Best position to get pregnant


Did you know that there are certain positions in which the chances of getting pregnant are higher? Sounds interesting does it not? How true is this? Read on to know some of the positions women claim helped them get pregnant sooner!

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Best position to get pregnant

You’ve probably heard that there are certain sex positions that help you conceive easily. If you think about it logically, you’ll realize that there aren’t any scientific studies to prove that any one sex position will assure you of conception. Despite this, there are many women out there who claim that there are some sex positions that not only enable you to conceive, but also have a baby of the gender you want!!

If you’re looking to get pregnant sometime soon, try out some of these sex positions and have fun while you do.

1. Missionary

Considered to be a really good position for conception, with you lying on your back and your vagina tilted downward in the direction of the cervix. This enables the sperm to pass through the cervix and enter the uterus. To get a better tilt of the vagina, you can place a pillow below your pelvis. This will help receive the semen better. This position also has the advantage of helping partners get intimate with each other and ensures better and deep penetration near the cervix.

2. The woman on top

If you want to be in control, this is a really good position.

3. Rear entry

Yet again a position that permits deep penetration. Here, your partner enters you from behind with you kneeling, lying next to him or on your stomach. This sex position has good potential to get you pregnant since the penis reaches all the way to the back of the cervix, allowing the sperm to ejaculate near the cervix.

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4. Side-by-side

To lie next to your partner can be very relaxing, enabling couples to lie by each other absolutely stress-free. You can lie facing each other or in the spooning position. This pose gives both of you the most comfort and is ideal for those suffering from a back problem.

5. Doggy Style

Position yourself on your hands and knees like a dog and allow your partner to enter you from the rear. This assures you of deep penetration and of aiding the sperm to come closer to the egg. Women are also advised to tip their uterus and try this position to conceive.

6. Not standing up

Don’t have sex while standing because obviously you want the sperm to go upstream. Of course, this position can’t stop you from getting pregnant, surely you want the sperm to work in tandem with gravity.

7. Spooning before sex

Cosying up to your partner and sleeping together like two spoons together can be a forerunner to great sex and better chances of conception. If your partner has more arousal, he stands a good chance of more sperms in the ejaculate. Through foreplay, men will have better arousal and increase sperm levels.

8. Glowing Triangle

Similar to the missionary pose where you lie on your back with your partner on top of you, the difference here is that your partners is on his hands and knees with his legs stretched out. Now, raise your pelvis just a little so that you wrap your legs around your partner’s waist. With this pose, you get really good deep penetration and raises your pelvis slightly tilted, thereby giving you better chances of conception.

9. The Indra

This pose demands that you lie on your back as in the missionary pose. However, the difference is that you will have to elevate your hips. Stack a couple of pillows so that you’re comfortable in this position and it gives you deep penetration.

10. The Anvil

Yet another variation of the missionary pose. Here, the man is on top of the woman, but the woman must raise her legs above his head before he penetrates her. This pose allows for deep penetration and it hits the G-spot, aiding conception and pregnancy.

11. The Splitting Bamboo

In this pose, raise one leg and place it on your partner’s shoulder while he goes across your thigh and uses your leg to support him. Apart from hitting the G-spot, this position also ensures deeper penetration and a higher chance of conceiving.


Just as there are certain set positions that will help you get pregnant, there are some lifestyle habits you should avoid that will harm the development of your fetus. These include smoking and drinking alcohol.