Can I give Rosemary to my Kid?


Rosemary has many benefits for your child. The rosemary oil can affect your child’s immune system. They have the potential to heal any form of respiratory problems of your child. It also works a great deal to improve your child’s nervous system. Apart from the physical benefits, rosemary also tends to have impact on your child’s memory and mind. It also aids in the enhancement of the learning abilities of your child.

Giving Rosemary to your Child

Rosemary oil can be given to your child in three different ways; aromatically, topically and internally. When you are giving your child rosemary oil for aromatic purposes, then you need not dilute it. Aromatically, rosemary oil can be given to your child. Dab the oil in a cotton ball and make your child take the smell at regular intervals. You can make your child directly inhale the aroma of the oil. We can also diffuse the oil in your room and keep your child in that room for a while. You can also make your child inhale the vapor of the oil.

Rosemary can be given to your child topically also. Research shows that rosemary can be given to your child without any dilatation. However, a little dilution never decreases the effectiveness of the oil. You also conduct a patch test before applying the oil on your child’s tender skin. But generally speaking, rosemary is not harmful to your child’s skin.

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Rosemary can also be added to your child’s diet. However, in this case you need to dilute the oil to some extent. The number of drops of the oil should be less. Firstly, make your child tolerant of the rosemary oil by increasing the frequency of the same. Making your little one have more drops, at a given time, might trigger intolerance. So, instead of that, try and feed him/her on regular intervals. Also do not pour the drops directly in your child’s mouth. Instead mix it with other foods like chicken or salads and test your child’s tolerance level.

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Health Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil offers number of health benefits for children.

Boosts Digestion

Rosemary oil can boost your child’s digestion. Consumption of the oil tends to protect the lining of the stomach of your child. This helps in keeping it protected from the secretion of the digestive juices. This in turn lessens the tendency of acidity of your child.

Enhances Respiratory Functions

Aromatic intake of rosemary oil is very good for your child’s overall respiratory health. It clears the respiratory tract of your child and protects it from common cold and phlegm creation. It helps your child to breathe normally and maintain a healthy respiratory health.

Improves the Nervous System

Aromatic use of rosemary has many benefits for your child’s nervous system. It helps in soothing your child in case of any kind of traumatic experiences. It helps your child to calm down.

Rosemary is also a great sedative. It also helps your child to fall asleep, in case he/she needs any help with that. It has a profound calming effect which will help your child have deep and undisturbed sleep.

Improves Working Memory

Recent study has shown that rosemary oil has great impact on the working memory of children. Scientists at Northumbria University have tested the effect of rosemary oil on 40 children in the United Kingdom.


The results show that the aroma of rosemary oil has great impact on the working memory of the children. The children who were exposed to the smell of rosemary oil performed better in the memory game when compared to the children at the non-aroma room. All the other conditions of the two sets of children were kept same. That proves that rosemary oil has great effect on your child’s working memory.

Aids in Learning

Aroma of rosemary oil also has proven to be effective in improving learning skills of children. Children exposed to the aroma or vapor of rosemary has shown better ability to learn and comprehend in class.

Increases Concentration

Rosemary can increase the level of concentration in your child. Both the smell and taste of rosemary can enhance the level of concentration and focus in your child. The attention span increases as the nerves remain much soothed, once exposed to rosemary oil.

Good the Skin

Rosemary oil is very good for your child’s tender skin. It has a soothing effect on the overall skin follicles cleanses off the dirt and the dust. It also helps in reversing the harmful side effects of the pollutants.

Aids in Proper Blood Circulation

Massaging rosemary oil on your child’s skin helps in proper blood circulation. It helps in maintaining the flow of blood, throughout the entire body and also at the same time it helps keep your kid’s muscles oxidized.

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Ways to Use Rosemary Oil to your Child:

Before giving rosemary oil to your child you must know the ways in which you must apply or give the oil to your little one. The following are the ways in which rosemary oil can be given to your child:

  • You can rub the oil topically on the bottom of your child’s feet or on the belly. Both will help him/her in blood circulation and digestion.
  • Apply rosemary oil or diffuse it a bit and massage topically to help your kid get rid of the excess stress and tension.
  • You can one or two drops of the oil in your child’s favorite dishes. You can add rosemary oil in salads, chicken and meat.
  • Take few drops of the oil, rub it into your palm and cup your child’s nose and mouth. Let him/her inhale the vapor for a minute or so. It will do wonders for the respiratory health. It will also help them to soothe their nerves.

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Complimentary Oils:

In case of aromatic or topical usage, rosemary can be mixed with several other oils. Like for instance rosemary oil blends well with lavender, peppermint, basil, eucalyptus and other similar oils.

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Rosemary oils should be avoided, at any cost, during pregnancy. It can be quite harmful for you and your fetus. It tends to higher your child’s blood pressure. If your child has pre-existing heart problem, rosemary should be avoided. Rosemary tends to make the body of your child warmer. That is why it should be given if he/she is already having a fever.

Rosemary can cause allergies for some children. Thus a patch test is always recommended. Rosemary oil should not touch your child’s eyes, nose or other sensitive parts.