Decode Your Baby’s Sagittarius Horoscope: Know Her Personality, Relations, Fun Facts


Date Range – November 22 – December 21

Greatest Overall Compatibility – Gemini, Aries

Day – Thursday

Spirit Color – Light Blue

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Lucky Numbers – 3, 7, 9, 12, 21


Element – Fire

Quality – Mutable

Symbol – The Archer

Polarity – Positive

Ruling House – Ninth

Lucky Gem – Topaz


Lucky Flower – Thistle and Honeysuckle

Motto – The beaten path is always worthy of exploration

Favourite Things – Travel, Flirting, Laughter, Karaoke, Books

Secret Wish – To make the rules

Keywords – Adventure, Travel, Honesty, Wisdom, Outspokenness, Bluntness

Sagittarius Horoscope: Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

sagittarius horoscope


Famous Sagittarius

Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Brad Pitt, Jay-Z, Vanessa Hudgens

General Traits

Strengths – Generous, great sense of humour, and idealistic

Weaknesses – Very impatient, promises more than he/she can deliver, will say anything no matter how rude or undiplomatic

What a Sagittarius likes – Travel, freedom, being outdoors, philosophy

What a Sagittarius dislikes – being constrained, clingy people, details

Sagittarius people love to travel. They are the best and the biggest travellers among all the other zodiac signs. They are generally driven to always keep in touch with the world. This is a common trait in the fire signs. Another trait of Sagittarius people is that ‘Freedom’ is their middle name. They just cannot survive without being free and independent. They take on the most difficult challenges in the world with a smile on their face.


They are positive and straightforward. They don’t shy away from speaking the truth and they mean what they say. Sagittarius is also known for being intellectual and philosophical.

But their freedom sometimes backfires as they do not think before they speak. Often, they can come off as rude in front of people but in reality, they are quite frank. Diplomacy is something that comes with difficulty to people born in the date range. Their want for freedom also makes them impatient and tactless. Superficiality and over-confidence are a few traits which define Sagittarius perfectly. They often forget the difference between confidence and over-confidence. Inconsistency is another negative trait in their basket. Their interests are short-lived and keep fluctuating.

Sagittarius: Love and Sex

People born in the date range of November 22 – December 21 are often said to be playful, cheerful, jolly and humorous. They tend to enjoy people’s company and therefore find it easier to gel with people.

They enjoy having fun with their partners. Gemini and Aries are equally open and fun, which make them the most compatible of all the zodiac signs. Sagittarius people are always known to be loyal, faithful and dedicated. So the chances of your baby cheating on his/her partner are very low!

Sagittarius is adventurous and giving. They are always ready to try new things and go along with whatever is happening without much fuss.

Sagittarius: Friends and Family

As Sagittarius is fun loving and jolly people, they easily make friends with everyone. They don’t need much time to bond and gel with people they recently met. This trait along with their loyalty actually makes them a very good friend.


Their love for happiness can be seen in the way they interact with their family. They are generous and love to shower gifts on their loved ones. Their dedication and willingness to do anything is what makes them extra special.

Sagittarius: Career and Money

Along with their freedom comes dedication. Although their attention span is quite short, once they visualize something in their mind, they will do anything and everything to achieve their goal. They are great accessors of situations which make them quite successful businessmen/businesswomen.

They are free-spirited people who love jobs like a photographer, researcher, travel agent, blogger, importer, ambassador etc.

Meaning of Sagittarius

S for seductive
A for adventurous
G for grateful
I for intelligent
T for trailblazing
T for tenacious adept
A for adept
R for responsible
I for idealistic
U for unparalleled
S for sophisticated

Sagittarius: Secret Weapon

Their Independence is their secret weapon. They don’t need another people’s approval before doing anything. They are the masters of their own self. Solo-time is the most important time of the day for them. They reboot themselves and see it as a form of self-care.

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. With Jupiter being their ruling planet, they sometimes do come off as ‘larger than life’.


Sagittarius: How to attract a Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men are fun loving travellers. Religion and philosophy mean a lot to them. Adventure is something they crave a lot. As always, freedom is one major thing that a Sagittarius can’t live without. Dependent, clingy women are a complete turn-off for Sagittarius men. They rely on their logical mind and try to find the truth behind everything.

Sagittarius: How to attract a Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius women are wild, independent, and fun. They wouldn’t want a man who is controlling and dominating. Just like Sagittarius men, the Sagittarius women love their freedom. They absolutely hate it when others try to control them and tell them what to do. They possess a free-spirit and love to travel. To date a Sagittarius woman, one must be an attentive listener, an avid traveller, and a big adventure junky.

Sagittarius: Fun Facts

They love travelling – All a Sagittarius needs is a backpack and a passport. Nothing makes them as happy as travelling.

Self-Love – No, they are not self-obsessed. They know the value of themselves and believe in taking care of their mind and body.

Born-Leader – Their need for freedom and independence make them very good leaders. They have unique ideas and they believe in themselves.

Honesty is the best policy – This is something by which they swear by. They trust and respect everyone around them and are never caught gossiping about anybody.