11 Side Effects of Splurging On Your Child


Parenthood brings with it a number of responsibilities. It is very important to rear your child in the correct way. As a mother, you would like to keep your little one always happy. That smile on his face is precious to you. Every moment that makes your child happy is cherish able to you. Pampering comes easily to every parent. But the task of rearing your kid with proper values and morals is the most difficult for every parent.

Splurging on your child can make him happy. But it can have a long lasting negative impact on him. It will not teach him to be humble and responsible. Rather your splurging habit can make him greedy and selfish. There are several side effects of spending too much money on your kid. Read on to find out how splurging can affect your child in the long run.

The side effects of splurging on your child are:

Side Effects of Splurging On Your Child

Makes your child greedy

Parents often want to bring happiness to their kids by giving them whatever they want. Your child might ask for a toy and you readily give him. You might think that if you have the money, why not spend on your kid. But this can be very harmful in the long run. Your splurging will teach your child to be greedy with time. He will become needy if you splurge on him.

Makes your child selfish

Selfishness comes hand in hand with greed. Getting everything without even asking will make your child selfish. He will then hate sharing anything with others. Excessive pampering is bound to make your kid self centered.  Splurging on your child can have this side effect. Your child will not learn what it means to be humble and modest.



Makes him manipulative

Your child will learn the art of manipulation if you splurge on him from young age. Your pampering has not taught him how to accept refusal. If you say no to his demand even once, he will try to manipulate you to say yes. But when parents pamper their kids too much with material things, it makes accepting no difficult for them. It is parents’ responsibility to teach their children how to accept refusal.

Makes him throw tantrums

Not getting his wish fulfilled is likely to make your child throw tantrums. The moment he does not get what he wants, he will cry, shout and throw a fit. It is impossible for him to accept the fact that he can’t get what he wants if he is used to your splurging. He might get angry and embarrass you in public also. This is one of the side effects of splurging.

He will not know the value of money

One of the dangerous side effects of splurging on your child is this. Your child is used to treating you as a source of money from young age. Whenever he wants anything, you are there to fulfill his wish. This way he will grow up not knowing the value of hard earned money. For him money will have no value. It is easily available as he has seen in his childhood.

He will never be satisfied

Getting splurged on since young age will not teach your child to be satisfied. It is easy to want more and more once he understands he can actually get more. At first he will ask for a toy car and you get it for him. When he sees he can get it easily, he will want a bigger thing. When he gets that as well, he will ask for more. In this way your child will never learn to be satisfied with little things. This is a dangerous side effect of spending freely on your child. You child will never understand when to stop wanting.

Makes him emotionally insecure

It has been seen in spoiled children that they are mostly emotionally insecure. Loneliness, greed, insecurity all are common in children who have been indulged a lot. They grow up without proper emotional stability. Lack of values and principles makes them unscrupulous. Often this results in a negative bent of mind as they grow up.

Makes them irresponsible

A spoiled upbringing can make your child irresponsible in nature. He might lack motivation to achieve anything on his own. He will be unable to take responsibility for his own actions. These are all consequences of splurging on him.


Makes them disrespectful

Pampering your child with everything will make him disrespectful towards others. Your child will never learn to respect those who do not have anything. For your child, a spoiled life is the only life. He will never understand what it means to have no money.

Makes them dependent

Pampering your child with every material thing will make him dependent on you. For your child, you are his one stop solution. Whatever he wants he can get from you. This will never make him independent. He will never know the meaning of getting anything with his own hard work. Dependency is the worst side effect of splurging on your child.

Affects their nature

Getting used to a life with everything is very dangerous for a child. Being splurged on makes them feel entitled when they grow up. Not getting what they want then makes them violent. The need for something can make them do unacceptable things. They might develop an unscrupulous evil nature to fulfill their demands. Going the wrong way is not at all surprising for these kids.


A child’s happiness is everything for parents. Spending money to fulfill your little one’s wish is natural for parents. But it is it important to observe caution here. Pampering your child by getting him everything will do him more harm than good. Your child will not learn the basic values and principles to become a good person. He will feel entitled and become greedy with time. It is very important to give your child the proper upbringing for his better future. Learn to say ‘no’ to his every demand. Teach him the value of hard earned money. This will shape his character and make him a good human being.