Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Children


Chamomile tea has many health benefits for kids. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a store house of calcium. In addition it has anti-bacterial properties. It can help with a number of ailments in your baby.

These include colic, sleep disorders, gas and many others. Chamomile tea also has significant anti-inflammatory properties and can strengthen your baby’s immune system significantly. It is also anti-allergenic. It is therefore good for relieving your baby of symptoms of allergy.

Introducing Chamomile Tea To Your Baby

Chamomile is a herb. Both the new and dried flowers of chamomile are used to make herbal tea. This tea has been used for its therapeutic benefits for many years. It is absolutely safe for consumption by children.

Is Chamomile Tea good for my child ?

You can start giving your baby chamomile tea once he or she is 6 months old. Before this age it is to be avoided. You need to be careful of the the amount you let your baby consume. Apart from the dosage, it is pretty much safe to give to your baby.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea For Babies

There are many amazing health benefits of this herbal tea. It has been used as natural remedy to treat colic. In Europe and Latin America it has been used since generations. Let us have a look at some of the health benefits of chamomile tea for babies.


Helps soothe colic

Colic pains are the worst for your baby. Seeing him or her suffer is stressful for you as a parent. You may not want to use over-the-counter drugs to treat colic. Chamomile tea is an excellent herbal alternative. One of the key benefits of this tea for babies is this. It helps soothe colic pain in your baby. Fennel present in the tea helps relax your baby’s intestines. This is how it helps get rid of the pains.

Helps with sleep problems

Many babies suffer from sleep disorders. When your baby sleeps soundly, you can also relax. So it is a win-win situation! Chamomile tea is an excellent way of getting your baby to sleep well. The natural ingredients present in this tea are amazing. They help relieve anxiety in your baby. Babies can suffer from restlessness. This causes them to sleep poorly. This in turn makes them irritable. Help your baby sleep soundly by providing chamomile tea. One cup of diluted tea is enough. Watch your baby drift off to sleep peacefully. Adequate sleep will make sure your baby is healthy and alert. Having your baby sleep soundly is also a huge relief for you.

Eases teething pain

Teething causes your baby a lot of pain. There is major discomfort during this time. All this makes your baby irritable and cry. One of the great benefits of chamomile tea is its help during teething. This herbal tea is known to help soothe teething pain in babies. It is safe and cheap. It is easy to use.  Soak a sterilized wash cloth or flannel in chamomile tea. Let your infant suck or bite on this. It will help provide relief from the pain.

You will see your baby relax almost immediately. Plus, there is no harmful side effect like a pacifier. Pacifiers tend to make your baby gassy. But this alternative will not. It is herbal. So there is no need to worry about chemicals.

Helps with allergies and rashes

Chamomile tea has anti-allergenic properties. You can use it to help your baby eliminate allergy symptoms. You can take some cool chamomile tea and dip a cotton ball in it. Apply this on your baby’s rashes. In summer months it is a natural way to help treat prickly heat in babies. It chills the rashes and cools them down. This provides instant relief to your baby. Consuming cool chamomile tea is also beneficial in treating allergies and inflammations.

Boosts Immunity

Chamomile tea help support your baby’s immune system. It has anti-bacterial properties. This makes it a safe and herbal way to boost your child’s immunity. Regular consumption of this tea helps build strong immunity against disease causing bacteria.


Settles Stomach Disorders 

Is your baby suffering from stomach issues? Do you not want to subject her to harsh medicines? If yes, then chamomile tea is just right for you. Chamomile tea has been used to treat stomach disorders in kids for years. It is a safe and natural remedy for stomach issues in children. There are no side effects as those in pharmaceutical drugs.

Making Chamomile Tea For Your Baby

How you make chamomile tea for your baby is very important. You need to know the right way to prepare. You should also know the best way to serve it to your baby. Here is the best recipe for chamomile tea for babies.


1 – 2 teaspoons of Chamomile tea (Caffeine free)

1 cup Water


  • Warm the water in a sterilized vessel
  • Add the chamomile tea to the warm water

Do not serve more than 1 – 2 oz of chamomile tea to your infant in 24 hours. It is perfectly ok to serve this tea in your baby’s bottle. A one year old baby can have as much as 3 oz in a day. Make sure the tea you serve your baby is dilute. The more diluted it is, the better.

Side Effects of Chamomile Tea

How can something so healthy have side effects? Think again. You need to carefully monitor the amount your baby consumes. Having excess can lead to an upset tummy. It can lead to soreness in your baby’s stomach. Some children have even reported to suffer from skin rashes.

Always consult your doctor before you decide to give your baby chamomile tea. Proceed only if they say it is ok Each baby is unique and their reaction to food is also unique. So it is best to ask your doctor first.