What Should I Expect on My First Baby Ultrasound?


While there is a lot of hullaballoo surrounding the exact period during which an expecting woman can visit the clinic for an ultrasound, most doctors nowadays say that it is between the 6th and 10th week, most likely the 8th week that calls for the first session. An ultrasound is a prenatal diagnostic test that involves the use of harmless sound waves. The first ultrasound is always special in terms of the memories you get to make. The firsts of many things are truly special; this one all the more! However, since it is your first session, you might be worried about what the doctor has in store for you. There is no particular need to worry at this moment.

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First Baby Ultrasound: Things to Expect

first baby ultrasound

Here are the most common things that you can expect on the first ultrasound:

Transvaginal ultrasound:

At this moment, the foetus is too small to be located or viewed through the abdominal ultrasound testing device. Hence, unlike most other ultrasound sessions, the first one is done transvaginally. Most women expect it to happen abdominally, and this comes as a surprise, or rather a disappointment. However, you will still get to see the baby! In the transvaginal ultrasound; also called endovaginal ultrasound; the doctor will insert a medically acclaimed and lubricated ‘transducer’ inside your vagina. Depending on the visibility, the doctor might ask you to evacuate your bladder. Usually, a fuller bladder provides a clearer picture of the uterus. Once inserted properly, the transducer will reflect the sound waves off your internal organs and display the picture on the screen. This process is generally painless, contrary to the initial tension that women at this stage usually harbour inside their minds.

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Receiving validation:

As long as you don’t visit the sonographer for your first ultrasound test, it is difficult to digest the fact that you’re actually pregnant, isn’t it? At times, there are false alarms too, which destroy the entire excitement and wait to officially announce pregnancy. However, at your first ultrasound test, you can expect to receive the doctor’s signal and verify your status on motherhood. This “validation” from the doctor is like a golden gate, opening a new journey!

Seeing and witnessing the movements of the foetus:

Even though it is just 8 weeks, and the foetus is looking like a jelly bean, you will receive the sheer joy of seeing your baby wiggling inside your own body! The first ultrasound test usually entails a vague imagery of the situation by the doctor. On the ultrasound screen, you are shown the position in which the baby is lying. Another exciting thing to wait for is the baby’s heartbeat to be seen on the screen. At times, even at week 8 you can hear it! On the screen, as the doctor keeps moving the transducer inside your uterus, you can see the lifeline full of ups and downs, which means that the baby’s heart is beating! This is definitely an immensely touching moment for you! Get your partner to watch the magic too!

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Getting to know your due date:

Although it is your very first time, during the test, the doctor can clearly detect the period of conception and analyse your possible delivery date. The doctor will ask when you had your periods last, and will hence confirm the date by counting on from then till the 40th week. That is generally the time when 98% women go into labour. Now, this is definitely getting more exciting than you would have even imagined! It is time to let your close relatives and friends know when to save the date!

First photograph:

You can always expect a decent photograph of your first baby ultrasound, to take back home and bind it in a frame! Even if the ultrasound screen displays a rather hazy picture of the foetus, it is a memory to cherish. You can ask the sonographer to get a print out and hand it over to you, or you can even take home a CD filled with lots pictures!

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Lots of emotions (!):

Yes, that’s right. It is expected that you will definitely get emotional! Make sure that you carry some tissues to the big show! Seeing your tiny little kidney bean sized baby for the first time on the screen will get your eyes welled up in sheer joy! To avoid an unnecessary bout of sobbing and crying, you can even ask for a moment alone, just with your partner. This, however, is only the beginning of this exciting journey!

Once you are done with the ultrasound and the doctor has announced your condition as fit to go ahead, you are at a 40% reduced risk of experiencing unlikely complications. Hence, always remember to fix your first ultrasound session on an urgent basis and visit the doctor to know more about your blooming baby. The best thing to hear definitely is, ‘everything is on the right track’. Get ready as happy days are about to begin!

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Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!