E-cigarettes During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?


Electronic cigarettes are the devices in the shape of a tube that is used for smoking. E-cigs resemble regular cigarettes but they don’t contain any tobacco. Usually, many of the e-cigs are reusable but some of them are disposable too.

Electronic cigarettes mainly consist of four parts.

  • First is the mouthpiece that is a cartridge that is mounted at the tip of the tube. It can either be refilled or replaced with a new cartridge whenever necessary.
  • Second is the atomizer that is used to heat the solution present in electronic cigarettes. The heated solution is converted into vapours that are inhaled by the person, hence electronic cigarettes are also referred to as “vaping” sometimes.
  • The third is the battery that is rechargeable (you can recharge it by connecting it with your laptop’s USB port) and is used to activate the heater.
  • Fourth is the sensor, it is in form of a LED light that blinks every time a user sucks in the vapours.

Although they were designed with a motto to help people quit smoking who are addicted to it but rather they also contain many harmful chemicals like nicotine, glycol, flavouring etc. You will find many places on the internet that say it is harmless to use electronic cigarettes but this is not correct. Electronic cigarettes are not completely harmless but yes they are less harmful than the regular cigarettes.

When it comes to consumption of cigarettes it is unequivocally not salubrious, doesn’t matter if it is a regular cigarette or an electronic cigarette.

E-Cigarettes While Being Pregnant

The major concern with e-cigarettes is that they are not regulated and provide the user with a high by consuming nicotine. If a pregnant woman consumes nicotine then that is deleterious for the unborn baby.

For a mother, her child is the most vital thing in the world. Electronic cigarettes are definitely not safe for pregnant women and the infant, hence she must consider the hazardous effects it can cause to the health of the child.


E-cigarettes During Pregnancy: Side-Effects

e cigarettes during pregnancy

Side-Effects of E-Cigarettes During Pregnancy

Given below are the pernicious concomitants that can be caused due to the consumption of electronic cigarettes which is same as consumption of nicotine.

Increases Blood Pressure

Nicotine causes a slight increase in blood pressure level and a rise in pulse rate. It also has an adverse effect on the reproductive system and kidney. Nicotine causes many cardiovascular problems. Neurological studies have shown that nicotine increases activities within the anterior cortex that can cause severe damage to the eyes.

Blocks Oxygen Flow

Nicotine does not allow sufficient amount of oxygen to flow through the blood by narrowing the blood vessels. Due to this fewer amount of oxygen and nutrients reaches to the baby of a pregnant woman which is fatal for his health.

Effect on Nervous System

It can destruct the nervous system of the fetus and can sorely vandalize the neurological system. The hampering of the brain can cause lack of memory power due to which the child will have hard times in learning.

Respiratory Problems

Nicotine also has an adverse effect on the respiratory system and can cause asthma to the unborn baby. It can lead to ear infections and heart diseases.

Effect on Brain and Lungs

Nicotine will torment the brain and lungs of the newly born baby. It can cause “popcorn lung” that is an irreversible disease. It also increases the risk of less sperm count in the child hence making him infertile.


The prime complication is that the pregnant woman having electronic cigarettes cannot be sure as to what toxins she is taking in and in what amount she is taking them even after having a close look at the ingredients present. So it will be uncertain what she is feeding to her baby.

Must Know Facts About E-Cigarettes

Some of the electronic cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that can cause oral and oropharyngeal cancer. It is also found that faulty labelling is present on some the electronic cigarettes, for example, there are few of them that show zero percent nicotine present but rather they have a small content of nicotine in them. So even if the pregnant woman thinks that she is having a nicotine free smoke she is actually inhaling it unknowingly. Also, the amount of nicotine she inhales with every puff varies hence there is no fixed amount of it that is taken.

Things to Remember

If a pregnant woman or any other person is addicted to smoking, we know how difficult it is for them to completely quit it. Though it is best for the health of the child and the woman to completely avoid consumption of nicotine, but if she is really addicted to it, then it can be very strenuous at times to absolutely circumvent it. Since the health of the child is the prior most concern, she must try Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Most of the people are not able to get rid of smoking because of the cravings they have but this therapy helps people to reduce that. Nicotine Replacement Therapy will provide you nicotine but in less few amounts that you get from cigarettes and in form of gums, patches, sprays or inhalers. According to Food and Drug Association NRT doubles the chances of a success of a person who is trying to quit smoking.

Lastly I would like to say that it is best for a pregnant woman to avoid nicotine but if she cannot do so for whatever reasons then she must try NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) and if she still fails to quit smoking and NRT is not helping her then she can prefer electronic cigarettes over smoking tobacco that is present in regular cigarettes, keeping in mind all of its devastating effects and problems it can cause to her and to her unborn child as it is definitely not a safe option.

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