11 Health Benefits of Black Walnut for your Baby


Starting from providing boosting energy to aiding in peaceful sleep, black walnut helps your babies in many ways. The health benefits of this super food ranges from killing parasites and intestinal worms, black walnut is likely to improve your child’s skin. If your child has this unhealthy habit of sweating, too much, then also black walnuts prove to be handy. It also boosts your baby’s digestion. It improves the overall heart health of your child. This high calorie nut also fights of possibility of cancer and protects your child’s kidney.

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Giving Black Walnut To Your Child:

If your child is into solids then you can give black walnuts to him/her in many ways. Black walnuts are rich in nutrients and vitamins and mostly good for your child’s overall growth and development. A handful of black walnuts ever day can really be a valuable addition in your little one’s daily diet. Black walnuts have all the qualities to be considered as a filling and healthy alternative as a snack for your child. Rich in dietary fiber, if black walnuts are teamed with dried fruits they have the capacity be a good substitute for the otherwise less nutritious foods like crisps and biscuits.

Since childhood obesity is a big concern all across the world, black walnuts can play a very important role in the providing your kid the necessary nutrition without increasing their waistlines. This high-fiber food is an excellent choice for your child’s afterschool snacks and there are more than one health benefits which will tempt you to do so.

Health Benefits of Black Walnuts for Kids:

Black walnut offers many benefits for your child. The following are the most common health benefits of black walnut, which will help

Boosts Up Digestion

Black walnuts belong to the nut family and hence they are rich in fiber which is likely to improve your child’s digestive health. Your child might be still growing the habit of drinking adequate quantity of water at regular intervals and for that reason he/she might suffer from irregular bowel movement. Being rich in fibers, black walnut nuts are good for your child’s bowel movements and other gastrointestinal problems.


Improves Skin Health

Providing nutritious alternative to improve the skin health is very essential in your child’s early growth stage. Black walnut nuts contain certain amount of tannin acid (some of which remains even after washing/boiling/drying) and it provides enough nutrition to keep your child’s skin healthy.

Provides the Extra Energy

During the early growth stage your child requires plenty of extra energy to sustain the development of the body. Black walnut nuts being rich in complex carbohydrates are perfect energy alternative for your child. This kind of energy alternatives, which are easily digestible, are good for your little one because it tends to supplement the shortage of energy which he/she might face particularly if he/she is a fussy eater.

Offers Healthy Fat

Black walnut nuts are one of the few nuts which offer more unsaturated fats when compared to the saturated fats. Saturated fats are that kind of fats that causes the cholesterol level to shoot up thereby exposing your little one to early-age obesity. However, black walnut nuts are considered to be much safer alternative as they contain unsaturated fat which are not only easily digestible but at the same time they are also healthy alternative for your child’s heart.

black walnut benefits

Improves Metabolism

If your child is between 3-5 years old then it is certain that he/she is undergoing a very high rate of metabolism to sustain the constant changes and growth. However, sometimes lack of nutritious food hinders the rate of metabolism. Black walnut nuts being rich in vitamins from the B family helps your child to maintain the desired level of metabolism. Research has found out that black walnut nuts contain Vitamin B12, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin- a super collection of nutrients which not only improves the metabolism but also at the same time boosts the overall growth of your child.

Improves Bone Health

Is your child fussy about drinking milk? And you’re worried that from where he/she will the calcium needed for the bone development? Then worry no more as black walnut nuts have proven their worth as a great source of calcium and it is likely to boost your child’s overall bone health. The regular consumption of black walnut nuts also makes sure that your child will not suffer from any sort of bone or teeth related issues.


Boosts Healing & Repair

Protein rich foods like black walnut nuts are good for repairing damaged tissues and healing any sort of injuries. The amount of protein provided in black walnut nuts helps your child to grow new tissues, at a faster rate, thereby helping your little one to recover from any sort of illness and injury quicker.

Boosts Nervous System

Research shows that black walnuts contain folic acid and is high in vitamin B9 which is normally not found in another other forms of nuts. This particular kind of vitamin is known to trigger the formation of red blood cells among children. Also at the same time it boosts up the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Good Source of Starch

Starch is important for your child’s muscular growth and it also improves the digestive system. Black walnut contains double the amount of starch when compared to a potato and it is helpful for children in their early growth stage.

Alternate Source of Fiber

Sometimes children are allergic to gluten and wheat and finding a healthy alternate to fulfill the fiber requirement is a bit challenging. However, black walnut is free from any form of gluten and for that reason it can be given to kids, who are allergic to wheat, as an alternate source of fiber.

Growth of Teeth & Bones

Black walnuts are high in magnesium, phosphorous and calcium and for that reason it triggers the growth of teeth and bones among kids. In the early stages of development, the consumption of calcium and phosphorous rich foods are really beneficial for your little one.

Rich in Minerals

Black walnuts are rich in several minerals in the form of iron, sulphur, chlorine, manganese and copper and for that reason they have the potential to boost the natural growth in your child. Starting from brain development to the development of the blood vessels, black walnuts are really a super-food for your little one.


Precautions & Measures:

It is often recommended by various physicians that the introduction of black walnuts should be delayed till your child becomes a year old. This is mostly due to the fact that black walnuts are high in fiber and for that reason it is difficult for any infant to digest black walnuts. As a parent you should always be aware of your child’s nut allergies. Normally, peanuts are the nuts which trigger any sort of allergic reactions but it is better to check with the pediatrician and get his/her point of view regarding the matter before introducing black walnuts to your child.

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