21 Fertility Foods that Increases Sperm Count in Men


There are many foods that can boost up the sperm count in men. Starting from garlic to pomegranates, carrots to leafy greens, many natural food sources can help you improve your fertility. If you unable to impregnate your partner then vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, asparagus and broccolis come to be of great help. Then there are the obvious fruits like the berries and bananas that will help you have a rich sperm count. Eggs, oysters, and zinc-rich fish like salmon and trout are good for men fertility. Red meat also comes handy if your system can digest them.

Then there are the grains like lentils, pumpkin seeds, and fenugreek which will help you become a father. Nuts like walnut and almond are also good for your sperm development. Believe it or not dark chocolates also help you in the process. Apart from these you need to cut down on alcohol and tobacco. Drink a lot of fluid and have a healthy diet.

Sperm Count in Men: 21 Fertility Foods

foods for sperm count in men


Tomatoes have lycopene. This is a kind of anti-oxidant which helps in the formation of sperm and also makes it more agile. Consumption of tomato will mean that your sperm will have higher concentration and will be more mobile. This will make it easy for your partner to conceive.

You can have tomatoes in raw or cooked form. The regular consumption of the vegetable will certainly boost your fertility.


Walnuts are pretty rich omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are beneficial when it comes to boosting up your sperm count. A recent study conducted by the Society for the Study of Reproduction reveal that the consumption of 2.5 mg of walnuts, everyday will improve your fertility by a great deal. (Robbins, 2012)


The researchers recommend you to have daily intake of walnuts between the ages of 21 to 35. This is the peak time of male fertility.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are also rich in antioxidants. They also contain amino acid. Both the elements are good for you’re the overall development of your sperm. The nutrients present in the seeds make you fertile and helps you impregnate your partner, faster.

You can sprinkle some seeds on the salads or have it with cereals. It will do a lot to improve your overall fertility as a man. It improves both the thickness and mobility of your sperm. (Akang, 2010)


Spinaches are rich in folic acid and iron. These elements add some healthy qualities as far as your sperm is concerned. It makes sure that the reproductive chromosomes in your body are up to the mark and makes you properly fertile.

Sometimes even if you are otherwise healthy the presence of chromosome abnormality will expose some risk to your child. Spinach is a kind of food which will make sure that the overall health of the sperm is up to the mark.


Like spinach, lentils are also high in folic acid. That is why they are good for your overall reproductive health. Your sperm development will quicken threefold if you regularly add lentils in your diet.


It takes care of fertility along with any sort of chromosomal abnormality. That is why it is important that you add this veggie in your daily meal.


Be it blackberries or cranberries, blueberries or strawberries, all sorts of berries are good for your overall fertility. Berries are rich in anti-oxidants which improves overall mobility of your sperm. Also the quantity of the sperm will increase by quite an extent if you regularly consume berries. (Kovac, 2017)

The anti-inflammatory substances present in the berries will help you get more fertile than ever. Just eat a handful of berries, everyday. Make sure that you are not allergic to them.


Rich in fiber and anti-oxidants, pomegranates are also another classic fruit which can raise your testosterone level and increase your sperm count. The overall sperm cell concentration is likely to rise if you eat pomegranate on a regular basis.

You can consume the fruit directly or can make it into a juice. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice on a daily basis to improve your overall fertility. (Daraji, 2012)

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are also excellent sources of amino acid and sperm producing nutrients. The anti-oxidants present in the dark chocolates can very well fight off the free radicals which tend to reduce the overall sperm quality.


However, do not over consume as it might trigger higher blood cholesterol. A small bite of the chocolate is enough to improve your overall sperm count.


Garlic is rich in allicin. It is a compound which triggers the proper flow of blood in your body. A higher blood flow will ensure that the sperms are protected from any sort of damage. So, garlic helps in ensuring proper density and mobility of your sperm cells. (Daraji, 2013)

Add minced garlic in your Sunday roast or apply garlic paste on your food. Garlic butter also goes well with mash potatoes.


Eggs are an excellent source of Vitamin E. This vitamin is a main cause of sperm formation in men. Vitamin E is liable for protecting the sperm from any sort of chromosomal disorders. That is why try and have an egg every day.

Boiled eggs are better than fried eggs because the latter caries a lot of calories. Keep the preparation light.


Carrots are rich in beta-carotenes. Beta-carotenes are strong anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants keep away all the elements which might potentially harm the quality of your sperm. It fights-off all the free radicals which damage your reproductive health. (Nejatbakhsh, 2012)


Carrots can be had as salads and sides. Raw carrots are pretty helpful if you can digest them. Otherwise boiled or stir fried carrots are also good options to have.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are bright red in color and are pretty good for developing the quality of the sperm. They help in maintaining a suitable temperature in the male reproductive organs, thereby making them suitable for development of the sperm.

Consumption of goji berries is also likely to improve your sexual stamina. However, goji berries can trigger a high blood pressure. That is why you need to be careful whilst having them on a regular basis.


This root vegetable is an excellent aphrodisiac. So, apart from triggering your sexual mood this vegetable will also help in protecting the health of your sperm. In a recent study it was being found out that the consumption of ginseng is likely to increase both testosterone and also the sperm count. (Wong, 2013)

The study also finds out that the root is also likely to treat erectile dysfunction in men. You can have this root with tea. Tea can be made from both fresh and as well as dried root of the tree.


Another classic aphrodisiac is known for its far fetching benefits for male reproductive health. The vegetable is pretty rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is the necessary vitamins which will offer good health to your sperm and protect it from any damage.


Asparagus also increases your overall sperm count. An increase in sperm count always ensures a higher rate of fertility. Your chance to impregnate your partner increases with the consumption.


Bananas are rich in some special hormones called bromelain. These hormones are good for improving your overall sexual health. Bananas are rich in Vitamin C, along with Vitamins A and B1. That means that this fruit not only protects your sperm but also at the same time gives you proper stamina.

A single banana each day is good enough for you to ensure a healthy sperm count. You can have it during any time of the day and it will also fill you up.

Dark Green leafy vegetables

Add broccoli, chicory, and green beans in the menu if you are trying to conceive a child. Rich in folic acid, these leafy greens will boost up your overall sperm count and its mobility. Folic acid reduces the chances of any sort of chromosomal abnormality in your sperm.

It also ensures good mobility and higher count. However, you should check whether you can digest the leafy greens. Some people have trouble digesting leafy greens due to some kind of intolerance. Instead of having them raw as salad, you can always blanch them and have it in the form of a soup. Either way it is effective.

Fish like Salmon and Trout

Zinc rich fish like salmon and trout are very good options for improving the sperm count in your body. Zinc protects your testosterone from being converted to estrogen. Also like Vitamin C, zinc makes sure that your sperm cells are not damaged by the free radicals.


The motility of the sperm cells is yet another factor which determines your level of fertility. The sperm cell has to survive the long journey till it reaches the egg of your partner. Unhealthy sperm cells die off pretty quickly, thereby robbing the chance of conceiving.

You can have rainbow trout and salmon on a regular basis. Fish is a pretty safe option when compared to other diets mentioned in the list. Baked and grilled fish items can be a good choice to have on a regular basis.


Like fish, oysters are also pretty high in their zinc content. Apart from that, oysters also contain certain kinds of nutrients which help in the production of sperm. Research conducted by Matsuda (2003) finds out that the minerals present in oysters is pretty good for your overall reproductive health. It also helps in protecting your reproductive system from any kind of defects and abnormalities.

However, some people find it difficult to stomach oysters. Undercooked or raw oysters can cause stomach ailments. So, you should check and regulate your intake, accordingly.


Red meats, especially beefs, are pretty good sources of zinc. 100 grams of beef contains almost 7 mg of zinc. Lean meats have higher concentration of zinc and they are also good for your health.

Apart from beef, the other sources of zinc are barley and shellfish. You should limit your intake of red meat after a certain age, due to its negative impact on your overall blood cholesterol.



Fenugreek is a well known remedy for decreased sperm count and libido. Fenugreek seeds dried and roasted can be sprinkled on your salad. Fenugreek is also good for your blood pressure. The seeds are beneficial for female fertility as well.

You need to take fenugreek for 12 weeks at a stretch to improve your overall fertility.

Olive Oil

Olive oil tends to lower the level of bad cholesterol in your body. It stimulates proper blood flow and maintains a proper reproductive health. Olive oil also ensures proper blood and oxygen flow in the reproductive glands thereby ensuring that you stay fertile for a longer time period.


Some of the foods mentioned above can increase your blood pressure. Few food items suggested here can also increase your blood cholesterol level. That is why you should be cautious whilst selecting your preferred food from the list. Over consumption of aphrodisiacs will not ensure a proper sexual health. It might take its toll on your heart and kidney.

Also at the same time you should cut down on the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Both alcohol and tobacco damages your sperm production and worsens the overall health of your sperm. Getting rid of the harmful addictions is one of the first steps to ensure a healthy sexual life and a proper functioning reproductive system.


Apart from choosing the right kind of diet, you should also get involved in some kind of exercises. A constant flow of blood will make sure that your sperm producing glands are having the proper temperature to carry on. It is important that the blood cholesterol level is moderate whilst the blood pressure is also ideal. Your blood flow determines a lot as far as your sexual health is concerned. You should stay fit and regularly visit your doctors to keep your blood related readings under check. These are the steps you need to follow in order to ensure a healthy sperm count.