11 Best Apps for Moms of 2018


The technological advances of 21st century have made things so easy for us, that now almost everything seems to be just a step away for us. Now, all one wants is to get the things done as early as possible because who really has time in this rush and humdrum of life? Well, this is where smartphones come into the picture. and more importantly, the benefits of the applications that come along with it. No, I am not just talking about the games, but I am talking about all the applications that have been introduced lately and have proved to be a lot beneficial for the moms. Be it from scheduling activities or planning out a dinner for the family, all of this can be done right from the mobile phones now. Given below are 11 best applications for the moms of 2018 that have made things a lot easier for them. Read below to find more:

Apps for Moms: 11 Best Apps of 2018

11 Best Apps for Moms of 2018

1. Yowza

This app sends you coupons and some exciting deals to your phone based on your location. The store’s cashier can simply scan the coupon directly from your phone, in case you feel like using a certain coupon or deal. Most of these coupons are send by the manufacturers, thus providing you with best discounts that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. You can save the coupons you feel you will be using later in the future, which enables you to simply use the coupon of your choice at the time of checkout.

2. Manilla

A free bill organizer servicer that will enable you to manage all your accounts in a single place. The app also provides you with an easy text alert notification system which makes it easier for you to remember that the due date of a certain bill is approaching. So, no more need to arrange those piles of paper on your desk. All this organising is now one click away for you.

3. Picksie

Picksie has built in schedules, ratings, ticketing feature and a lot more. Well, this app recommends you all the fun activities for you and your family based on your location. This is one of the best apps as it considers all your likes and dislikes and thus serves you with some of the best recommendations for your family outing.

4. Apps to find your phone

Find My iPhone app is for iPhone users that not only tells you about the GPD coordinates of your phone but also makes your phone beep for easy locating.


Where’s My Droid is specifically for android users that turns the volume of your phone so that becomes easy for you to locate your phone. This app can also use the GPS to track the coordinates of your phone.

5. Trick or Tracker

This is one of the most helpful apps for parents as it lets them track their child’s phone. You can easily set boundaries for your children so that they can’t roam outside the limits set by you. One of the most important features of this app is that it also lets you know when your child is in danger through its built in one click emergency button.

6. Sex Offender Tracker

This is one of the best apps that helps you to protect your child. By this, I mean that the app shows you the number of sex offenders within your area and their distance from you. Moreover, you can also know of the charges these sex offenders were convicted of. So, whenever you drop your child at a party or at a friend’s house, you can easily ensure your child’s safety.

7. Remember the Milk

You can manage multiple to-do lists using Remember the Milk app. You can maintain a to-do list for a day or even your next week’s projects. The app will also give you a friendly reminder when one of your next to-do list items is coming up. So, organising becomes a lot easier with this app.

8. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy app provides you with the best deal on that one must have item you have been wanting to buy. The app shows you the best and the lowest price on everything in your city. The items can range from brand of diapers to those high-priced game items.

9. Kids Meal Deals

The app provides you with all the restaurants within your area that have Kids Meal Deals. It thus becomes easier for you to get the most affordable and family friendly dining in your area because all the restaurants are constantly updated. So, whenever you go out for a vacation in an unfamiliar city, you can choose the best restaurant for your kid with affordable deals.


10. Cozi

This powerful app is free of cost and lets you do all the family management activities in one place. You can use this app to write journals, shopping lists and know of all the activities coming ahead in the upcoming weeks.  Moreover, there is an assigned coloured dot to each child’s name so you can easily spot each and every activity of your family’s hectic schedule.

11. ContinuousCare

All these health care related things are just one click away with ContinuousCare app. This app lets you store scheduled appointments, ask medical questions right from your device. Moreover, you can also schedule video consults with you doctor in case he/she uses Virtual Practice.

Listed above were some of the best and most used applications of 2018 so far. Being a mom is the toughest job and when our mobile phones can provide us with so much to offer, it’s better to seek the benefits. I hope you will find all the listed applications useful.