Decode your Baby’s Taurus Horoscope: Know Her Personality, Relations, Fun Facts

  • Date range: April 20 to May 20
  • Colour: Pink and green
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Day: Monday and Friday
  • Element: Earth
  • Lucky Numbers: 24, 12, 9, 6, 2
  • Greatest Overall compatibility: Cancer, Scorpio

Baby’s Taurus Horoscope: Taurus Zodiac Facts

baby taurus horoscope

Taurus Traits

Strengths: Stable, devoted, patient, responsible, reliable and practical

Weaknesses: Uncompromising, stubborn and possessive

Taurus likes: Working with hands, cooking, romance, and music, gardening and high quality clothes

Taurus dislikes: Synthetic fabrics, complications, sudden changes and insecurity of any kind

Taurus is the sign that is uniquely practical and well grounded and is considered to be that sign which harvests the fruit of labor. They love to be surrounded by the beauty and love. People who are born under this sign are tactile and sensual. Taurus is stable and conservative and it is considered to be one of the most reliable signs among the rest zodiac sign and is actually ready to endure oneself and their choices at the same time to reach the point of personal satisfaction. Just like Capricorn and Virgo, Taurus is also considered to be an Earth sign.


Taurus love and sex

You need to be patient enough if you’re the partner of Taurus and this is because they are extremely sensual, smell, touch and do have all the pleasurable senses that are important to them somehow or the other. But at the same time they need time in order to create a safe environment and also relax with their sexual encounters. When enough intimacy is created with loved one they actually become a bit gooey and also needy and for that they need to keep their emotions in check by holding on to the practical reasoning. However, while embracing change it is important for their partners to take initiative most of the time. This sign is considered to be hedonism and it includes physical pleasure and flow of emotion that isn’t reserved for anyone.

Taurus friends and family

Friends: People who are born under this sign are usually loyal and are always willing to lend a hand of friendship first, though they are generally close to the outer world and many of their friendships have just begin in childhood only basically with a tendency to last for lifetime. So, once they make a clear connection with another person they will automatically do anything in order to grow that relationship and friendship.

Family: Matters of family and home are initially important to each and every Taurus. This person love kids and appreciate the time that is sped with the loved ones. They actually enjoy a lot by hosting house parties for both the friends and family and also don’t mind cooking a meal for people at the same time only if they just want to have fun in return.

Taurus career and money

Taurus usually loves money and also will do hard-work in order to earn more of it. They are initially reliable, patient, hardworking and thorough. They are usually focused on a specific project and then they firmly stick to it as well. Stability is the key towards success for them and they initially search for the material pleasures and also the rewards in order to build their own sense of need and value in order to achieve a satisfying luxurious and practical way of life. Taurus is considered to be a sun sign which is well organized with their finances and also all of their bills will be initially paid without any kind of delay.  They actually take care for their pension and also take responsibility in order to save money for any rainy day. Some of the occupations that actually suit them are banking; anything involves culinary skills, agriculture and art.

How to attract the taurus man

A TAURUS Man usually needs a lot of time in order to build trust and also anyone on the chase for his heart at the same time needs to actually take a lot of time earning it. He will sometimes seem to be impossible in order to penetrate at times and react as if nothing can touch him. If we talk about nature and common thinking he will always see sex as something that actually comes only when the time is actually right and also he will rarely put any pressure on his partner and also feels like there is something that needs to be done and will always be fun. He is fixed and involve a static character as one of the potential inability in order to forgive the betrayal and he actually need to feel truly safe when he is with you in order to settle down with either one partner only for the good.

How to attract the taurus women

A Taurus woman actually longs for security and true love at the same time. It is very unusual that she will actually give into her wishes and desires or instincts easily and quickly and also if someone actually wishes to have her heart they will initially spend a lot of time and energy into the game of winning her over and also will make her feel comfortable at the same time. So, once she falls in love she initially becomes intimate, loyal, and affectionate and close also will stand by her partner for as long as he is loyal and faithful to her and this is because she usually has an eye only for beautiful things and also appreciates all kinds of simplicity of each and every thing she get to see in life. So, in order to approach her you should make her believe that you love her, respect her privacy and also spend a lot of time with her and make her feel special about herself because this is considered to be the woman who doesn’t really feel like to be rushed when in relationship and also need to spend her own time alone. Therefore, once she gets into her comfort zone or becomes comfortable or secure with someone she will quickly and happily will give her heart without holding it back.