Decode your Baby’s Gemini Horoscope: Know her Personality, Relations, Fun Facts


Date range: May 21 – June 20

Ruler: Mercury

Element: Air

Colour: Yellow, Light-Green

Lucky Numbers: 23, 14, 7, 5

Day: Wednesday


Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aquarius, Sagittarius

Quality: Mutable

Baby’s Gemini Horoscope: Gemini Zodiac Facts

baby gemini horoscope

Gemini traits

Strengths: exchange ideas, gentle, adaptable, learn quickly, affectionate and curious

Weaknesses: Indecisive, nervous and inconsistent

Gemini Likes: Short trips, music, magazines, books, chatting


Gemini Dislikes: routine and repetition, being alone and being confined

Gemini love and sex

Gemini people are fun and are always ready for any kind of rational challenge, Gemini people observe love first and only through message and through verbal contact and for them physical contact is also significant part. So, when these two combine all the obstacles seems to be fade. Gemini is inquisitive and is always ready to flirt and they can spend a lot of time will different lovers until and unless they find the right one who is able to manage them and have much energy. They actually need variety, excitement and passion and also when they find that one person or a lover or friend they will be more faithful and also determined to treasure their heart at the same time. One of the biggest challenges that a Gemini’s love would ever face is to find love life an emotion that actually lasts when they get older. Their personality always doesn’t allow that much depth as to spread information and not to dig on to the past by finding mistakes. Gemini at times might take sharp turns in order to leave the rest behind but their partners can eventually follow them in their pace at the same time and are ready to even build a loving relationship with them.

Gemini friends and family

Friends: Gemini people are quite social and fun loving and they actually love to spend time more with their friends and family especially with the young members. A Gemini generally has an abundance of all the social contacts and actually loves to chat and love to communicate with a lot of people. Without a clear flow of words spoken as they quickly lose interest in this entire theme of any kind of conversation.

Family: For Gemini people family is quite important and their children too once they build up a strong emotional bond with them then it is unbreakable. They show lack of stability to their partners with all of their expectations that are initially high and they generally don’t reflect on family that much and they initially seems to have the more calm and modest approach in order to share a home.

Gemini career and money

So, in constant need of intellectual stimulation one of the most suitable job for the Gemini has to be anyway challenging for their brain as they are initially inventive, skill-full and are often very smart and also they require a dynamic working environment at the same time and a lot of social contact to be met in the office too. One of the best careers they can choose are writers, traders, orators, inventors and lawyers and any career can anyway give them the opportunity to communicate freely. Gemini would find it difficult to decide between pleasure and practicality and even though they believe that money is necessary but then most of time they will spend thinking from where to earn and how to spend it. A strong ground is required to keep their finances in check and in organized manner.

How to attract the gemini man

A Gemini man is mostly full of life, enthusiastic and will never disappoint you with dull moments. He will be humorous and adventurous and this unique quality of his will make the relationship perfect because if a person is full of life and energetic he will always be in search of fun and laughter. They are born flirty and chatty and you can really meet them on the traffic jams, public gatherings or conferences. Their personality is marked to be a dual personality they will be inconsistent and clever at the same time. Gemini man is unfeasible to grip to and they need someone who actually gives them enough space, freedom, mental stimulation and variety. In order to win his heart you need to be fun, adventurous, stimulating and laughing at his jokes even if they are not funny. However, sex with a Gemini man can be considered to be one of the most wonderful experiences but if their partner is not yet ready for sex then he will probably get bored of. So, basically he actually needs a lot of new experiences in life with verbal contact and also freedom of expression only when it comes to sex.


How to attract the gemini woman

So, if you want to spend your life with a Gemini woman you need to keep up with her dual nature. She can be gentle and passionate at one moment but can be distant and aloof the other. This is her natural born tendency to actually stay safe and distance from other people. Be prepared to run into a carefree love story that actually waits for her just round the corner. They are actually soft spoken, witty, intellectual and enthusiastic woman and at the same time open minded and always ready to meet anybody. A Gemini woman is not always very shy or they don’t really have any plans to get into a serious kind of relationships either because it actually takes a lot of time and patience. Though, if she finds a man who can actually satisfy all her intellectual desires and sexual wants than this woman will be one to start suggesting in order to start a family or marriage and getting old together. She is eventually impressed by her partner who actually teaches her all the kinds of new things and also is ingenious. Her sex life is basically a story to be told who really wants to listen and usually she manages to build true intimacy with once she gets her partner.