Decode your Baby’s Leo Horoscope: Know her Personality, Relations, Fun Facts


Date Range: July 23 – August 22

Ruler: Sun

Element: Fire

Colour: Orange, gold and yellow

Lucky Numbers: 19, 10, 3, 1

Quality: Fixed


Day: Sunday

Greatest overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aquarius

Baby’s Leo Horoscope: Leo Zodiac Facts

baby leo horoscope

Leo traits

Strengths: Humorous, creative, generous, cheerful, passionate and warm-hearted

Weaknesses: lazy, arrogant, self-centred, inflexible and stubborn

Leo Likes: Fun with friends, being admired, theatre, bright colours and taking holidays


Leo Dislikes: Not being treated like a king or queen, being ignored and facing difficult reality

Leo love and sex

This is the fire sign is sincere and passionate and also their representatives portray their feelings with clarity and easy. When in Love they are fun, respectful, loyal and very generous towards their loved one. They will always take the role of a leader in any kind of relationship and also will mainly rely on the need for initiative and independency. This can be sometimes tiring for their partners and especially when they start imposing their will and also organizing things that is not really needed.  Every Leo needs a partner who is reasonable, self aware on the same level. Their partner needs feel free in order to express and fight for themselves or too much of light required Leo’s sun might burn their own personality. Sex life of Leo is very adventurous, energetic and is always fun. Leo is someone who really has a great and clear understanding of all desired boundaries between love and sex but they might fail to see that how intimacy is actually important as it creates an emotional connection with the partners. Each Leo needs a partner in order to fight through their awareness and also reach up to their sensitiveness and subconscious core at the same time in order to find the true satisfaction in one meaningful relationship.

Leo friends and family

Friends: Leo is basically generous, truly loyal and a faithful friend because it is born with dignity and commitment towards individual values. They are basically born with a need in order to help others, if it takes too much time and energy they will still do it. They are reliable and strong and this individual initially has the ability in order to appeal to everyone and also has the energy to host celebrations and host different events with the people that initially brings the best out in them and they are generally alone for the interactions with the others and it gives them sense of self esteem and awareness at the same time that they require. But they could have trouble in finding friends and also to be able to keep pace and also follow the high energy that they carry everywhere they usually go.

Family: For a Leo, family matters won’t always be the first thing. They actually tend to become independent too early and still a Leo will actually do anything in order to protect their loved ones and is also proud of their ancestry and also roots in good as well as in bad times.

Leo career and money

Leos are usually energetic and also tend to be busy most of the time. They are generally creative, ambitious and optimistic and once they are dedicated to their work and they will just do everything just right. One of the best possible situations that they can initially find themselves in is to be their own bosses and to manage others with the little control from their supervisors accordingly. Jobs that actually suit them are acting and entertainment, management, education or politics could be suitable as well. Leos generally love to be surrounded by the trendy and modern things only and from where the money can easily be earned and they spend it less than the rest of the zodiac signs. They are extremely gorgeous and they could provide many of the friends for the financial help if required. Leos generally support their friends through all the bad times.

How to attract the leo man

A Leo man always wanted to be treated like a king in their relationship and this is not their narcissistic characteristic but their true inner need that all the people with actually deep self respect initially have to feel. Plans with him are usually very dramatic and big at the same time and also showers the admiration, attention and devotion come in really natural both the ways. This man give many gifts when they are in love that too expensive. If their partner wants to stay with him, she have to prove that she is worth it and provides a royal treatment and also ready to give back enough. A Lo man loves compliments and needs to be praised a lot because then they start to feel safe around all of their loved ones as well.


How to attract the leo Woman

Leo woman are initially warm hearted and are driven by the desire in order to be loved and admired at the same time and all of the people who are born under this sign love to be in the limelight. In order to seduce her you have to treat her quite well, compliment her and also respect her. She loves to be with someone who is extremely romantic and expects to be the centre of someone’s life. Dating any Leo woman often requires acceptance of the flaw and admiration for all of the qualities. She doesn’t like to compete with their partners and want to have clarity in her role and also in her partner’s life. A woman who is born under this sun sign will always enjoy visiting a theatre and fancy restaurant and an art museum.  She generally wants to be showered with the gifts and the flowers but also wants to display the affection rather than an expensive routine at the same time. She can be sometimes a bit dominating as she needs to stay in control of her own life. If her love partner essentially hold her as a queen then she feels really relief and happy about the same.