Baby Hair Care – 11 Do’s and Don’ts


If you thought that hair care is important only for adults, you are highly mistaken. Babies need proper hair care too so that their hair remains clean and healthy. But since baby hair is extremely soft and delicate, they have to be handled with great care and attention. Infact hair patterns and textures vary from one baby to another. While some babies have plain hair, some have curly hair; some babies have thick hair growth while others have no hair almost. Whatever be the case, having a proper hair care regimen is important for babies.

6 Do’s for Baby Hair Care

Mentioned below are 6 do’s for baby hair care:

1. Getting right hair cut is important

If the toddler has the right kind of haircut, caring for it becomes much simpler and easier. When the little one has curly hair, they should be in cut in the same length. Kids with plain hair do not have much problem as they are easily manageable. If your kid is too small, use scissors safely for trimming off randomly growing hair.

2. Choosing baby shampoos wisely

It is recommended to choose baby shampoo wisely. Select the product that does not contain any kinds of chemical ingredients in it. Tear-free shampoos are the best options as they do not burn the eyes of the toddler while shampooing if the shampoo gets into the eyes accidentally.

3. Frequency of shampooing baby hair

There are many babies who have less or no hair. For them shampooing twice a week is more than sufficient. Many people shampoo kids’ hair 3-4 times in a week. This might make the scalp skin excessively dry and flaky. If the kid has thick hair growth and tends to perspire a lot, shampooing 3 times weekly is more than enough.

Baby Hair Care


4. Combing baby hair while it is wet

For adults it is said not to comb hair while it is wet; but for toddlers, it is just the opposite. Combing hair while it is wet helps in detangling hair easily. Use a comb that is wide-toothed so that detangling hair is easier. Never ever use a brush on baby hair when it is wet.

5. Be careful of the soft baby scalp

Scalp of babies are extremely soft and delicate and they have to be handled with care while shampooing or combing. Use a soft bristle brush or comb so that the scalp is not hurt in any manner. Special baby combs are available so that they are soft on the scalp of the babies.

6. For kids who have flakes or dandruff

There are many kids who suffer from the problems of dandruff and flakes on the scalp. You can’t use anti-dandruff shampoo on the scalp in kids as they contain chemicals. For kids it is recommended to massage the scalp with slight amount of olive oil. Wash the hair after that.

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5 Don’ts for Baby Hair Care

1. Do not wash child hair everyday

Make sure that you do not wash your child’s hair everyday as this will deplete the essential oils and moisture from the scalp and make the hair dry and frizzy. The hair becomes brittle and susceptible to breakage and damage.

2. Don’t try uncomfortable styles for child hair

You might be tempted to try various kinds of hairstyles on your child, particularly if she is a girl. Refrain from trying tight and uncomfortable hair styles for the little one.


3. Do not use your hair care products on the toddler

Many people ignore and use the same hair care products that they use for their kid’s hair care. Usually these products contain chemicals and can harm child’s hair and scalp significantly.

4. Use a satin or silk pillow cover for the kid

Always use a silk or satin pillow cover or headrest for your kid. This reduces the friction between the hair and the surface and ensures proper hair health. This will also avoid having a bald line at the back of the head.

5. Don’t use brush for combing baby hair

Refrain from using a hair brush for combing baby hair. Wide toothed soft combs for babies are the best choice as the bristles in these combs are soft and gentle on the scalp. Hair knots and tangles can also be detangled with this.