21 Most Effective Essential Oils for Children


Essential oils provides numerous benefits both at a physical and emotional level. They do possess a wide range of health benefits as they originate from therapeutic plants. It is safer to use than commercial products as they are completely natural in nature devoid of any chemical ingredients. Easy to store quickly they work out to be a cost effective option at the same time.

21 Effective Essential Oils for Children

Effective Essential oils for children

Before you plan to use essential oil adopt a cautious approach. They are strong on the aroma front and should not be used on an internal level with kids. Do keep them away from the reach of children to remove risks of ingestion. Before usage of this oil dilution is important and is to be diluted with carrier oil.

Let us now explore the various benefits of essential oil for children.

Lavender oil

Not only the aroma of this oil is amazing, but it helps your mind and body to relax. Lavender oil helps in treatment of skin conditions like sunspots and scarring. Continuing with the list of benefits this essential oil is anti-fungal and anti-microbial.


For the gastrointestinal well-being of your children, this essential oil leaves behind a powerful impact.  Trapped gases are removed and reduces discomfort. A couple of drops of Dilli is to be mixed and given to kids for best results.


Rose oil

Is beneficial for ageing and dry skin. Studies indicate that rose essential oil possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that speeds up the healing procedure. Rose tones the texture and cleans the skin which is one of the best remedies of psoriasis.

Ylang Ylang oil

The fragrance of this oil makes it an all-time favourite of mine. It keeps a control over the production of oil in your skin ultimately allowing you to avoid skin disorders. Improving skin elasticity and soothing skin line are other benefits of this oil.

Citrus lemon oil

This essential oil can pep up the mood and energy levels of your kids. It is considered to be a photosensitizer.

Cedarwood oil

A cost effective option, works wonders on kids. It ensures healthy functioning of the pineal gland (responsible for release of melatonin) the natural sleep hormones of the body. A unique smell of wood is associated with this oil, so mixing it with lavender would be a better option. Then apply it on your feet.

Marjoram oil

Soothing oil which relaxes your nerves in the best possible manner. Apply a couple of teaspoons of this oil to the back of your neck adjacent to hairline. Mix a tinge of coconut oil, smoother it and the results reflect themselves

Vetiver oil

An essential oil incorporated from plant roots, is earthy and smells pleasant. It might take you some time for kids to get used to this oil, and mixing it with it with citrus oil or floral oils would be a better option.


Roman Chamomile oil

For centuries mothers have been using this oil to calm kids. To have a control over anxiety and nervous feelings this essential oil works wonders. This oil is recommended for kids of all age groups. The floral scent would provide a peaceful atmosphere to your kid’s bedroom.

Bergamot oil

This essential oil possesses a floral aroma and taste.  The use of this oil has a calming effect and reduces depression by providing energy to children. It can also reduce agitation and induce relaxation at the same time.  Though the use of this oil is considered to be safe, but because of its photosensitizing nature, it can cause rashes or sunburns in kids. Within 6 hours of use it is better to reduce exposure to sun.

Frankincense oil

For anxiety and depression in children this oil provides optimal solution. Empowered with spiritual bonding, it deepens mediation and ensures kids have a quiet mind.

Sandalwood oil

Kids are bound to fall in love with this Woodsy, rich oil and sandalwood is no exception. Though it is a bit expensive the benefits outnumbers the cost aspect.

Tea tree oil

This essential oil is a popular antiseptic treating cuts, burns or wounds. It also protects kids from bacterial and fungal infections. Being of nontoxic nature it is safe to be used on the kids. Mix this oil with carrier oil and then apply it on the wounds of kids

Rosemary oil

This oil is blessed with numerous benefits, but very few of us are aware that it heals cuts or bruises on a fast track basis. A popular source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in nature, wounds are known to heal in a quick and complete manner. Mix this oil with coconut oil and then apply it on the bruises of kids till they fade away.


Lemon oil

The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of lemon oil help bruises to heal fast. Being rich in vitamin C it ensures children have a smooth complexion. Skin impurities are got rid of, whereby production of new skin cells are encouraged.

Cypress oil

Popular on similar levels, like lavender, this essential oil does possess varied medical properties. To start off it can treat stretch marks or bruises and for effective results use this oil when it is a fresh wound. On the skin layers this oil prevents blood clotting.

Aloe Vera oil

The healing properties of this essential oil quicken up the healing process. When this oil is applied to the skin of a kid, the wound is sealed and prevents moisture or dirt from entering it.

Clove oil

This essential oil being a natural antiseptic keep the microbes away from the wounds.  It is anti-microbial and anti-fungal in nature and found in abundance in minerals as well as vitamins. To heal cuts, wounds or bruises it works best.

Eucalyptus oil

This essential oil could easily be recognized by its essence. It provides timely relief of chest congestion in your kids and it could used alone or blended with other oils. The disinfectant properties of this oil makes it an ideal proposition to be sprayed in your kitchen or bathroom for a strong odor or to eradicate germs.

Oregano oil

Anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory are some of the properties you tend to associate with this oil. It is great to be used on your kids body as well as the surroundings. An undiluted version of this oil should never be used and pregnant women should keep away from the use of this oil.


Carrot weed oil

This oil helps in the regeneration of dead skin cells. Not only it soothes your dry skin, it also lightens your skin.

Almond oil

Being a rich source of vitamin K and E it paves way for better blood circulation and works best for kids who spend a lot of time in the sun. For kids who are resistant to fragrance this oil is door free on all counts.

To conclude, there are numerous benefits associated with use of essential oil in children. The oils are extracted from plants that boosts immune strength of kids. The aroma of these oils clear up the airways of kids who are prone to seasonal distress or face respiratory ailments. The fact that which essential oil is incorporated with what ingredients is a powerful tool in proper usage of the oil. Simply by diffusing an essential oil into your child’s bedroom you can foster a positive environment.

Do keep in mind that the quality of the oil has a definite say in efficacy levels. If you are planning to use this essential oils for the health of your kids, then do not mind churning in a few extra dollars. On the other hand if you are considering it for cleaning purposes then a standard version would be fine.

In hindsight the usage of essential oils should be considered with a lot of thought in kids and it should be based on suitable research outputs. Even after a research you are bound to discover the wonderful benefits the essential oils possess on the emotional and physical well-being of your kids.



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