11 Natural Hair Care Regime for Toddlers


Are you a parent whose child’s hair is making you go crazy? If yes, and you’re wondering how to create a hair care regime for your toddler, here are some interesting tips that will bring you peace of mind:

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Natural Hair Care Regime for Toddlers

1. Use moisturizer

Your child’s hair gets dry from wearing wool hats in the winter, or from swimming or even due to a rough and rugged lifestyle. Check if they have tight curls so that you can pay attention to this. To get rid of all these problems, add a little jojoba oil to your child’s shampoo and conditioner to soften his hair. Let your child use water-based moisturizers so that his hair turns soft and supple. Another way of softening his hair, oil his hair with coconut oil, shea butter or argan oil. This will give your child’s hair some natural lubrication before you style it.

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2. Shampoo

There’s no getting away from shampooing your child’s scalp and hair. If his hair isn’t too dirty, it’s ok to wash it once a week or once every two weeks. For your child’s hair health, it’s good to shampoo it regularly.

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3. Deep Conditioning

You can alternate deep conditioning with a regular conditioner, preferably once a month. Warm the deep conditioner and apply it to the child’s hair after you wash and condition it. Keep it on for 30 minutes and rinse it.

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4. Detangle his hair

If detangling his hair makes him scream with pain, this needn’t recur. There are ways of getting your child out of so much pain. Toddler hair care begins with combing his hair with a wide-toothed comb, section by section. Alternatively, you can run your fingers through his hair to remove any tangles or knots.

Always detangle your child’s hair when damp, never when dry. If his hair dries before you can detangle it, have a spray bottle on hand and use a conditioner to wet his hair again before combing it.

5. Hair growth

If your child’s hair doesn’t grow at the normal rate, surely it bothers you a lot. It’s not surprising for children to sweat in their hair and get bits of all kinds of things in their hair. If he sweats in his hair, he needs to shampoo his hair often because scalps need to breathe. Only then will hair grow.

Avoid using petroleum-based oils on your child’s scalp. Instead, apply castor oil on his scalp as this will nourish and stimulate hair growth.


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6. Style

Styling will be another crucial player in the growth of your child’s natural hair. You’ll want to use protective styling to prevent damage to your child’s hair from harsh elements and breakage in between washes. The best styling options for kids are twists, braids, cornrows, puffs and ponytails.

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7. Trimming

If you notice split ends or balls at the tips of your child’s hair, trim your child’s hair. The trimmed hair should not exceed 3/4″ of hair or as much as to get rid of the damaged ends.

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6. Leave-In Conditioner

Using a pH-balanced leave-in conditioner on your child’s hair is important as it closes the hair shaft’s cuticles. This locks in all the nutrients and moisture you enrich your child’s hair with and keeps it soft and breakage-free.



Oiling is a necessary part of your child’s hair regimen as it keeps the moisture in. A thin layer of oil is just right. Oils like shea butter, extra virgin oil and coconut oil are perfect for this.

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10. No chemicals

At this stage, it’s important not to treat your child’s hair with chemicals like sulfates, parabens or any other that are capable of harming soft and delicate hair. So, stay natural and use herbal products.

11. Be positive

Just because you need to give special attention to your child’s hair doesn’t give you the right to make fun of his hair. Don’t speak negatively about your child’s hair but convert it into positives. This will raise his self-esteem which might have got a beating if you had been overly critical of his hair.

For the best kids’ natural hair care, instil your child’s mind with pride and love, so that they learn to love themselves too. Don’t teach your child to “fix” his or her hair, but teach him to take care the hair he or she has.

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Weekly regimen:


Sunday: Shampoo, condition, deep condition, Leave in conditioner method

Monday-Saturday: Moisturize


Deciding on a healthy hair regimen for you child in the beginning can be down right scary! Healthy hair doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of proper care and maintenance. But what if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to a routine for your child’s tresses? Don’t worry; a hair regimen doesn’t need to be complex or super expensive, but you should set aside some time to really develop a proper routine to keep your child’s hair as healthy as possible.


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