Incomplete Miscarriage: Everything You Need to Know


Miscarriage is the end or termination of the baby before the 5th month of the pregnancy. It can be very painful physically and it makes the woman who is pregnant emotionally unstable. The loss of a baby can be very hard to deal with. Sometimes this miscarriage can be incomplete; it can be tough and very painful to process. The operation is also really tough and the termination process makes the woman feel sad and numb. Here is everything you need to know about incomplete miscarriage:

A Guide for Incomplete Miscarriage


incomplete miscarriage

An incomplete miscarriage is when the cervix of the pregnant women is dilapidated and the tissue of the pregnancy and the baby still remains inside the uterus. The miscarriage is incomplete rather than the miscarriage which happens completely. In an incomplete miscarriage, bleeding starts from the pelvic area and the uterus. It can be very tough to process medically and it has various symptoms with the help of these anyone can identify if an incomplete miscarriage has happened.

Causes of Incomplete Miscarriage

Abnormalities in the Chromosome

It might be possible that the chromosomes that are inherited by the baby are defective. This defective chromosome can be inherited by both the father and the mother. These chromosomes might have some defectiveness which can naturally affect the growth of the baby and lead to miscarriage.

The Problem in the Structure of the Uterus

The uterus of women is the main factor in deciding whether she will conceive or not. Sometimes the structure of the uterus also creates a problem in conceiving. There are chances that the uterus has structural problems which come in between the pregnancy of the women

Infections that Might Have Developed Before the Pregnancy of the Women

Infections like herpes, chlamydia and germanic measles can also hamper the growth of the fetus or just result in miscarriage as they hamper the growth and development of the baby while it is in the uterus.


Cervical Issues in the Body

Cervical pain and problems in the body lead to the weakening of the muscles. This leads to the weakening of muscles in the cervix which can open if the body does not have a good amount of nutrition and because of the cervical problems there can be a miscarriage.

Environmental Factors and Food Intake

The environmental factors and the surroundings play a great role in the development of the baby. The air has to be clean or at least less polluted. If the air has toxins or harmful materials that can affect the growth of the baby and there are chances of miscarriage. The nutrients that the mother takes and the food supplements that are taken are also responsible for the growth of the baby. If the mother takes alcohol and cigarettes or does smoking in a very large amount than it harms the baby and ultimately, in the end, it leads to miscarriage of the fetus.

The Problem in the Hormones of the Mother

The hormone of the conceiving mother also leads to many changes in the body. The hormones matter a lot. If the line of the uterus has any changes than the baby can come out or even get undernourished. The hormones need to be balanced in order to conceive. The lining of the uterus and the hormones like adrenaline and thyroid and even testosterone and progesterone need to be balanced for a balanced development of the fetus. In case there is any problem or misbalance in the hormones it can affect the growth of the baby. It can lead to a miscarriage of the fetus.

Signs and Symptoms of Incomplete Miscarriage

There can be many symptoms and signs from which one can find out if an incomplete miscarriage has happened. Here are some symptoms that you have to look for in order to confirm if it is an incomplete miscarriage and if these symptoms are visible or you feel any of these; go and consult a doctor right away:

Heavy Bleeding for a Longer Time

Bleeding from the vagina can occur for a very long time if there is an incomplete miscarriage. Bleeding is caused by the pelvic area.

Pain Due to Cramps

Pain due to a lot of cramps happening in the abdomen area and the pelvic area with some heavy bleeding is a sign of an incomplete miscarriage.


Smelly Discharge from the Vagina

If the vagina has a foul and smelly discharge then there are chances that the growth and development of the baby have hampered and the fetus has affected resulting in an incomplete miscarriage.

Symptoms like Fever and Chills

Symptoms like fever and chills are a result of the infection that the mother gets from an incomplete miscarriage. These infections result in a lot of problems which are a symptom of an incomplete miscarriage. The body can experience light-heartedness, fever, fatigue, and chills which is a clear sign that the fetus has been affected and there is an incomplete miscarriage.

Infections like The Syndrome of Asherman

Asherman syndrome is a result of the complications that are caused by D&C Surgery. In this syndrome, there is an infection which happens in the lining of the uterus and the vagina which makes fertility impossible and sometimes hampers the growth and development of the fetus resulting in an incomplete miscarriage. These are tissues in the form of scars that develop in the lining of the wall of the uterus.

Treatment for Incomplete Miscarriage

Incomplete miscarriage can be treated and operated in different ways. Here are some treatment options that can be looked forward after an incomplete miscarriage:

Waiting Watchfully

In an incomplete miscarriage, it is not necessary that things will go wrong and there is a need for operation and treatment. Sometimes the body itself expels out all the unrequired material. Thus sometimes this treatment option can be taken up.

The products that are a result of conception are expelled by the body.


Cytotec Medication

Cytotec is a medication that is given to the conceiving mother only before four months of pregnancy. It is given through the vaginal tract, the cheeks and also through the mouth. It helps in the success of the pregnancies before the gestational period of four to five months.

D&C Surgery

In this, the doctor opens the cervix and operates it. This procedure is done under general anesthesia. The cervix is dilated by the doctor through the operation and then the uterus and the cervix is cleaned through a curette and scraped. All the conception tissues and all the unrequired material is cleaned.

An incomplete miscarriage is hard to deal with. It affects the mother emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically. One should look for these signs and symptoms and take care that the causes of the incomplete miscarriage should be avoided.  It has treatment options also which one can resort to.




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