21 Memorable Things To Do with Your Baby’s Ultrasound Photos


Scrapbook, baby shower invitations, mom-to-be announcement, photo frame, onesie for baby, painting, candid captures, personalized bracelet, coffee mug, pillow, couple shirts, cufflinks, candles, necklace or ring, wall art, soundwave tattoo, photo blocks, cake, nightlight, personalized keychain and ultrasound embroidery are some of the memorable things to do with your baby’s ultrasound photos.

For every mother with a good news out there about being pregnant, here is something amazing you can do with your baby’s ultrasound photos. The Ultrasounds and sonograms that you receive every month show the progress of your baby’s growth from various weeks of pregnancy and detects the heartbeat of your baby respectively. The Ultrasound photos are designed to portray the pregnancy in a realistic way.

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21 Things to Do with Your Baby’s Ultrasound Photos

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You can create a beautiful scrapbook out of all those ultrasound pictures that you save. A pregnancy scrapbook or your baby’s first scrapbook will be a memory for a lifetime. You can keep adding one picture every month or every year to this scrapbook to make it more memorable as each year goes by. It will also be a great surprise gift for your son/daughter when they grow up.

Baby Shower Invitations

Using your baby’s ultrasound image to send out invitations to your friends and family will make them very excited about the event. Everybody goes with the same old patterns and invitation ideas. So why not make it more special for yourself and everybody else by adding a little surprise to the invitation card.


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Mom-to-be Announcement

There might be many people or even close family members who stay really far. Sending over a beautiful ultrasound picture to them is the best way to announce your pregnancy. You can also scan the picture and e-mail it. It’s a nice way to share a new addition to your family with a peek into your baby’s very first picture.

Photo frame

An elegant black and white photo frame with your baby’s first picture in it is a great idea to have one at the side of your bed. You can look at it every morning and it will surely make your day just by looking at it. You can also have photo frames with all the ultrasound photos and place them on a corner wall one below the other depicting baby’s growth stage by stage.

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Onesie for baby

A cute onesie with your baby’s ultrasound photo on it is an adorable idea for your baby. You can also have a small photoshoot for your baby with this cute onesie on. You can use it for a throwback photo later on.


Here is a great idea for people who love wall paintings and to all the to-be-dads who are painters or artists. You can transform your baby’s ultrasound image into an actual painting. Don’t worry if you’re not a dad who is an artist or a painter. You can still get one painting  from here: Ultrasound paintings custom order


Candid Captures

If you are an Instagram freak or a blogger, then this idea is just about right for you. If you look closely on the ultrasound images, you might find your baby doing something or posing in a specific manner. Click a candid photo of your baby doing something that they were captured doing in the ultrasound.

Instagram pages of newborns and pets is a new trend these days. So you can post them both side by side anywhere you want or you can also make some enchanting frames with two photos side by side.

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Personalized Bracelet

You can have your baby’s ultrasound photo on a bracelet of your choice and you can wear it every day or as a reminder to you of how much you love your baby. It’s a simple yet elegant idea, especially for to-be-moms.

Personalized Coffee Mug

There are many people who are coffee-lovers and their day doesn’t start off without a cup of coffee. If you’re one of them, then get a personalized coffee mug with your baby’s first or your favorite ultrasound photo. Every morning you drink your coffee looking at it, your day will surely start off with a happy beginning.

Personalized Pillow

Get a personalized pillowcase with your baby’s ultrasound photo on it. You can also get a couple of pillowcases with different ultrasound photos on it and decorate your newborn baby’s future bedroom with these pillows making the room even more attractive and lovely.


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Personalized Couple shirts

Couples always wear the same old couple shirts with the same old ideas. Get Couple shirts for you and your partner with your baby’s ultrasound photo and make yourselves the most unique couple out there. This idea also strengthens the relationship.

Personalized Cufflinks

There are many things to do with ultrasound photos for a mom. So here’s one for the dads. Get your favorite cufflinks personalized with your baby’s ultrasound photo on it. For to-be-dads, you can wear it to any occasion as this is a classy idea which will obviously go with any outfit or any color.

Personalized Candles

All newly married couples seem to be obsessed with scented candles for some unknown reason. Next time you buy a candle, go for the personalized ones with baby’s ultrasound photo on it. With the relaxing scent of the candle, it is even better with a photo reminder of your baby which will make your nights more serene. You can also offer these candles to your close ones at your baby shower.

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Personalized necklace or ring

If you want to have a memory of your child at every step you take and everywhere you go, then get a personalized necklace with your baby’s ultrasound photo on it. You can always wear it and you will always have it with you wherever you are and can also look at it at any time. You can also get a ring for both you and your partner with the ultrasound photo on it. These two ideas are the best of all as they are portable and convenient.


Wall Art

Wall arts add up to a beautiful elegant addition to the interior. You can get a wall art piece with your baby’s ultrasound and hang it above the bed in your kid’s room or your room. If you have a sonogram of your baby’s heartbeat, then turn it to a rhythm strip and hang the wall art anywhere. It could be a great conversation starter when you have guests at your place.

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Soundwave Tattoo

This is the best of the best idea as this will be imprinted on you forever. Soundwave tattoo is an amazing idea by Skin Motion, whose app will generate a soundwave stencil of your kid’s first cry, first words or anything of your favorite. They have trained tattoo artists to make these soundwave tattoos. Every time you scan the tattoo on the app, it will play the recording out. Isn’t that so unique and extraordinary?

Here’s the website if you want to want to get inked right now:  Skin Motion Tattoos

Photo blocks

Put up your baby’s ultrasound photos on photo blocks with different letters making up a word of your choice. You can put it beside your bed or as a decorative corner piece depending on their size.


If you want to make your kid’s first birthday or your baby shower even more special and outstanding, then get the cake personalized with a favorite photo of your baby’s ultrasound. If it’s a layer cake or a steps cake, then you can have images on each layer.


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Instead of a night lamp, consider having this personalized nightlight with your baby’s ultrasound photo inside of it. It makes your night even more pleasant seeing it glow and just staring yourself to sleep.

Personalized Keychain

You can use this idea of a personalized keychain with your baby’s ultrasound picture on it, to go with any keys, be it home keys, car keys or your kid’s bedroom keys, etc.

Ultrasound Embroidery

Turn your baby’s ultrasound into a gorgeous embroidery keepsake. You can display this anytime and you can keep it forever. This is an interesting idea which is going viral right now with an idea that was brought out by a to-be-mom who is a genius at embroidery.

You can order this ultrasound embroidery on the official Instagram page:  Catchtheinspiration/VeselkaBulkan

Be sure to preserve all those Ultrasound pictures throughout because you can do some cool things with those cute ultrasound photos of your baby. These memories can be cherished for a lifetime, so be careful not to lose those Ultrasound pictures and make sure you turn them into some beautiful keepsake memories. Happy Parenting!