11 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bloating


Health and nutrition complement each other and keeps us to a healthy being. Eating right and following healthy routine contributes the most towards a healthy body and mind. However, amidst of the complex process of eating and digestion, there could some pain points. One such which many of you would come across is stomach bloating. Well, a bloated stomach is a health condition where the stomach will accumulate gas and cause discomfort. Severe cases might also lead to stomach pains. Gas formation may occur due to many reasons, one among them which is common is the improper breakdown of complex food and weaker digestion.

Now, how to get rid of bloating? Well, before diving down for remedies, you should know some facts about bloating itself.

Bloating is generally caused by gas inside the stomach and intestine. Is gas normal? Yes, absolutely! A normal human will pass at least 10-15 times a day. If, one is unable to expel the same, bloating of stomach and pain will follow suit. Gas can also be caused due to:

  • Eating beyond capacity or too full.
  • Gulping foods quickly, thereby taking in a lot of air in between.
  • Smoking
  • Specific foods for specific individuals.

So, how to get rid of belly bloat? There are a lot of medicines available that might help control the stomach bloat. But, for longer run depending on medicines is not a good practice. Natural remedies are the best, and below are few tips that will address how to get rid of bloated stomach?

The root cause of bloating is connected deeply with your food habits. Dietary changes along with lifestyle changes will majorly help in getting rid of bloating. Scroll down to know more!

11 Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bloating

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Reduce Stress Levels:

Modern day lifestyle doesn’t free a man from stress. Agreed 100%, but reducing the same will help the above problem. A stressed body will display a poor digestion cycle and hence gas formation. Complex food breakdown is merely impossible when the body is under stress. Hence, gas formation is inevitable. Neurotransmitters and hormones responsible for digestion will not be released at the right time as the body will be busy handling the extreme stress. So, relax when you eat and eat with a calm mind.

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Depending on Anti-stress alternatives:

Anti-stress alternatives like caffeine, nicotine etc. again are major contributors to gas formation and stomach bloat. A strict “NO” to excessive carbonated drinks and nicotine will bring down stomach bloat to a huge extent.

Watch your eating habits/table manners:

Eating very fast, using straws, chewing gums most of the time, talking while eating will all contribute to gas formation in the stomach. These table manners or eating habits must change. The above activities will tend to push in more air into the stomach while eating and hence the bloat formation.

Eating at the right time:

Timing your meals is a crucial point to avoid stomach bloating. Gas will not only form due to excess food, but will also form if food is not available at the right time. Skipping meals and having a bizarre meal timings will form a lot of gas in the stomach. Change the routine right away to avoid the gas formation. The gas formed due to untimely eating can cause severe damage to the stomach and the brain.

Aid Digestion by probiotics:

Helping the digestive system with regular consumption of probiotics will eliminate all possible chances of bloating and gas formation. Including curd, yogurt etc. in to the diet chart will boost up the digestion and reduce gas formation.


Maintain Water Levels:

Drinking plenty of water during the day will flush out all toxins from the body. There are toxins responsible for stomach bloat and gas formation. A minimum of 2L of water is a must for all individuals.

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Exercise Routine:

While checking on the diet chart, it would also be smart to bring in some exercise routine in the day. A brisk walk after meals is a good idea! This will speed up the digestion process. With no exercise, the body doesn’t digest the food well and hence gas and bloating.

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Increase Potassium:

At times, bloating is not caused due to gas! This bloat might also be due to fluid accumulation near the belly due to high sodium intake. Increasing potassium will counter the above reason and help get rid of stomach bloating. Sources are mangoes, banana and spinach.

Include peppermint:

A small pill of peppermint after every meal can help a lot in keeping the bloat away. Peppermint contains menthol oil which is anti-spasmodic and helps release the muscles in the digestive tract. This will again help pass the food and air from the stomach well. Thus, preventing gas formation.


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Watch the 30 minutes:

To keep stomach from getting bloated and gas formed, avoid drinking or eating anything in the first 30minutes of the meals. It is during this 30 minutes that digestion process will be at its peak. Drinking anything now will only dilute the digestive enzymes and delay digestion leading to gas formation.

Keep a good mood:

Having a good mood while you eat your meals is crucial for a flawless digestion process. Eating with a good posture and having no distractions will help you concentrate on eating.

So, how to get rid of bloating? The above 11 pointers will help for sure! Your health is in your hands and do not let it go away. All you need to do is bring in some diet and lifestyle changes.