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51 Cool Kids Boys Haircuts


Boys too, like to express themselves in as many ways as possible, often making a fashion statement. One way of doing this is to have attractive, funky, laid back or casual hairstyles–whatever sets them apart. These days, cool cuts for kids, particularly boys, are getting more and more popular, with professional hairstylists experimenting with boys’ look. A lot of different kids hairstyles are in fashion now.

Here, we present 51 cute hairstyles for boys that moms and dads will want for their little boys.

51 cool hair cuts for your kids

  • That Mohawk Look

Boys can look really cute and casual with this Red Indian Mohawk hairstyle. Kids look really adorable in this trendy haircut. The hair is cut really short and is erect all along the scalp. It can be kept in place using a good gel.

  • Medium Haircut with Wavy Texture

Little boys can look cute in this hairstyle with their soft and tender hair. The wavy texture of their hair adds to the appeal of this hairstyle. The hair is styled as a modern cut that makes your little boy look trendy for his age.

  • Rebel That Rocks

Is your kid something of a rebel? Match his haircut with his mood. Give him a long side bang and spike it up with a slick look. Remember to shave his sides.

  • Long Bang Spiky Hairstyle

If you don’t want your kid to have a full-blown Mohawk look, ease him into it with this hairstyle. Spike it with a gel when you want to give him a fun and funky look for the weekend or set it down for special and formal occasions.

  • That Shaggy Look

If your son wants to have that windblown look no matter where he is, give him this shaggy hairstyle. Not only is it trendy, it is also easy to maintain, whether styled to be sleek, windswept or messy. However, it is styled, the overall look will be amazing and attractive.

shaggy hairstyle for kids

  • For Those Formal Occasions

Surely you want your son to look really good for a family dinner, church service or special event. Then, you need to invest in a good hairstyle. Sleek styling will make your child look sophisticated. In this hairstyle, your son will have a style with long top short sides.

  • Super Hero Look

All boys want to be super heroes. That doesn’t happen without a matching hairstyle. Get him to have a shaved spider web pattern. It would look great for kids with black or dark hair, but different hair shades and textures can bring about different total effects, just as long as the child gets a close crop.

  • Shaved Sides and Shaved Designs

Here’s a real fun look that is a blend of undershave and shaved wave design.


shaved sides hairstyle for kids

  • Modern Mullet

Mullets are usually business in front, party behind. With side undercuts, this toddler haircut will be just right for that wild child in your family.

modern mullet hairstyle for kids

  • Cute and Confident Style Statement

If your kid loves to be a showman and stand out in every way possible, give him a haircut that is also a style statement. Give him flipped bangs a sharp design that will make him rock.

  • Side Swept and Styled Haircut

A haircut that suits all faces, it can be styled easily by brushing the hair on each side and dividing it to give it a natural look. For extra volume and bounce, use good hair products.

  • Cool Look for the Playground

If your son wants to rule the playground, give him a super cool hairstyle. Give him a sharp faux hawk and a zigzag design.

  • Long Layered Haircut

Boys with long hair can style this haircut to look casual but smart. The hair is brushed on all sides with some hanging down over the forehead and some covering the tip of the ears.

  • Wild Wavy Long Top Short Sides Style

If your son’s hair shines a lot, give him a cute haircut that lets his curls spread around freely. Clip the sides closely to add personality to your little fellow.

  • Short and Surfy

A short surfy hairstyle but not too short would look great on your little one. The fringe should be textured and layered a little near the sides for a natural and cool look that doesn’t look too labored.

  • Windswept and Brushed Forward

Here’s a knocker of all hairstyles for kids. Put your son’s long hair to good use by giving him a windswept hairstyle where the hair is brushed forward to give a great effect.

  • What a Johnny Bravo Cut!!

You can give your son this haircut because it matches all kinds of face shapes. Your son needn’t have thick hair for this, medium hair also works well. Use a gel on his hair to stick it well.

  • Curly Hair For a Whimsy Cut

If your son has natural curls, you can do wonders with his hair and get a great hairstyle. How about this one where you have his hair cut just a few inches above the roots of his hair? If his hair has volume, flaunt it with this style.

  • Long Bangs Hairstyle

For a casual look among kids hairstyles, try this one. This looks great on your little one. All you need to do is to comb his hair to the front with side bangs, preferably long. Give him an amazing look with this hairstyle.

  • Boy’s Pompadour

Whoever said the Pompadour hairstyle was only for men? It can look great on boys too, as a really cute haircut. Your son’s short hair is tapered and swept back with a hair spray and texturizing product to round off the style to good effect.

  • Classy and Comfortable

An angelic style just for your little angel; whether you are headed to school, dinner or a playdate, it is an appropriately winning style.

The haircut that you choose for your toddler or older son will stay with him forever. So, make sure that you choose a style that brings out his personality and youthfulness better. If he makes a style statement with his hairstyle, that’s a great bonus. Really, kids haircuts have arrived.

  • Low tail with a different knot

This is a hairstyle totally easy to make, it consists of a low ponytail, like the one you do every day but with a special touch that is simple to make. Brush your hair thoroughly until it is completely untangled. With the help of a thin band, you will make a ponytail, but leave a tuft of thick hair from the upper area totally free.

  • Bun made of braids

This is an easy and beautiful hairstyle that seems to be very elaborate, but in reality, it is totally simple to do. After having brushed your hair well, you will split it in two and you will make two high pigtails backward, it is important that you stay very close together. Those pigtails should be braided, with the style you prefer: if you want to twine them together or make a three- strand braid.

  • S” shaped braid

A beautiful half tail that will dazzle you, extremely beautiful and simple, although it seems very elaborate, it is not.

On the side that you prefer the braid you should take a portion of hair from the front area and divide it into 3 sections, the last section from front to back should be thinner than the rest. After you have divided the hair, try to make a simple three-strand braid until the hair is finished.

From the braid that you have made, start to remove the thick ends, without touching the thinnest, you should remove them from the braid just a little so that an S-shape is observed in each knot of the braid.

  • The French braid aside

Split your hair to the side that you like, take the front section until you reach your ear and the rest of the hair tie it with a tail so that it does not bother the work. Start a three-strand French braid from the front to the back, but you will only feed the hair strands in the back area and under the braid.

Before finishing the braid until the end, you should start to take out strands of hair, both the back and the front, this in order to make the braid thicker. Keep braiding until the end, when you have finished securing with a garter and reopening the final section of the braid.

  • Haircuts with stripes

This type of cut was and is a very strong trend. The art and the great creativity of some hairdressers encouraged many children to follow this trend.

  • High tail with lasso

This hairstyle is definitely a classic and the best thing is that it will be ready in 3 minutes, it is an easy and quick hairstyle to do. Put a high tail to your little one and decorate with a pretty bow of the color that she prefers. And depending on your tastes you can decorate with a large or small bow or change it if you wish so that you have a different look every time you use this style of hairstyle.

  • Minie Mouse hairstyle

The first thing you should do is grab a high tail; Now create a nice runner leaving the tips free, divide the impeller in two and fix it with the ends of the hair, passing them through the division you made. Use a fork to hold the ends and hold the loop in place. It is similar to the high tail hairstyle, only this time the hair goes on top so that it looks straight and looks like a small bun similar to the one that mouse minnies usually wear on their head.

  • Surfero Court

If your child likes aquatic activities, you should not hesitate to make this typical cut of surfers. Comfortable and apt to be exposed to the action of chlorine or sea salt, since if it discolors at the tips it will not look so bad.

  • Burak style haircut

It is a cut and combing is very easy to maintain. It has a small crest on the front, and much more cut, almost shaved at the sides. This very funky cut is ideal for children of any age.

  • Sports haircut for kids

This haircut is completely natural, with the possibility of molding by hand to comb. It has a bristly appearance and adding a combing product will improve the appearance, it will give freshness and softness.

  • Natural or casual haircut

This haircut could be the most classic of all. Although in spite of that, it is still casual and modern. It has a long and lateral fringe, and the neck covered, but with a slight parade. Very easy to carry!

  • Boy Scout Style

For a child who loves camping and participates in group activities such as the Boy Scout, where they need to be free but neat, nothing better than this cut that, combed with gel to the side, is really orderly.

  • European soccer style

For children who love football and wish to have the cut of their idol, European soccer style is a short and very short tuft, almost shaved to the sides.

  • Rockabilly style

As everything returns, in a matter of fashion, the style rockabilly has adapted in these times even for the little ones. A great jopo is the key, and very well combed.

  • Chic footballer style

The same cut as the previous one we can see it in a slightly more elegant version, with a more ordered jopo and arranged with mousse.

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