12 Natural Ways to Protect Baby from Mosquito Bites


Best Ways to Protect Baby from Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are a menace everywhere. Their favorite spots are roadside bushes, parks, pools, small puddles, ponds or gutters. However, they don’t spare our homes as well. They not only bite us and cause unwanted redness and rashes but also spread diseases like malaria, dengue etc. Babies are easy prey for mosquito and it is important to protect them with physical or topical repellents. Here are some tips to keep mosquito’s away from your little ones.

1. Keep the surroundings clean

Stagnant water around homes are the perfect breeding spots for mosquitoes. If you have a baby at home, make sure to take extra care and check for such puddles or gutters. Regular spray of insecticides can also prevent mosquito breeding effectively.

2. Screens and nets

Use of screens on windows can prevent mosquitos from entering your home. Make sure your baby sleeps in a sleeping net. You can buy elasticated mosquito net if you intend to travel with your baby. Chemically-treated mosquito nets are also available in the market.

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3. Air movement

If you want to keep your room cool while keeping the mosquitos at bay, try using a desk fan or stand fan. Fans keep the air moving and play an important role in keeping mosquitos away from your little ones.

4. Electronic repelling devices

Electronic repelling devices emit mosquito repelling gases. There are other electronic devices that kill mosquitos when they come in contact with the device. You can also use ultrasonic devices that will not only keep mosquitos but also other bugs away from your baby.


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5. Insect-repelling plants

Plants like chrysanthemum give out a natural variant of the chemical repellent picaridin. Plant these flower plants near your baby’s room to keep mosquitos away. You can also plant citronella in small pots near your baby’s room.

6. Cover up

Keep your baby covered up in long-sleeved tops and full pants. Less skin exposure reduces the chances of mosquito bites. Try dressing up your baby in woven fabric as mosquitos easily bite through knitted fabrics.

7. Choose the right colours

Mosquitos are attracted towards dark and bright coloured clothing. Dress up your baby in neutral colours like khaki, brown or olive to offer protection from all kinds of bugs and mosquitos. Avoid black; black attracts mosquitos the most!

8. Avoid scented products

Just like some mosquitos hunt by sight, there are ones that hunt by scent. It can be scent of human body, blood or perfume. Scented products attract certain species of mosquitos. Use scent-free creams, lotions and soaps on your little one to ensure safety from mosquitos and other insects.

9. Chemical insecticides

Apart from securing your home with screens, nets and repellents, it is important to use chemical insecticides like DEET to prevent any future mosquito infestation. Both DEEt and picaridin are safe for use on baby’s skin. Sparingly apply repellent on the exposed parts. Do not apply near eyes, mouth or nose. If you see any allergic reactions in your baby, stop using these repellents and try some natural means.


10. Essential Oils

Essential oils like citronella and tea tree oil are known for their insect-repelling properties. Spray a mix of citronella oil and water in your baby’s room to keep the room fragrant and mosquito-free! Essential oils like lemon eucalyptus are not safe for topical use on children below 3 years. Make sure you do proper research before trying any essential oil on your baby’s tender skin.

11. Chemically treated clothing

You can treat your baby’s clothing with chemical repellents. You may use the same repellent that you’re using on your baby’s skin. If your baby has a sensitive nose and you want an odorless repellent, you can try Permethrin. Permethrin is long-lasting and odorless as well.

12. Step out at the right hours

Dawn and dusk are the peak timings for mosquitos. Avoid stepping out with your baby at these hours.Stay away from strolls by the pools, bushes and gutters. Babies should stay indoors at these hours inside mosquito nets to stay safe from mosquito bites.

Mosquitos are not a small domestic problem. They cause serious diseases and they should be kept away from little ones using physical barrier or chemical repellents. Make sure you use high-quality chemical repellents so that your baby’s skin doesn’t react to it. Keep the doors and windows of your house closed during the peak hours i.e. dawn and dusk. Proper clothing along with use of repellents will make sure your baby is miles away from menacing mosquitoes.

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