11 Amazing Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil for Kids


Sandalwood essential oil is not only aromatic, but is also enriched with various health properties. This makes the essential oil beneficial for kids, as well as adults. With antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, and other healing properties, the oil is a tonic substance.

The essential oil is extracted after steam distillation of sandalwood pieces that are 40 to 80 years old. The upper age of the tree determines the strong aroma and the oil reserve.

Components of Sandalwood Oil

The main components of the sandalwood essential oil are:

  • Beta Santalol,
  • Santyl Acetate, and
  • Santalenes

Sandalwood has a holy significance, especially in Hindu households, where it is used for religious ceremonies and rituals, as well. Other than that, the oil from sandalwood is used in making medicines, mouth fresheners, incense sticks, soaps, creams, and other beauty treatments. The wood is mainly found in India and Australia.

11 Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil for Kids

Given below are some of the main benefits of sandalwood essential oil for kids:

Antiseptic Properties

The sandalwood essential oil is a wonderful antiseptic. It can be used internally, as well as externally. When taken internally, the oil is useful for protecting internal ulcers, infections and wounds. And, when it is applied topically, on the wounds, boils, sores, or pimples, it heals them, and disinfects them. So, it can be safely used for treating the kids’ wounds.


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Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The essential oil has also got some good anti-inflammatory properties. With nice cooling effects, the oil helps in providing relief from all kinds of inflammations in the body. These could include inflammations in the digestive tract, nervous system, circulatory system, excretory systems, etc. It can also treat fevers and other infections.

sandalwood-oil-benefit -kids

Strengthens teeth and muscles

The sandalwood oil also has some mild astringent properties. This can help in inducing the contractions in muscles, gums and skin. So, for kids, who are on the verge of shedding the milk teeth and developing new teeth, this oil can help in strengthening their gums, and the muscles, so that their teeth become stronger.

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Acts as a Disinfectant

Sandalwood also has some disinfectant properties, due to which, it is widely used in religious ceremonies and also in manufacturing cosmetics. The natural fragrance keeps the microbes and the small insects away. Because of this reason, it is widely used in making incense sticks, sprays, evaporators and fumigants, for disinfecting larger areas.

The essential oil can also be mixed with the bathing water, bathing salts and lotions, and can be applied on the wounds of the skin, so that they are protected from infections. One can also mix this oil in milk for curing internal infections, like throat infections, and infections in oesophagus, intestines, stomach and excretory tracts.


Skin Care product

Sandalwood oil is quite effective in soothing the skin, and it provides instant relief from irritation and inflammations. It cures the infections, and keeps one feeling cool and fresh, for a longer time. So, it is definitely a very good skin care product for the kids.

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Effective for cough

The essential oil has expectorant properties, due to which, it acts as a natural healer for cough. Other than that, it is also useful in fighting the viral infections, which led to the cold, cough, flu, and the other illnesses.

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Memory booster

Kids have to study a lot and need to have a good concentration and memory. The sandalwood essential oil is a wonderful memory booster, which can help in improving the memory and the child’s concentration power. By keeping the child’s brain relaxed and cool, it stimulates the brain activity. It keeps undue anxiety and stress in control, so that the kids feel more energetic and alert.

Sedative Properties

The oil can also be used as a sedative, as it sedates the anxiety, stress, inflammations, fear, and restlessness. It relaxes and calms the body so that the child is able to concentrate better, and is filled with positive thoughts.


A good health tonic

This essential oil is an excellent health tonic for kids, especially to boost their growth. As it soothes the digestive system, circulatory system and nervous system, it can help in improving the immunity and metabolism, so that the child is able to grow strong, physically and mentally.

Anti-viral properties

Sandalwood is also a wonderful anti-viral agent. As per studies, it prevents some of the common viruses, like herpes. It also reduces skin irritations, inflammations, pimples, boils, warts, etc. Not only that, the oil is also known to treat chest infections, and urinary infections. So, for kids, who are suffering from a sore throat, a hot water gargle with some drops of sandalwood essential oil in it, can do wonders.

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Kids are hyperactive, and are always on the run. With so many activities to be done, they need some natural relaxant, which can calm them, and soothe their senses. The essential oil from sandalwood can surely help them in relaxing, and calming down.

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These were some of the benefits of using sandalwood essential oil for kids. The oil is equally effective on older people, as well. The strong fragrance from the sandalwood are deeply connected with the emotions and memories. It can not only calm down the senses, but can also reduce the stress. With absolutely no side effects, and only natural ingredients, the sandalwood essential oil is a natural therapy for all illnesses. So, a bottle of sandalwood essential oil is a sure essential for every household.