Can I use Eucalyptus Oil for my kids?


Many moms today are choosing to treat their kids naturally. Essential oils is one such method. They have numerous benefits. They are safe. Essential oils do not have side effects like prescription drugs. They help your child heal holistically.

Eucalyptus is one such essential oil. It has many benefits in treating illnesses. This oil is also good for treating coughs. It has been used in a number of home remedies over the years. But stop and read this blog before you use it on your child. There maybe a number of reasons why it is unsuitable  for babies.

What are the components of Eucalyptus Oil?

It is composed of more than 1000 elements. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the Eucalyptus globulus. It is part of the Myrtaceae family. The oil is extracted from fresh or partially dried leaves. It can also be extracted from the twigs. It contains 80% cineole. Rest 20% is made up of other compounds. These include:

  • a-pinene
  • b-pinene
  • limonene
  • a-phellandrene
  • terpinen-4-ol
  • globulol
  • piperitone
  • epiglobulol
  • aromadendrene

What are the uses of Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus oil has many therapeutic properties. It is extremely effective in treating congestion. Eucalyptus oil is also known to have anti-bacterial properties. It is an analgesic and antiseptic oil. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Eucalyptus oil is used to clear chests affected by cold and cough.

It also also helps with fevers. The oil has a cooling effect on the body. It helps ease mucus. Eucalyptus oil also helps clear the head from stuffiness due to cold and fevers. It is also effective in boosting the immune system. This helps the body fight further infections.

Is Eucalyptus Oil safe for kids?

So many health benefits of the oil! Can’t wait to use it to treat your kid? Then wait. Even though it has many health benefits the oil is not suitable for babies. Many books report that eucalyptus oil should not be used in children below 10. One of the books is Essential Oil Safety Book by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young.


Eucalyptus globulus is too strong for children. For them it is better to use Eucalyptus radiata. It has a milder camphor smell. It is also less likely to cause laryngeal spasm.

Eucalyptus Oil

What are the reasons for not using eucalyptus oil in kids?

There are many reasons why you should avoid this oil. Doctors recommend not to use at all in children below 10. Here are some resons why you should avoid this oil in children.

  • The oil is quite strong. This can result in irritations and rashes in your baby’s skin. Babies have very delicate skin. So it is best to avoid use in infants and kids younger than 10
  • The oil can cause your baby’s skin to itch. There can be a burning sensation also. This happens when the oil isapplied topically.
  • Cineole 1,8 is one of the major components of eucalyptus oil. It has major health concerns. These are related to the central nervous system.
  • Your child can also have respiratory problems. This is caused by presence of cineole 1,8.
  • There are other health concerns also. This is due to the other compunds present in the oil.
  • Severe side effects of eucalyptus oil can also be there. These is especially true for children. Eucalyptus oil is more common in children below 10. Severe side effects can include breathing difficulties. Your child may start wheezing.
  • It can lead to diarrhea in kids. There can also be vomiting. Your child can also suffer from severe abdominal pain.
  • The oil can have some serious complications. This can happen if the oil is ingested. It can even occur when it is applied topically. Your child can have a seizure. In extreme cases it can end up in a coma.
  • If your child is below ten avoid application on the face. Avoid application near the face also. The area around your child’s nose and mouth are atrictly to be left alone.
  • Babies below two years are extremely delicate. The oil should be altogether avoided in them. It is too strong for them.
  • Be careful if your baby has asthma. The oil is likely to trigger an asthma attack in your little one.
  • Do not introduce it in your baby’s nose or mouth directly. This is especially to be avoided in children below 10. Also strictly avoid in case of infants.
  • The oil can cause non-fatal but serious toxicity in children. This happens when the oil is mixed with menthol. When such a solution is ingested by your baby it can be dangerous. Avoid use in children from age 1 month to 3 years.

What is the best way to use eucalyptus oil around children?

If you want to use this oil then it is best to diffuse it. Applying topically or ingesting is not recommended. It is especially so in case of young children and infants. Make sure never to apply undiluted oil in kids. You should also be aware of the cineole 1,8 content of the brand used.

Never apply the oil directly on to the face or nose of your baby. Talk to a good aromatherapist to know recommended dosage. Get the exact specification for your child. This way you can make sure your child is not exposed to excess of this oil.


There are many benefits of eucalyptus oil. However, it is best to avoid in babies. Babies are much more sensitive than adults. They are more prone to infections. Kids are less able to fight the ill effects of the oil. This can lead to complications and severe health issues. In most severe form your baby can go into a come.


It is always better to consult a doctor. You can also take the advice of a reupted aromatherapist. Look at all the pros and cons before you use this essential oil. Be careful of how much oil your baby is exposed to. It may not seem to be a lot to you. But, it may be enough to be poisonous for your baby.