19 Foods that Help you Lower Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


Blood pressure spike during pregnancy is pretty normal. There are many foods which can help you combat that. Starting from alfalfa, celery, cucumber and Indian gooseberry to olive oil, parsley, and potato, there are many options you can try in order to reduce your overall blood pressure during pregnancy.

Higher blood pressure often causes various problems during pregnancy. That is why having rice during pregnancy is good as it lowers the blood pressure. Having plenty of fruits and vegetables is also a good idea as they also have a calming effect on the blood vessels.

Vegetable juices are also very good in controlling blood pressure. Along with that you also need to potassium and calcium rich foods. Roauwolfia is also very good for you to lower your blood pressure. (Bakhru, 2000).

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19 Foods that Help you Lower Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

1. Alfalfa

Alfalfa is an herbal food which lowers blood pressure. Alfalfa sprout is particular very helpful when you are pregnant. It can be had in many forms. The seeds are also very helpful. The sprouts of this plant can be had in the form of salads.

You can add alfalfa in soups and have it during your pregnancy. The extract from the leaves can also be had in the form of juices. Tea made from dried leaves also helps you calm your veins and arteries down.


blood pressure during pregnancy

2. Apples

Apples have tremendous potential of lowering blood pressure. This kind of fruits has diuretic effect and can lower the level of sodium in the blood. This actually relieves the kidneys also. During pregnancy, your kidneys will be tested by a great deal. They need to flush a lot of blood at a constant rate. That is why low sodium diets are prescribed by doctors. Apple is naturally a fruit which will reduce the sodium content and let your kidneys relax.

3. Bloodwort

This bitter herbal medicine is well known for reducing the blood pressure of pregnant women. It nourishes the blood which is good for the fetus. It induces sweat and makes sure that the blood reaches every corner of the body. It is a good herb to have during pregnancy as it will purify it and will enhance its flow. (Bakhru, 2000).

4. Calcium-rich Food

According to some researchers, calcium-rich foods are very good in controlling the blood pressure during pregnancy. The amount of sodium present in the blood often triggers high blood pressure among pregnant women.

Calcium has the natural tendency of bringing the blood pressure down. That is why calcium enriched foods like milk are prescribed during pregnancy.

5. Celery

This leafy green is used in Asian cuisine for many centuries. A recent study conducted in the University of Chicago reveals that there are substances found in celery which can reduce the blood pressure.


This leafy green tends to reduce the level of blood concentration on stress hormones thereby allowing pregnant women a trouble-free period.

6. Cucumber

This well-known vegetable is known to have soothing effects on human body and organs. One glass of cucumber juice, mixed with honey and lime juice can give the would-be mothers a much-needed relief from the increasing chances of blood pressure spikes. (Johnson, Wong, 2015)

It is safe and without any known side effects. You can drink this juice twice daily and enjoy a trouble-free pregnancy.

7. Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Fruits like lemon and oranges and other fruits in the citrus group are very good for reducing the level of blood pressure among pregnant women. Vitamin C affects the hormones directly and helps the body to maintain a constant temperature. That is why it is so essential that women eat vitamin C rich fruits whilst they are pregnant. (Medina-Remón, 2015).

8. Fiber-rich Vegetables

Vegetables which are rich in fibers like cabbage and chicory are good for lowering your blood pressure level. Fibers are good for your blood vessels and they also strengthen your heart functionality.

They tend to control and regulate the flow of blood through your veins and arteries and offer you a soothing pregnancy. Fiber-rich vegetables are also good for your digestive system.


9. Garlic

Though often regarded as a taste enhancer, garlic has a tremendous impact on overall blood pressure. During pregnancy, you can often experience spasms and seizures of arteries. This happens due to the alteration of the level of hormones.

Consumption of garlic will make sure that the arteries do not experience any sort of spasm and the blood is flushed regularly into the placenta. Garlic normally ensures a very healthy pregnancy.

10. Indian Gooseberry

Like all fruits rich in vitamin C, Indian gooseberry also has tremendous potential to bring down the blood pressure. You can mix gooseberry juice with honey and have it every morning.

The mixture has a very calming effect on your blood vessels and helps your blood pressure to stay at the desired level. (Bakhru, 2000).

11. Olive Oil

Whilst consumption of regular oil and oily foods is deemed to be harmful during pregnancy, olive oil has positive effect on the overall blood pressure level. A study conducted by the University of Kentucky reveals that olive oil has tremendous potential of bringing down the level of blood pressure. (Howatson, 2014).

So, if you are pregnant and yet having cravings for fried foods then make sure that they are made from olive oil.


12. Parsley

Parsley is a fascinating vegetable which should be had by every pregnant woman. It has very strong and positive impact on the adrenalin and the thyroid gland. That is why having this food helps in relaxing the veins and the arteries.

Pregnancy can sometimes spike up your adrenalin flow. This has a negative impact on the overall pregnancy. That is why you can make parsley soup and have it on a regular basis.

13. Potassium-rich Foods

A study conducted by the Temple University of Medicine has revealed the impact of potassium on the overall level of blood pressure of pregnant women. Pregnant women need to maintain a certain level of potassium in their body.

Otherwise, the blood pressure might spike up drastically causing every kinds of problems. It is important that they manage their diet in a way that ensures an adequate amount of potassium in the body.

14. Potato

This food rich in carbohydrate is excellent during pregnancy. Boiled potato or typical potato mash is known to absorb a little quantity of salt. That is why it is good for lowering blood pressure.

Salt content of food is a critical factor determining the level of blood pressure of pregnant women. They need to necessarily maintain a low salt diet. Having potatoes ensures that the salt content is adequate.


15. Rauwolfia

The dried roots of this plant have powerful medicinal properties. It is known to cure blood pressure and related problem for pregnant women. Due to the high amount of alkaloids present in this plant it impacts the nervous system and the blood vessels.

It helps pregnant women to stay calm and composed and prevents them from suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure. (Bakhru, 2000).

16. Rice

Though wheat based diets are considered to be high in fiber it is often advised that pregnant women should have an all rice based cereal diet. That is because rice is normally low in fat, now in cholesterol and a very low salt content.

That is why it is perfect for regulating the level of blood pressure in your body. Rice also relaxes the nervous system and induces much needed sleep for pregnant women.

17. Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juices like carrot juice or spinach juice are good for lowering blood pressure among pregnant women. Mix 300 ml of carrot juice with 200 ml of spinach juice and have it each day during your pregnancy.

Apart from boosting your overall health and well being this juice will make sure that your nervous system is soothed and also the sodium content in your blood is under control.


18. Red Beets

Among all the other vegetables mention above, red beets need a special mention. Red beets are rich in nitric oxide and they open up the blood vessels and lower the overall blood pressure.

You can cook red beets or have it in the form of juice. Baked red beets are also tasty and equally healthy. The juices however, can stain your hand and clothes.

19. Watermelon Seeds

Dry watermelon seeds are a very good choice for lowering blood pressure. Crushed watermelon seeds can be had like medicine in order to reduce the amount of pressure on the veins.

Watermelon seeds are also good for your kidney and it reduces the total amount of sodium content. That is why it is a perfect choice for you during pregnancy.


All the above mentioned foods are pretty safe with no known side effects. However, every pregnancy is different and for most women, the digestive system starts to act differently. That is why you should be weary of what you choose to eat.

Consult with your doctor and make a proper diet chart and follow it religiously. Check out for allergies and your digestive potential before finalizing on our pregnancy meal.