9 Surprising Benefits of Lemon Water During Breastfeeding


Prevents digestion issues, healthy milk supply for the baby, pure milk for the baby, soothes sore throat, lowers blood pressure, helps strengthen veins, cleanses the blood, reduces breast cancer risks, enhances skin texture and word of caution are some of the health benefits of lemon while breastfeeding.

Becoming a mother is no less than a celebration for a woman. It unravels a whole new process of self-discoveries and makes you look at a number of things in a different and more judicious light. You become highly cautious and aware of everything and everyone because you intend to keep your precious little baby safe and secure. Pregnancies prompt mothers to become more discerning and make them a bit too skeptic with regard to the usage of a number of things.

Today we will clarify your doubts and help you realize some amazing benefits of consuming lemon water during breastfeeding. If you are a mother who solemnly wishes to keep her child healthy and happy you will be surprised to know the many ways in which lemon juice can assist you in doing that.

Lemon is an extremely easily found citrus fruit that you can find in any vegetable shop. Lemon water consists of vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, carbohydrates and proteins which make up for an immensely healthy drink. The a benefits of consuming lemon juice during breastfeeding are –

9 Amazing Benefits of Lemon While Breastfeeding

lemon while breastfeeding

Prevents digestion issues

Lemon water is essentially considered good for digestion and helps infants with the same as well. By consuming lemon water, a breastfeeding mother can help reduce or altogether prevent any digestive issues in infants during the nursing period. Lemon water can easily be prepared at home with no trouble and proves to be really beneficial in treating problems of the digestive system such as gas, irregular bowels, cramps and bloating. These issues are fairly common amongst a lot of new born babies and lemon juice can highly reduce the probability of the onset of any of these minor health issues.


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Healthy milk supply for the baby

Drinking lemon juice effectively hydrates your body and due to this ability it makes you feel refreshed, light and energized. It also has a huge part to play in making sure that the milk they feed their young ones with is highly nutritious and healthy for the child. Mothers of newly born are highly recommended to add a little bit of lemon in their diet as it will help them significantly in the process of breastfeeding.

Pure milk for the baby

Consumption of a healthy amount of lemon juice in your daily food diet assists in good digestion, nutrient absorption and also in the eradication of toxins from the system. It eliminates any unhealthy and unnecessary toxins that might be present in the milk and thus ensures that the child benefits from the milk that it receives from its mother, as the clean and pure milk is high on nutrients and shall make the child healthy.

Soothes sore throat

Lemon water intake serves greatly in relieving throat pain among nursing mothers. It alleviates the pain and soreness in the throat. It effectively kills the infectious germs and provides immense relief to the throat. Nursing mothers are only required to gargle with lemon water to treat the infection.

Lowers blood pressure

A number of times, nursing mothers tend to suffer from high blood pressure levels following their delivery. Lemon water being rich in potassium helps lower the blood pressure level when a woman is lactating. Adding to this lemon water consumption also cures nausea and dizziness in lactating mothers.

Helps strengthen veins

Another widely known problem that ensues after a woman delivers her child is the presence of varicose veins. Bioflavonoid and rutin that are essential nutrients found in lemon water help in strengthening these walls of the veins. By the regular consumption of lemon water women can greatly escape the chances of having varicose veins in the body.


Cleanses the blood

One of the best agents that help clean and purify your blood to a huge extent is lemon water. If you are a nursing mother, lemon juice will aid in purifying your blood and keeping it free of any infections.

Reduces breast cancer risks

A number of researches and studies claim that a chemical called limonene present in the white membrane of the lemon is known to have anti-tumour properties. It is believed to play a part in stopping the growth of any sort of malign tumour that causes threat to the life of the nursing mother thereby making it a reliable drink to reduce the occurrence of breast cancer in the mother.

Enhances skin texture

The presence of vitamin c in the lemon juice has remarkable impacts on the texture and skin tone of the mother. The regular intake of lemon juice brightens the skin and also purifies your system of any impurities.

Consumption of lemon juice keeps a check on the overall health of the mother and the child. The numerous vitamins and minerals that are present in the lemon juice help replenish the nutrients in the body. It helps the mother slowly regain her strength and power while also simultaneously helping the baby to develop a good immune system at the delicate stage of infancy.

Word of caution

Even though there are no such harmful side effects of consuming lemon water while breastfeeding, you need to stay a little cautious. You can start by including a glass of lemon water in your dietary routine. Gradually increase the amount if you and your child are benefiting by its use without any allergic reactions. Make sure that your doctor approves of its consumption and that if any unwanted side effects occur you seek medical help.




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