like constant companions who stay with the child throughout their entire journey.


Pisces dads are kind of boxes of chocolates. Sometimes they are very easy going whilst on other occasions they tend to be very serious. They tend to worry about their children’s future long before it actually happens.

For instance a Pisces dad will start thinking about which high school to choose for his son only when the child is just a toddler. They will push their children to be more expressive and open. They indulge their children to be more creative and encourage them to learn something like painting or music. They are those eager fathers who will take over the school projects of their children.



Aries mothers are the ones who will ignite the fire in their children. These super ambitious mothers will push their children to strive for success and glory. They often set high expectations from their kids and will encourage them to achieve the same.

The pushy nature of these mothers often strains their relationship with the child. However, ultimately this push is what makes the child successful. Behind many successful person there is an Aries mother urging them to do better in their lives.


Unlike the Aries moms the Aries dads are cool and confident. They are more humorous by nature and they equip their children with wit and sarcasm. However, sometimes due to their over involvement in their children’s life they appear to be overbearing and bossy.

An Aries dad will lead their child to a better life and they know many ways to show it to their children. They are confident under pressure and often gives positive energy to the child, in time of his/her crisis.



A Taurus mother often overdoes her parenting. Like everything else she puts more than 100% into it and tends to be very caring and over-protective. They are pretty family oriented and will show tendencies of planning on family outings a lot.

They are mostly child-centric by nature and are very much concerned about her child’s security and well-being. They will always keep a close eye from a distance as to who is interacting in what ways with her child.


Taurus fathers are very patient and observant by nature. They do not normally react unless the ultimate button is being pressed. They are also very proud of their children’s accomplishment and like to boast a lot about them. Check for their Facebook timeline with pictures of their children’s school prizes.

These fathers truly become the best friends of their children. Throughout their lives they will prove to be a companion whom the child can trust and rely.



The Gemini mothers tend to be very impulsive by nature. They tend to explore themselves and often encourage their kids to be similar. They are great outdoor moms and will often plan an outing with the kids.

They are very passionate and will often indulge in debating with their children. They trigger the sense of having opinion on things like they themselves do. They will impart value and ideas in their children. As well informed mothers they will also educate their children about the world.


Gemini fathers are very much invested in their children. They are impressive listeners and they pay much heed to what their children have to say. They are always very anxious and protective about their children.

They talk to their children a lot and discuss their issues and problems. If something is bugging the child, a Gemini dad will certainly sniff that out. These dads are by nature very caring.



Cancer moms are very much family oriented and they love spending time with their kids. They tend to teach their children the value of family traditions and the importance of staying together in harmony.

They are known to keep their cool even when the situation is intense and they do not let the panic effect their children. They arrange parties which involves their kids. Children tend to have many fond memories of spending quality time with Cancer moms.


Cancer fathers are the ones who were waiting to be fathers all through their lives. They are natural lovers of children and they love to get involved in every stage of growing-up of their child.

They are the kind of fathers who can answer questions like what is their child’s favorite color and what animals does he/she love. They are the kind of parent who will know about their child’s hobby and they always give the perfect gifts.



Leo mothers are indeed very proud mothers who beam with pride when it comes to their children. Their children’s accomplishments are their greatest glory and they never fail to boast and brag about it.

They are never shy of letting others know how wonderful their kids are. Leo mothers can also tend to be very over-protective at times. They treat their children as precious little jewels and that sometimes might suffocate the child. But overall they are a very pleasant and positive influence to their children.


Leo dads are also very protective of their children. They often tend to spoil and pamper them by caring too much at times. They exactly know what their child needs and get extremely happy whenever their children do anything in return.

They are best at cheering up children who are gloomy or sad for some reason. Leo fathers find it difficult to let go of their children even when they are grow-up. They sometimes become competitive with their children’s spouses.



Virgo mothers run a very tight ship. They want everything in order and in a routinely fashion. They like to follow a pattern and know how to deal with things. That is why the Virgo moms read a lot of parenting blogs (like you are doing now) and recipes for their kids.

They like to know in advance what will work for their kids and what will not. Accordingly they run the house and arrange the stuff.


Virgo dads are very attentive by nature. But at the same time they tend to worry a lot for their children. They constantly think about their children’s health and well being and even the slightest sniffles in their children will make them sweat with panic.

On the other hand they become very excited if they spot any talent of their child. The excitement increases if it is an artistic or a sporting talent. Virgo fathers love to see their children excel in extra-curricular.



These easy going moms are perhaps the coolest moms in the planet. They tend to go with the flow and often do not impose any hard and fast rule on their children. They are not easily jittered by the small stuffs but they demand very cautiously.

They tend to be too lenient and indulgent at times and making things too easy for their kids. They teach their children the importance of boundary in the most relaxing and loving way possible. Someone will make a fabulous mother if she is a Libra.


Libra fathers are by far the coolest creatures of the world. Libra fathers are creative by nature and that is why they tend to tell their children the most imaginative bed time stories possible. They create an environment where they trigger the sense of creativity amongst their children.

They are the kinds of father who will work hard to do funny things in order to make their children smile. You will always want your child to do something creative and sometimes their indifference towards things might irk you a lot. You might tend to think that your child is wasting his/her talent.



Scorpio moms are very much invested in their children. They follow the small routines and give importance to the extra-circulars of their child. They are the moms who are always present in the soccer training or the ballet lessons.

They like to make some small routines and try to keep their children focused on many things. However, they tend to overdo at times. Overwhelming your children with too many passions might just make them rebels as teens. Allow your child to pick his/her hobby.


Scorpio fathers are the silent and cool ones. They will prefer to spend quite time with their children rather than making elaborate details of an outing. Kids can trust a Scorpio dad with a secret. They always have a big heart and take their children seriously.

However, they might tend to be strict on occasions thereby giving their children a hard time. A Scorpio father is a fierce lover and they will always be there for their kids. Irrespective of the fact that the kid is angry or happy with him, a Scorpio dad will think mostly about the well-being of his child.



Sagittarius moms are very enthusiastic and always bubbling and excited. They will plan trips regularly and go crazy about little events arranged for her kids. They are the energy-filled moms who are always planning on something or the other. Be it the birth party or a pool side get-together, a Sagittarius mom will make it special for her child.

So, it becomes difficult for a child who does not like to be the center of attention. Then it becomes a strenuous relationship between the mother and the child. But no matter what, a Sagittarius mom is sure to give the child wonderful memories and perfect pictures to remember the crazy times together.


Sagittarius fathers are the ones who will inculcate the family traditions and history in the child. He is the one who draws the family trees and teaches his kids what football team his family supports.

They are always well rooted and want their children to grow-up in the same manner that he did. He is the one who takes pride in celebration and arranges family events with much joy. The participation of their kids, in these events, makes them immensely happy.



Capricorn mothers set a perfect role model for their children. A Capricorn mom will think twice before doing or saying something bad because she always puts herself as the ideal example in front of her children.

They are certainly not daydreamers are mostly are much grounded to the reality. They teach their children the importance of value of self-respect and self-dependence. They want their children to be independent and they certainly do not become clingy parents. They are the kinds of parents who will certainly teach their kids the value of money from a very early age.


Unlike the moms, the Capricorn dads do not take life too seriously. They tend to be carefree by nature and they tend to live by the moment. They love to fill their children’s world with good books and movies and the games which will teach them something.

Capricorn fathers desire to be always loved by their children and sometimes they suffer from the guilt of letting their children down. This is the basic nature of a Capricorn dad which tend to make them sad even when there is nothing actually to worry about.



Your Parenting Style by Zodiac Sign