Health Benefits of Ylang Ylang Oil for Kids


Extracts from the flowers of the large tropical trees ylang ylang oils offer a number of health benefits to your child. Starting from boosting immunity, controlling blood flow in the vessels to soothing emotional outbreaks, ylang ylang oils can be beneficial in number of ways. Often used as a preservative in food or a natural taste enhancer ylang ylang oils can also improve your little one’s digestive health and functionality of the intestine. If you are worried about your child’s junk food addiction then feeding ylang ylang oil can ensure that his/her liver and heart stays free of any fat.

Health Benefits of Ylang Ylang Oil

There are several health benefits of ylang ylang oil. Offering the oil in your child’s diet is a good decision.

Natural Energizer

During growth stage your child needs the extra energy boost. This helps him/her to sustain the development. Sometimes your child will get exhausted easily. The tedious routine of school and game practices will tend to drain him/her. The fragrance of the ylang ylang oil is energizing and refreshing. Add several drops of the oil on clean cotton ball. Then apply the cotton ball on your child’s wrist, chest and even neck. This will help your child to feel refreshed.

Enhances Mood

Your child can a bit moody at times. Especially if your child is in his/her puberty, the mood swings are more. This happens mostly due to hormonal changes. Ylang ylang oil has the ability to affect the olfactory system of the brain. Inhaling the fragrance of the oil can immediately enhance your child’s mood. Research also shows that it has direct impact on reducing negative emotions. Ylang ylang oil can also lessen your child’s emotional outburst leading towards violence.


Improves Skin Health

Applying ylang ylang oil on your child’s skin will do wonders to his/her skin health. Sometimes pollutants in the air cause irritation and rash in your child’s skin. Whilst applying the oil on your child’s skin make sure that you mix it up with coconut or jojoba oil. You can apply these on your child’s body and face twice on a daily basis.

Improves Quality of hair

Ylang ylang oil is likely to improve the quality of hair of your young one. Applying ylang ylang oil on your baby’s hair will nourish the scalp and strengthen the root of the hair. Along with coconut and jojoba oil, ylang ylang oils can also do wonders for your baby’s hair. If you are worried about the lack of hair on your child’s head then ylang ylang oil can be a good solution.


Ylang Ylang Oil

Boosts Digestion

Rubbing ylang ylang on your child’s belly will soothe his/her digestive system. Sometimes consuming few drops of the oil, on a regular basis will help the process of digestion. Ylang ylang oil has the potential to improve digestion by helping your child get rid of all the unnecessary gas formation and constipation related problems. Sometimes the lack of drinking water can trigger the formation of gas in your little one’s stomach.  Once you rub on the oil on his/her belly the pressure soothes. The oil also has the capacity of lowering any sort of spike in blood pressure. Sometimes oil rich foods can increase the blood pressure of your little one. Consuming few drops of ylang ylang oil can help in cooling down the entire system.

Giving Ylang Ylang Oil to Your Child

Whilst applying the oil on your child’s skin make sure that you mix it well with either coconut oil or jojoba oil. The mixture ideally would be of 1:1 ratio. If you are planning to use the oil as a dietary supplement then make sure that the oil is pure. Check for the ingredients and check if it is original Cananga odorata (ylang ylang) flower oil. Before feeding your child, mix it with honey or water. Do not directly give the oil to your child, to consume. This will have tremendous adverse impact on his/her blood pressure level. The oil will lower it drastically and it will impact your little one’s heart and blood vessels.

Ylang ylang oil also can be used with other oils like rose oil, jasmine oil, bergamot oil, lavender and frankincense oil. Before applying it on your child’s skin or hair check what fragrance he/she is not allergic to. Then accordingly choose the kind of oil for mixture.


Ylang ylang oil should be used sparingly. It might cause adverse reaction. Before applying any sort of ylang ylang body oil mixture, make sure that you conduct a patch test. Also if your child has critical conditions specially pertaining to heart functionality and low blood pressure then ylang ylang oil should be avoided.

But generally ylang ylang oil is deemed to be safe for children and also pregnant women. However, make sure to use high quality of the oil. It is always safer to mix the high quality oil with any other herbal oil. Whilst feeding ylang ylang oil to your child, make sure that the dosage is restricted to only few drops per day. It should not exceed the limit. Consuming excess ylang ylang oil can also affect your child’s body adversely.