21 Must Do Things to Raise a More Confident Child


What is the best thing you can give to your child as a parent? Confidence. Yes, parents play an important role in raising a confident child as the practices for the same need to start right from the childhood. As per Carl Pickhardt, author of well-known parenting books mentioned in one of this books that a child who is not confident will always be reluctant to try anything new as they are scared of disappointing their parents and about failure. This can continue even after they grow up and this can even hold them back in their life, in their future endeavours.

Discouragement, fear are the two biggest enemies of confidence and it is the job of the parents and teachers to support the kids when they attempt any hard tasks. Never pressurize the kids, instead plan it ahead and implement few strategies that will certainly bring out the best in the child.

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Let us now have a look at the 21 things you can do as a parent to raise a confident child.

21 Must Do Things to Raise a More Confident Child

1. Always appreciate their efforts

Try and make it a habit to encourage your child even if they fail. Even if it is a small task they have done, applaud them. Do not pressurize them to go better, instead encourage them even when they fail. Over the long run, the child will consistently try and work harder and this helps in building confidence levels in him/her.

2. Let your kid practice

Give ample time for your kid to practice. It can be anything they are interested in and hence you should be able to do so without making them feel pressurized. Remember is practice is the very first step your kid is taking towards building his/her confidence.


3. Let them face their problems by themselves

By saying this we are not talking about the problems that are to be bought to parent’s attention. Kids need to learn by themselves and correct their mistakes all by themselves. This is when they get to learn as to what is right or wrong. If we as parents do all the hard work for the kids, they will never develop the abilities needed to face the competitive world outside.

Confident Child

4. Let them act as per their age

We cannot expect our kids to behave like adults or show maturity like most of the elder kids. The pressure to meet such expectations can tamper the confidence in the kids. If they are unrealistic about something, just let them be. Try and talk to them to make them understand but do not expect them to know it all.

5. Encourage your kid’s curiosity

We parents tend to get tired of the endless number of questions the kids ask, but such habits have to be encouraged. Asking questions will help your kid in knowing about a number of things and this will boost their self-confidence. They learn all about those endless things they do not know and answering such questions in the class will give them an edge over the others. Such kids certainly learn faster and are confident.

6. Let them try out new challenges

You can start with small goals and you can make them understand that they can with ease accomplish such goals with little effort. The task can be anything – like driving a bike without its training wheels, drawing without the colour smudging, counting and writing numbers and so on.

This way parents can nurture the confidence in the kids and can give them more such responsibilities or tasks which they can meet.


7. Avoid any kind of shortcuts

Kids who are pampered and those who are given a special treatment often lack in their confidence levels. Never encourage shortcuts but instead explain them as to why it’s important to do things the way they are.

8. Do not criticize either

Kids can get discouraged when they are criticized and if it comes from someone they truly love. Try and give useful suggestions but never tell the kids that they are doing badly.

9. Let their mistakes be their building blocks

Kids who learn from their mistakes gain confidence. But, this is only possible when parents treat these mistakes as opportunities for their kids to learn and grow. Remember not to be overprotective of the kid. Let me mess around at times and help them with better options so that they can complete the task better the next time.

10. Let them have some new experiences

Let the kids have their life exposures or experiences as these can help build self confidence in them. By letting them face the challenges they will learn various method of conquering it.

11. Teach them how to do things

Parents are the child’s heroes. This holds good at least till they are teenagers. So, parents can use that power to teach kids a number of things when they are still young and are ready to learn. Teach them about good ways to talk, act or to speak. Teach them how to be a role model and ask them about what they wish to be in future.

12. Never tell them that you are worried for them

A number of kids often take parental worry in a negative way. This can endanger the confidence levels in the child as they take it that their parents do not have confidence in them.


13. Take time to praise them

When your kid achieves something by his/her own, praise them. This will certainly boost their confidence and they will try to achieve more of their goals as time passes by. At the same time, praise your kid even when he/she attempted and yet failed. Make them understand that you are happy that they tried and the road to success certainly has some setbacks.

14. Offer them help

Parents need to offer needed help and support to their kids but not too much of the same. By helping them all the time, the ability of the child of self-help can decrease.

15. Praise their courage

When your kids wants to try something new, let them try. Build their confidence by praising them and by letting them know that you have trust in them.

16. Celebrate

When your kid makes that winning goal in a match, celebrate it. This will certainly make the kid understand that you are happy with his/her achievement and will try harder the next time. This way they build up more confidence.

17. Do not let them escape

A number of kids often shy away from trying something new or hard. This is the time when parents need to encourage them and try building their confidence. Help them a little if required and let them complete the task or challenge by themselves.

18. Do not be strict, instead be authoritative

When parents get too demanding, the kid can lose the confidence to be self-directed. Try and be authoritative and not forceful. If your kid is not able to achieve a task, tell them it is ok and try and lend a helping hand to show them the right way to do so


19. Address them using their name

Most of the parents address their kids using their pet name and this will certainly make them feel pampered. While it is ok till the time they are in their kindergarten, start addressing them with their name as it sends out a message that they are very much important.

20. Ensure them about your unconditional love

The way we see our kids is the way they see themselves and this has a major impact on how they behave and their self-confidence too. Make your kids understand that you love them and your love will never change even when they make any mistakes.

21. Join them when playing

Confidence is not only built by teaching them but you can build your kids confidence by joining them when they are playing. This will make them feel that they are very much worthy of your time. Parents can let the kids choose the game or activity and let the kids lead it. This way the child feels valued and very much accomplished.

Remember that acceptance, as well as unconditional love, are the key components that help build your child’s confidence. So, spend quality time with your children to show them how valuable they are. Take them out for outings and eat together or involve in activities together. With the love and support from parents, kids grow into confident and successful individuals who are happy and thriving.