The 11 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups of 2020


Support groups are affected by the technology boom, like in the other areas of healthcare. There is no need for individuals to travel to meet any person, as they have numerous online support groups. Online support groups are available in various formats also. It can be a website, discussion board, blog, chat room or even a smartphone application. Here we will know about the 11 best online anxiety support groups of 2020. Before starting, we will know what online support groups are.

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What are Online Support Groups?
What are the Benefits of Online Support Groups?
Top 11 Online Anxiety Support Groups of 2020

What are Online Support Groups?

Online support groups are considered as some safe spaces, which provide individuals with an area to discuss their issues related to any illness or life problems of them or any other similar issues. The main intention of such support groups is to make participants feel less alone and easily navigate the complexities that they are experiencing. Support groups are generally for those who have any chronic disease either physical or mental. Here we will discuss the support groups for the patients of anxiety problems.

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Let’s know about some benefits of such online support groups.

Benefits of Online Support Groups

Seeking support from online support groups can be very helpful at times. Let’s have a look at the benefits.

Continuous Availability

Such support groups provide emotional support at any time of the day. This opportunity can be very helpful for those who are experiencing a traumatic life as the discussion forum of such groups never closes. Any member can ask for support anytime by sending a message only.


It is a common problem that many people don’t want to make themselves to be known to others. That’s why they hesitate before sharing their problems. But these groups allow for anonymity. Nobody needs to disclose their identity for participating in these support groups.

Greater Information Exchange

Support groups in digital platform exchange important information in a greater way. The most important benefit is that resources can be shared and saved digitally. The information can be stored in online folders. This fluid information exchange is quite impossible during any in-person support group.


Top 11 Online Anxiety Support Groups of 2020

Mental Health America

It is a leading community-based nonprofit organization. This organization or support group is for those who are experiencing any mental illness. This support group promotes the mental health of all Americans. It was founded by Clifford Whittingham Beers in 1990.

7 Cups of Tea

It is actually a website. It mainly provides immense support to people who are suffering from emotional stress or anxiety disorder. They have their own process of doing this, they connect those participants with trained listeners. Those active listeners start their interaction with them who are seeking help.

The Tribe

It is one of the best peers to peer online support group. This group is the best option for those who are coping with their extreme stress and fear associated with numerous anxiety disorder. This support group has a few wellness tools such as mood mapping, friendly reminder, kudos sending, wellness tracker and many more.

Daily Strength

This website is basically a division of Sharecare. It serves as a social network centered on online support groups. Here participants provide each other emotional support. They discuss their emotional struggles with each other. This website is associated with some online communities which deal with a various medical condition.

Turn 2 Me

It is an online support group that generally deals with mental health issues such as depression, stress management, suicidal thoughts and feelings, anxiety and many more. It was founded by Scollard brothers Oisin and Diarmuid. The main intention behind this initiative is actually to create a webspace in which people can share, discuss their personal problems and find immediate support and get important information.


Anxiety Social Net

It is a free online support group, especially for social anxiety sufferers. Participants can share their personal problems, thoughts, fears, struggles with active listeners. It provides other facilities such as live chat, personal diary, share media, Q&A, read blogs.

Anxiety Zone

This support group generally contains blogs, boards and other forums that are grouped into various anxiety disorders. di event facilities such as off-topic discussion, medications, and therapies. The x-factor about this particular support group is that it provides the facility to receive or share the support in the form of art and poetry in this big web-based community.

Anxiety Central

This is another free community for the sufferers of a panic attack, anxiety, depression, and other related issues. This support group provides one chat room for all the participants. They also other resource help, forums, blogs on anxiety disorder issues. It has one lounge also for members to discuss other topics such as sports, television, movies and many more.

A Depression & Mental Health Social Community Support Group

Their main intention is to create an informative and supportive atmosphere in a safe environment for the members so that they can discuss their issues freely with peers. Their vision is to advance public awareness related to mental health issues to eliminate the stigma related to anxiety disorder. Members can find some comfort as the organization is able to discuss with them about their problems without even meeting them even.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

ADAA stands for anxiety and depression association of America. ADAA’s specialized peer to peer online anxiety support group has more than 20,000 subscribers from all over the world. It is a safe safe, supportive and friendly space for the sufferers and their families to share their personal information and experience. The members have the facility to contact with other experienced people. Members can participate in ongoing discussions and conversations, they can also start their own conversation there.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

DBSA stands for depression and bipolar support alliance. This support group provides a safe and secure place for the depression and bipolar disorder sufferers to share their experiences, discuss their coping skills. This group is peer-led. They currently group for young adults, peers, family members, friends and many more.


Support groups are facilitated by any non-profit organization. When you join a support group, you may feel uncomfortable to share your personal information with unknown people. Firstly, you can try to get benefits by simply listening to others. Then after a point of time, you can contribute your ideas and experiences with your peers. As a suggestion, you can try an online support group for a few weeks, but if you don’t feel it a good fit for you, consider a different support group or any other different format.